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Description of Hilda Creatures

Join Hilda and her friends on their mission to discover, befriend and collect all the weird and wonderful creatures of Trolberg and the surrounding Wilderness!

The enchanting world of Hilda Creatures awaits. Based on the hit comic series by Luke Pearson, and now a Netflix Original Series, this is the start of your own adventure alongside our blue-haired heroine. Place items and wait to see who shows up: will it be a tiny Elf, a fluffy Woff or maybe an enormous Troll?! Watch the creatures play with the items, chat and picnic with them, then capture the moment with your camera! Meet them all, collect memories and new friends, and fill up your Friendship Book.

Choose where you want to explore

Just like Hilda, you can wander the Wilderness or take to the bustling city of Trolberg. Each is home to many interesting spots such as a waterfall or quaint town square. Visit one and try laying out some items - perhaps an irresistible snack, some pretty flowers, or a snazzy jazz record?

Assemble an inventory of interesting things

Is your backpack empty? The Wood Man is always there to trade with… Don’t worry, he’s grumpy and indifferent with everyone. The Wood Man accepts the acorns you’ve collected as payment for all kinds of knick-knacks.

Entice all manner of creatures with tempting treats

Use carefully selected combinations of items to attract Woffs, Trolls, and other peculiar creatures. They might even pop by when you’re not around and leave a present - how thoughtful! If you catch someone while they’re visiting, you can get to know them better over a chat or some food - if they’re cute and fluffy maybe all they want is a little pat on the head.

Document your memories in your Friendship Book

Bad-tempered and destructive, or sweet-natured and calm? You’ll encounter all sorts! But most importantly, see if you can catch them in a funny pose for your photo collection.


Two maps, the Wilderness and Trolberg, with 10 idyllic locations to explore

Place items to attract creatures while you play or while you’re away

Cute characters from the comics and Netflix Original Series - with new faces too!

Tap to talk, pet, and picnic with creatures

Collect all the creatures and add them to your Friendship Book

Increase your friendship by meeting creatures several times

Help keep the natural world blooming by growing your own plants

Daily missions, Weekly missions, and other Achievements mean you’re always expanding your Sparrow Scout badge collection!

Good grief, there’s so much to do… But such is the life of an adventurer! You’d better get going if you’re going to be home before the troll rocks come to life….

Experience Hilda the series on Netflix now! hildatheseries.com

Discover the comics and books at hildabooks.com

Hi, we’re BIGUMAKU. We combine leading-edge art with innovative gameplay to create games for kid in all of us.




Note: This is a free to download game with optional in-app purchases.

HILDA is a Netflix Original Series. HILDA™ ©2018 Hilda Productions Limited, a Silvergate Media Company

The Hilda comic books are © Nobrow Ltd. and Luke Pearson. Hilda comics are published by Flying Eye Books, an imprint of Nobrow Ltd.

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lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:1.9.3 Publish Date:2021-09-01 Developer:BIGUMAKU Ltd

User Reviews


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Winnie Watterson 2019-04-23

This game so adorable just like the show. The main gameplay is just like my childhood come back to life. When I was a kid I used to live in a forest and love watching creatures then I going around and left food in few spots, come back home and doing other things while waiting for them to appear just like the game, such a good fun. The interface are cute and cozy, with me playing on a 10 inch tablet feels like playing on a book which I really like. :D
Mary Mary 2019-04-15

art good...but slow responses and ads ads ads. update: hi, bigumaku, im fine with ads. i understand devs need to make money and my kid also knows sometimes you watch an ad. what frustrates him to no end is having just watched an ad there is what looks like a presnt, but when he clicks it, he gets an ad. 1. the opt is a baity 2. having an opt in ad right after an ad is really annoying. just give me the option to turn off opt ins and i can just buy the game and let my kid play when he wants
A C 2021-01-29

