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Hit Em Up - Personalized Mass Text and Bulk SMS APK

Hit Em Up - Personalized Mass Text and Bulk SMS



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Description of Hit Em Up - Personalized Mass Text and Bulk SMS

See what you've been missing out on with Hit Em Up - the quickest way to send SMS and iMessage messages to your contacts as one to one personal messages in bulk! Saving you HOURS of time texting— turned into just a few minutes.

Are you dissatisfied with how often and effectively you communicate with your clients, customers, team, prospective sales leads, or other key people in your network? Do you worry that sometimes meaningful connections fall through the cracks?

It's probably no surprise to you that the most successful people in the world all have one key trait in common. They have an impeccable ability to maintain personal relationships with hundreds (or possibly thousands) by giving them individual attention and care and is undoubtedly one of the key reasons they became so successful.

The problem is that the task of keeping these relationships alive and healthy can be daunting or downright impossible without the proper assistant.

So what are the best life coaches, top-grossing personal trainers, clergy with growing congregations, top revenue-generating sales team members, and savvy entrepreneurs doing?

Meet Hit Em Up:

Hit Em Up now has:

• Scheduled messages! Schedule a message to go out at a later time!

• Template Texts! Save any text you like to re-use anytime!

• Smart Selectors! Select recipients based on information on their contact in your phone book. Isolate people in an area code, location, or work for the same company in just a few taps and add them to a group!


We would like to give you Ten Days Free of Hit Em Up Standard Today with a complimentary trial- a limited time offer that we are making available EXCLUSIVELY to our early Android adopters! See why we're already the number one mass texting app on iOS!


We're continually improving our app and take your feedback seriously. Let us know if you want new features or find anything you would like changed or improved in Hit Em Up at feedback@hitemupapp.com

By downloading or using Hit Em Up, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy available for viewing at the privacy policy link on our app store page. We're super transparent, so if you have any questions, please let us know with a support ticket!

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lable: Communication - Apps Current Version:3.0.66 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Hit Em Up

User Reviews


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Jan Ryan 2020-12-28

The worst for Android. Paid for the subscription. $119 charged to my account but app says I need to upgrade to use and/or that my subscription has expired. If I tap the only button available it says error you have already subscribed and locks me out. The basic FREE subscription says I have already used up the FREE subscription and have no available text left although I have not used it even once. Tried tech support with no help so out $119. Tried to uninstall and reinstall. Tried settings
Rachelle Evitt 2020-08-12

So far, my experience with this App has been exeptional! I am serious when I say it is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you for developing what SO many of us have needed for our businesses. I am already spreading the word!
Cameron Sorensen 2020-10-07

I used this app last year to send a reminder so my clients and it worked great. This year however it showed me it sent to all of them but half of them did not receive a message. I\'m not sure if it is a problem with imessage not being co-operative with my google messages but it has caused quite a bit of headache. Would recommend if you have apple. Wouldn\'t if you have android.
Susan Oliver 2020-11-23

Do not purchase this app. There is nothing good about it. Everytime I open it I to wait over 10 minutes for all of my contacts to sync. I have yet to send something because the app locks up and I have to shut it down and wait for my contacts to sync again. Not worth the money.
Amanda Dumas 2020-06-07

Great fix for Android and it\'s nice when the tech chat guy listens. It took them about a week but my groups were recovered and they aren\'t disappearing when I log out anymore. So glad this is available and functional for my phone. I\'d been a bit jealous for about a year cuz I wanted someway for connecting that came from my phone number. Only a month in now, feels so good!
Shane Lince 2020-12-31

Useful basic app but the company insufferably asks for a positive review after nearly every use with the decline option next to a frown emoji, and \"Sure! I\'ll help\" prompt option next to a smile. So if you\'re reading reviews please keep in mind they\'re aggressively/constantly (and gauschly) SOLICITING them, as you take the time to scan thru reviews around mine, want you to know as much as I want app company how little I respect that dynamic. Thanks
Bostody Hopkin 2020-08-07

Does not automatically send messages. Im trying to send a PSA to all you contacts and i thought it would send the messages automatically but I still have to press send individually on each message. That defeats the purpose of doing the bulk sms blast.
Ryan Padilla 2020-11-27

Slow app at startup and during usage. It doesn\'t send texts for you, but sends you over to your default messaging app for each and every text rendering any time you wanted to save by bulk texting moot.
Zoa Bouwhuis 2020-09-25

I love using this app! It has been a game changer in my business as well as my personal life! The ability to send a personalized text to lots of people without taking so much time is amazing! What a time saver! Thank you for creating this app!
Evona Adamczyk 2020-09-15

Great tool to keep in touch with your network! Wonderful support from the support. Very easy to use! Love being able to mass text with personalization.