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Hide and Seek: Cat Escape!



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Description of Hide and Seek: Cat Escape!

Control the little girl and aim for the goal!

If found by a cat, go out! Hiding in things and running away!

Hide and seek game with easy operation.

◆ How to play

・Start running and aim for the goal

・When a cat appears, tap it to stop!

・Let's hide behind things so that they cannot be found

◇◇ Sound ◇◇



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lable: Casual - Games Current Version:1.0.19 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:JP Games Group APS

User Reviews


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jenruby mandunini 2021-02-14

very cute and fun game!other people who rated this low because of the ads are idiots cause this is an offline game then why would you turn on your internet?simple logic. you just need internet when surfing on the net or playing an online game. you won\'t get ads if your internet is turned off. some people are stuck on a certain level that wasn\'t even high. I was on level 100 and still continuing to play, I never got stuck on a level for a long time. every girl should have this in their phone!
Vickie Payne 2021-01-25

Wow, I really like this game so much but sadly I\'ve decided to uninstall after this rating. I truly understand the reasoning for ads but it seems a bit unfair to expect one to sit thru a 30 second ad per every step made. There\'s an ad before each and everything you do. The levels last no more than 45 seconds or so and then there\'s a 30 second ad. Think about it, while playing, you\'ll be watching ads 3/4\'s of the time...too much??? As for me, that\'s too many to enjoy playing the game. Sorry : (
The Fuzz And Stone 2021-02-01

It is really fun even though its so simple. I really like the idea of the cat catching the human. Some levels are more simple than others. But Im gonna go over the cons right now. Almost after every level ads come up. I know you need to make money but not that many please. Some levels are way to simple. Let me go over some pros. Its not just a normal hide and seek game, you can design the cat and even change the human. I use the rat suit for the human. After every level you get 50 coins.
Alheli Rubio 2021-01-31

It was super fun. I loved it. Definitely Recommend to get. There was not as much ads as I was expecting, so that\'s always a win in my book!! The idea of it is super cool but I can\'t get past level 25 lol. Overall experience was really great! Oh and on a different note there is a school outfit that makes me look like Yandere Chan. Keep making good games!
Ghost_City9 2021-02-22

Unlike any mobile game I\'ve ever seen! It\'s fun and addicting, and I play it when I have nothing to do! You can play it offline, which makes it a most played game of mine. You can collect hats and cute accessories for your cat and silly outfits for your character. This is an overall awesome game, and I highly recommend it if you want something to do offline in your free time!
Drew Warner 2021-03-02

I like this game a lot! It\'s cute and addictive. I would give 5 stars, but at the end of certain levels (or if you fail a level) you have the choice to watch an ad to get more coins (or save your progress), but even if I choose not to watch the ad, I\'m forced to watch an ad anyway! That\'s super lame! And I don\'t get the extra coins or saved progress after being forced to watch the ad I didn\'t even want to watch! This game is really cute and fun, I just don\'t like that my choices are ignored
july ink 2021-02-13

It\'s a lovely game but you give me way too many ads. I already watch them in order to get the new characters why do you need to give me them every other time I play the game? Every 2nd game that I finish or fail, I have to watch an ad. It\'s so annoying and I can\'t enjoy the game properly. It\'s fine if the user has to watch one to gain a character, but to watch it too many times after finishing a level is just annoying, I can barely enjoy it.
Maya Sai 2021-02-06

This is a very simple and kind of weird game which is strangely addictive! You can buy outfits for the girl and the cat. The levels are not very challenging, but interesting enuf to provoke a bit of thought to pass, like solving easy puzzles. Ads after every level are too many. I have to play in airplane mode.
FAKE Dream 2021-01-25

I legit love this game! There\'s like only 1 ad each 4 games and you can skip them. You can also get skins for the cat and yourself! I like when new things are brought to the game/levels! :) It\'s not really boring, this also feels like it relieves stress. The graphics are also very good, very smooth.
Kate C 2021-01-15

It\'s a fun game, but when you fail and it gives you the option to revive, if you don\'t watch the video it stays on that screen and you have to close the app and reopen it. This has happened to me every time.