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Description of Himalayan Meditation - Go Beyond All Limitations

Learn the most ancient and powerful meditation techniques and experience life-changing transformations

The Himalayan Meditation is a gateway to lead a stress free, disease free, balanced, concentrated and conscious life to open the spiritual gateway for the higher realms.

A real meditation app - An app to elevate every soul with powerful ancient meditations available in both guided and self-mode.

Ad free and offline mode meditation sessions for an uninterrupted meditation experience.

Meditations - 24 different powerful Meditations in self mode and guided mode with 500+ possibilities of newness.

Mindfulness - Five minutes meditation series for busy people at any point in a day

Heartfulness - Meditation series to make you realize that you love yourself

Soulfulness - Very powerful techniques in its kind first time ever in the world

Meditation Music - Himalayan melody for relaxation, study and sleep

A sage's way - clarify doubts to make one progress in the inner path seamlessly

Addiction programs to leave bad habits, intoxication, drugs

Evolution programs like inner transformation, kundalini awakening, third eye awakening

Himalayan Kids - A package of kid’s meditation, kids’ programs, kids’ creation and kids’ daily advice

Yogic life - lifestyle guidance


Himalayan meditation app is to make you realize that you are limitless with the most powerful ancient meditation techniques. Beginner, intermediate and advanced meditation techniques.

What is meditation and what is the purpose of meditation?

Meditation is nothingness. But from that nothingness a new reality begins. A constant connection with the self is meditation. Yogis say the primary goal of meditation is to go beyond all your limitations.

What brings the practice of meditation?

Meditation in a proper way can bring miracles in life and burns your karma Sankara or causal impressions. As a positive side effect on the way it gives many benefits to name a few - deep sleep, memory, intellect, kindness, compassion.

Feel the presence

The most ancient powerful meditation techniques are here for you as if your master is beside you.

500+ varieties of Meditation techniques available, to name a few

Mantra Meditation / Mantra Dhyana

Sun Meditation / Surya Dhyana

Moon Meditation / Chandra Dhyana

Om Meditation

Flame Meditation / Bahirjyoti Dhyana both guided and self-mode

Cosmos Meditation / Mahajagata Dhyana a very powerful practise

Kundalini Meditation / Kundalini Dhyana

Prana Kriya Meditation a powerful technique

Suddha kriya Meditation to cleanse your inner self

Yoga Nidra with its real essence in various levels

Sound Meditation / Nada Yoga a very ancient practice

Brahmarupa Dhyana / Meditation on the Supreme form mainly for devotees

Leela Meditation / Meditation on the divine pass times for advanced devotees

Chetana Meditation / Meditation on pure consciousness

Meditation on Shiva and many more

Nature Sounds are there to make you feel the ambience

Powerful meditation sounds of flute, sitar, veena are available

Various class of meditations as below

Object/Subject/Sound based Meditation techniques and contemplation to develop your thinking and perceiving abilities

Breath Meditation at various levels to make you stress free

Higher Cosmic meditation series for realizing your higher self

Transcendental Meditation techniques which are for very advanced level meditators

Kundalini Meditation or Chakra meditation given at six levels

Also suitable for: loving kindness,third eye activation, trataka, nada, visualization, presence meditation, sarguna, nirguna, fitness meditation, Karma, Jnana, Raja, Japa, Dhyana, Sahaja, Samadhi, Chakra Meditation, Transcendental Meditation, Vipassana, Affirmation.

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User Reviews


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mani rajan 2020-07-29

I love this meditation app really. I get more guided meditation rules and how to meditaate for a beginner. Really amazing app. No words for its valuable work towards today\'s society. Worthless. Really happy to have such like app that useful for inner development of anyone.
Amit Badlani 2020-02-14

This is the Best app on the play store. Kudos to the team for making such a flawless app! I can\'t thank enough for the work that you have put into this app to make this app this perfect. Thank you so much. I am lucky to have come across this app. Keep up the great work. Thanks once again.
Rupal Tated 2020-10-26

After trying out dozens of app, I can say this one is so far the best. The only discomfort is that the free sessions are the basic ones and locked meditations are costly. But yes, most applicable fact is that the app not just guides you to meditate but also brings you closer to the authentic dhyana practiced in the ancient culture.
Carla Y Nunez 2020-06-21

I had never experienced the Himalayan Meditation but as I began to use it, I fell in love with it! The Graphics, the music and mantras are all great! Soothing and it makes me feel like if I was in another place in another time. The messages it has as well, are very relaxing practicing mindfulness and having a calm meditative mind through out the day. Good for when you\'re feeling stressed out or blocked. I recommend this app and hope you can add more features to it!! Thank you 💚🙏👳‍♂️
Harish Handa 2020-07-29

Absolutely perfect app for meditators. I haven\'t seen various kinds of programs, meditation and spiritual journey path alongwith with detailed guide. Love this app...no need to hang around here and there...kudos to team.
Randall Carpio 2020-12-10

Really cool app with lots of information and meditations, but I subtracted a star because I got stopped by a paywall before listening to a single meditation. Would\'ve only cost a dollar (or more if I wanted to..), but I don\'t know what these guys sound like!! I might come back to it later and try out some of the free stuff, but I didn\'t find a free meditation on the first run through.
Gyan Ranjan 2020-01-31

Never thought such app can be designed so beautifully. Hatsoff to team who made this possible. Calm and tranquility are by product of these meditations....
Amit Morti 2020-06-10

Outstanding app for meditation, I strongly recommend it. This app is very informative. Beautifully designed, sounds quality of musical instruments is excellent and relaxing, various sounds of nature makes one feel strongly connectected with it. OM Meditation Sound is the Best OM Sound I have ever heard...!! I feel deeply immersed in it. I truly appreciate entire team who made this app possible. Keep it up! Yes, I have shared this app link to couple of my Friends, Relatives & Social networks...
ashmeet kaur 2020-02-02

Best app for meditation. Better breath control and focus
Nsikak Inyang 2021-01-19

This is the best meditation app I have ever came across. The sounds are so relaxing. I feel very energetic and powerful inside me when meditating with this app...still at the beginner section though. I am grateful for the developer team. Namaste 🙏