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Description of Hit the Board: Fortune Fever

Addictive DICE GAME STRATEGY in which you plan to defeat your mates and opponents!

Challenge your mates to free endless dice fun in HIT THE BOARD: FORTUNE FEVER game! And you will never get bored, not for a minute!

One of the most competitive games yet amazingly fun to play!

It is so awesome, and you have to watch out for your opponent pulling out all stops to defeat you... it's a major rush!!

So roll your dice and play luckier than your opponents in fun fortune dice action!

Feel the excitement of each roll of the dice!! HOP ABOARD!

Enjoy a multitude of mindblowing features and power boosts on your thrilling quest to become a Board King!

The cells you land on are all different ✔️LITTLE MINI GAMES:

• It's ALL IN YOUR HANDS - test your luck to pick the higher King than your mate!

• Is FORTUNE on your side today? Roll the dice to land on lucky cell!

• Catch PERFECT RAINBOW ROLL and gain unbridled access to the desired cell to win your mates faster!

• Put your fortunes to the test and CHALLENGE the most exciting game mode!

• SCORE BIG and leave your opponents in the dust in a hotly-contested RATING RUSH EVENT!!

You'll love our FUN AND SHORT 🎲DICE GAMES🎲!

👍That's not even the half of it! It's fun and keeps you entertained!

You'll like the monopoly feel with a quicker play time 🎲! Ready to hit the board?!


Play nice...then throw a bomb, put a mine, 💣DESTROY and Steal their goodies!

• Get the chance to travel across numerous 🗺️ THEMED BOARDS! Try to outplay your friends on every single BOARD for a massive fun!

Show who is the real Board King!

• Super-charged GAME FIGURES and DICE equipped with amazing skills will help in this friendly heated competition (....or probably it will be hotly-contested...))

PLAN YOUR STRATEGY to the combos with what figure goes to what dice!

• Tons of valuable BOOSTERS! Put them to good use and win faster!

• TICKETS ON TICKETS! Never have to stop playing! PLAY and WIN NON-STOP!

• Absolutely exhilarating gameplay! Super-smooth visuals, cutting-edge animations!

✔️Can keep you busy for hours. Easy and self explanatory. The whole family can play!

Follow HIT THE BOARD on Facebook, find more friends, play together and have fun with this free game wherever your opponent is: in front of you or miles away!


Any questions about the game? Email us at support@renatus.com

Still here?! Download 🔥 Hit the Board: Fortune Fever 🔥 now and enjoy free endless dice fun!

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lable: Board - Games Current Version:1.0.14 Publish Date:2021-09-04 Developer:Renatus Media, LLC

User Reviews


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David Wilson 2020-06-25

After reading around 50 reviews, I decided to download this game. Most of the negative reviews are about minor glitches and memory problems. This game is very simple and great for young children. IMO it is pretty boring. I won my first 5 matches, which I assume are AI players. I played Board Kings for a while and got tired of it. This game is less attractive than it. Graphics are OK. If you are just trying to pass time, this game will do for waiting at the DMV or docs office.
Tom Spector 2020-06-28

This game is a little bit of fun at first but quickly becomes boring and repetitive. Instructions are not clearly explained and when there is instructions they often scroll off the screen before you can get a chance to read them. It keeps telling me to use the Rainbow Bar, yet this was explained early without any demonstration how to use the bar so now when it keeps admonishing me to use it, I don\'t know how. There should be a separate instruction page for every function in the game.
Jeffery Burrow 2020-11-17

Good game but it\'s over too fast. Needs to go back to 1 million like before. 70000 is over too fast.
Bella Deviante 2020-05-30

Don\'t bother! You have to literally spend actual money to even compete. It\'s a racket. You lose against bots or real people that buy bomb packs just to win or get on leaderboard. You can\'t win any games when opponents are bombing you every 15 seconds.
Dennis Uhalik 2020-08-10

This game is stupid. Other players win more often. I played 20 games. I won 3. The bombs,storms,charge box. Stupid keeps you from winning or even finish the game. Not many good bonuses. Just stupid taxes. Boring game can\'t win. Don\'t waste time to download. It\'s not worth it. To add another negative comment. Not enough bonus tiles.the fortune tiles should have more good points. I played another 30 games only won 1. How about bettering the odds to win once in awhile. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIMETILLFIX
Delisa Sullins 2020-05-22

It\'s an enjoyable and relaxing game to sit down to play once you get home in the evening, take shower, eat supper then sit down in your chair, get comfortable and open this game and start playing. It\'s just fun and addictive, I mean I enjoy playing
Jess Mckearney 2020-03-31

UPDATE 3/30: issue was fixed and I\'m able to play now. good the first time I played and now everytime I try to open it, it gives me a reconnecting thing and it never connes and tells me to retry. I\'ve tried using my wifi also a local wifi and my mobile network and it still doesn\'t work so you can eliminate weak signal out. What\'s going on? If the issue gets fixed I will re rate
Tiffiney Celius 2020-06-22

Game looks like fun...I guess I\'ll never know as I\'ve installed it tried to open it and it gets to 100% then the app closes. Uninstalled, re-installed and same thing. Oh well, will search for a different game. Rated it with 1 star as you can\'t leave a review without leaving stars cause I would\'ve rated NO stars. Thanks for nothing!
Jeremy Adderley 2020-07-28

The game is fairly simple to play. Roll the dice & move around a small board, and this game doesn\'t involve properties. The spaces are get money, pay money, draw a card, win or lose money, & gamble. The game has powerups. There is a feature about rainbows that allows players to attempt to control the dice, but it didn\'t work for me. I rolled 2s & rarely 3s. Further, I could play two games at the most before recharge & not with the same multiplyer.
Gr8 Town 2020-05-17

Thought it would be like Monopoly. Still a good game though. If you could add the buying properties feature it would be the best. Gr8 graphics 👌🍹