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Have you ever dreamt of becoming a spy? Start with simple puzzles and then advance to some challenging levels! Tons of weapons await you in the game arsenal. Try them all!

Make decisions wisely. One mistake and your enemies catch you! Don't leave them a chance. Or... just start over again.

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lable: Action - Games Current Version:1.15.12 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:Playgendary Limited

User Reviews


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Shan Alimohamed 2021-02-07

This game is super fun and kills time easily, now there are ads that appear when you don\'t want them to but luckily some can give you the option to skip them and some help you earn free stuff and double the rewards that you earn while playing which I\'m fine with, therefore I love this game!
0rignallity Zeno 2020-12-08

I love this game is but I\'m disappointed because I assumed once you complete the bases it would be a new \'room setting\' but unfortunately it\'s the same backgrounds. The ones the pictures above are not all backgrounds that is shown on the game at all. Slide 4 and 7 are the only true backgrounds. The others are false ads.
Silver Blank 2021-01-15

I downloaded because of an ad on youtube. See, it had a mechanic that seemed interesting. Except, the mechanic isn\'t in the game, it was a deceitful ad like those where you pull a key to help the knight reach a treasure. It is a game made solely to infect you with ads. Nobody should be pushed to watch 5 ads in the first 10 minutes, to be given some basic rewards Question to the developers. What did you try to achieve?What did you add to the gaming community?this how you want to be remembered?
confused_ bus 2020-12-15

I\'m gonna get the negative stuff out of the way:too many ads,repeated levels,only 5 modes which all have repeating levels. Positive side of this review:love the style graphics and gameplay,controls are amazing,weapon and outfit variety is decent and could use improvement but with what I have so far in those regards make the possibilitys of my loadout and outfit endless I could be a shark with a gold shotgun,soda can of acid,flamethrower gravity gun and a ender eye from Minecraft as a portal gun.
Justin Shields 2020-07-10

The game is great. It\'s fun, the levels rarely ever get too hard. However, the ridiculous Fortnite dances after every level is unfathomably annoying. I wouldn\'t mind it too much if there was an option to turn them off, but there isn\'t. I also wish there was an option to move to the next level manually instead of automatically. There\'s times where I want to watch a body finish dissolving or watching it fall to the ground but it instead just moved to the shop or the next stage.
Mick G 2021-01-06

Ads very misleading... I thought it would be more puzzle-based but it isn\'t. Similar to Johnny Trigger, but not as fun as no one shoots back (at least, not at the start) and the \"baddies\" are totally unarmed, so it\'s rather morally depraved. Only played 5 levels, read other reviews that said the puzzle element isn\'t there, so I\'ve uninstalled.
Cloned Gamer 2020-11-05

This game has two types of ads. First one is the ads which gives you rewards and the second type is the ads which are annoying and don\'t give you anything back. They just appear anywhere even when you\'re trying to get a reward by watching an ad. I\'ll give this game 5 stars if there wasn\'t two types of ads. We players are aware that developers need to add advertisements to gain some financial benefits. But you can do that having only one type of ads. That\'s more than enough. Anyone can see that.
Cyrus Hart 2020-04-06

To many ads. Can\'t even get through level 3 without getting hit with one after every single shot or check point. Seriously. Why is it so hard for you developers to understand, if you want to put in ads, fine, but do it at the end of a level, not as we are playing. Even if its literally at the end of every level, it\'d be better than every checkpoint. This was actually fun for a moment. But the moments are to fleeting, and im uninstalling.
Billy Bragg 2020-12-11

I was only going to give it 4 stars, but then I played it for a while, l truly had no idea how addictive this game was going to be. If you try this game (and i highly recommend that you do) be ready to spend more time than you were planning doing so. No kidding to the programmers great work 👍 love it.5 stars.
A. H. 2020-10-16

Whimsical! Although the graphics are somewhat mundane, the game is an overall barrel of laughs. A real two dimensional, kinda dark, side splitter. The main character, \"The Hitmaster\", joyfully executes all types of people, from commoners to law enforcement officers with a Looney Toones, throwback effect. So whether you\'re 8 or 80,you\'ll get a kick outta this game. I\'d recommend it as a stress relief, or a way to entertain one\'s self and friends.