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Description of Hide Online - Hunters vs Props

Hide Online — an addictive and thrilling multiplayer Hide and Seek action-shooter game in popular Prop Hunt genre.

Hide as a Prop from other players in any room or try to escape! Simply swap and become any kind of hidden object — a chair, a box, a cup, or even a lavatory pan.

Both grownups and children will have fun playing hide and seek in Hide Online!

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More Information Of Hide Online - Hunters vs Props

lable: Action - Games Current Version:4.8.0 Publish Date:2021-10-28 Developer:HitRock Games

User Reviews


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Hacker Rajput 2020-11-22

This game is good. Cant stop playing. Addictive. But one thing that I didn\'t like that there are not many maps. Please add more maps like trash yard, abandoned ship, etc. And the controllers are not good enough. Please add an option to customize the controllers and a sprint button. May you receive my request and take action on it. Please. All the game is very nice and fun. To get that remaining one star please do these things as soon as possible. I\'ll be waiting for your response.
jonathan Felt 2021-01-08

This game is epic! :D my only suggestion though, is to make it so you can get coins without paying money, like by watching a few ads, or something different, of course they would be harder to get than tokens. But this is simply just a suggestion, great game! I love the game style and look! :D
Angela Love 2021-02-14

Is anyone else having difficulty watching ads to get the extras? or when you watch an ad and you have to exit from the white cross in the upper corner, I\'m not getting credit for those. Even playing some of the game of the ad it still does not give me credit. I still absolutely LOVE this game. I play as much as possible. It\'s very addictive and quite enjoyable. But if something doesn\'t change I\'ll have to give up the only game I play. PLZ, don\'t let that happen.
Ryan White 2021-01-05

I love this game I played really early on but I have two problems. One is that you have no way of getting coins to get those better boxes. My second issue is the hackers that have infinite grenades and animal transformers. I played before the hackers came if you could fix these issues that would be leaving me no reason to complain.
Zazzer Lopez 2021-01-20

Great game, the graphics, controls, gameplay, everything! I\'m just encountering hackers once in a while. They have a very fast recharge of animal transformers and grenades, slow falling, long jump and infinite health. On 2 different servers I\'ve encountered a hacker called \"Soy Hack\". It\'s really annoying, but it\'s not the game\'s fault so it\'s a well deserved 5 stars.
՞ 2020-12-03

This game is great. I really like it, I\'ve played it for at least a month and it\'s so fun, never gets boring plus it\'s addicting to play!! I really recommend this game to play If your a person who\'s involved with challenging games. But I have 2 suggestions. -1 Add more skins for food,boxes, and other stuff (which means new maps). -2 Please change the cost of most things! It\'s to expensive for gems n, more. I don\'t have any issue with this game those were just my suggestions. Entertainable Game!
bayu hamza 2020-11-10

This is a fun game i ever had. Well actualy the controls are a little error, so well when i am being shot by the hunters (when i was a prop) i just fastly died. Well it\'s only one problem but it takes a risk too. I like this game alot!!! But i don\'t like the game now since there is the updates!! There are so many problems! I DON\'T LIKE IT okay. So please understand what i say. DON\'T MAKE ANY UPDATES!!! And even there is nothing that\'s new at thay game.
Ricky Kundu 2020-10-19

I absolutely love this game. It\'s so fun and addictive. But I think there should be a rule that you can\'t use special abilities (turning hunters into animals and throwing grenades)more than 5 times in the same game and please stop the hackers who use those abilities continuously (like throwing bombs continuously at every room and not dying).
Hillary Kinajil 2020-11-01

It is really fun but i hate cheater, most of the player use cheat that\'s makes me sad, it should be fun but when people use cheat. There\'s no fun on that anymore. About this game, it should have free coins. why must i top up to but the coins? I\'m still a student, there\'s no fun when people have no coins to purchase something cool in that app. If this game improve, I\'ll consider to edit my rating. I just hate cheater and whenever i need coins, why should i top up every time? I\'m not moneymaker😔
memes boi 2021-02-16

This game, if you don\'t know it\'s just like prop hunt. The game play was pretty good, and I don\'t have gripes about that. I do however think that the respawn is a little janky. You can watch an ad to get a respond, and A special, but I am unable to watch the ad. So you either have to earn enough coins or buy some. But other than that the game runs completely smooth, and I would highly recommend if you like to play prop hunt.