Disappointing. Pros: 1.The artwork is well done. 2.If you like Hilda, you\'ll enjoy being \"in\" her world. Cons: 1. Instructions are minimal. There are a number of aspects to the game that are not mentioned in the walkthrough, the instructions, or on the developer\'s website. Little icon over Wood Man\'s head? No idea what it is. Not mentioned anywhere. No response from developer when I asked. 2. The ads are frequent. Extremely frequent. Want more acorns? Ad. Don\'t want to watch the ad? Don\'t worry, they\'ll force you to watch an ad anyway, you just don\'t get acorns. 3. The gold acorn system is CLEARLY \"pay to excel\" Not pay to win. You can definitely play the game without spending money. But you will be consistently reminded that if you want fancier items, you need to spend money. 4. Extremely lazy writing. This was an opportunity to really shine, and would not have been hard at all to add more dialogue. Instead, each \"creature\" only has 1 or 2 lines of dialogue. Total. Seriously. Each time you ask an elf to tell you a story, they say the exact same thing. When playing the dragon card game, it doesn\'t matter if it\'s Hilda or Wood Man, you get the same dialogue. Any audio clips of Hilda or her friends? Nope. I bet the entire dialogue of the game was developed in less than an hour. Just SO LAZY. 5. Poor music editing. Pull up Wood Man\'s inventory, jazzy music starts. Click one of his items, music restarts. Exit that item, music restarts. Why? You\'re still in one store. Why not just have the music play through? Instead, it sounds like a record skipping. First few notes. Stop. First few notes. Stop. Over and over. Oh, and how about the main theme, done by Grimes? Nope, nowhere present in the game. I really do love the aesthetic of the game. It feels like Hilda\'s world. But it also feels like the bare minimum done by a developer so they could money grab off a popular series. TL;DR: A lazy game that succeeds in artwork, but fails in having any depth, content, or instructions, while bombarding you with ads. Edit: In response to the developer stating \" If you don\'t want to watch pop-up ads, making any in-app purchase will remove these.\" So, in other words, \"Buy something, or we\'ll keep bothering you to buy something.\" Wow. At least you\'re honest, I guess.
s u n n y d a y s. 2020-12-05

If you liked Hilda, and you like games where you wait for things to come and stuff like that, then this app is perfect for you! Its really fun, and I like taking pictures of the creatures, and placing things to attract them. I would recommend it for anyone who likes Hilda and so on. I only rated this 4 stars because I wish there would be some mini games or something fun to do while you are waiting for creatures instead of having to leave the app entirely.
Kiki Kanzaki 2021-01-10

For anyone hestiant on getting the game, I\'d say go for it; it\'s cute, simple, and enjoyable! There aren\'t too many ads, and it\'s NOT pay to win- You can level up and unlock areas of the map just by playing. The art is lovely and meeting new creatures is fun. Just one thing: I understand it\'s meant to be the type of game you just check on occasionally during downtime, but it would be nice if there was more to do in it, such as more minigames with rewards alongside the card game with Hilda.
John Edwards 2020-01-12

I haven\'t had the app notifications work for a few months now and the latest update didn\'t seem to fix it.
Irris Thaya 2020-06-01

Quite cute, but get\'s boring rather fast. You basically only collect photos of creatures, by placing objects around different areas and wait. The game is pretty time consuming, because you have to look for creatures at least once every hour, or else you miss them and they eat all the food, which then you have to replace or else there won\'t come any new creatures. Unfortunately the game isn\'t really interactive and the notifications don\'t work properly.
Julia N 2019-12-08

I really love this cute game! It\'s a great compliment to Netflix series. I just wish there would be a way to save your progress through connecting it to Facebook or something, I got a new phone and it\'s an iPhone so I think I\'ll have to start from the beginning :(
M Boy 2019-07-17

Microtransactions have no place in a game for kids. You should be ashamed of yourself.
Perle Bog Witch 2021-01-14

Super cute and simple, easy to play. I love the system of waiting for creatures to show up, it\'s like birdwatching! I just wish I could have more different interactions/dialogues with the creatures, and maybe rewards as you befriend them. For example, unlocking special interactions/dialogue once you reach a certain level of friendship would be very rewarding and sweet. Something that really makes you feel like a friendship blossomed, please?