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The most addictive game!

Enter the arena and face the other holes in a fierce battle.

Eat everything in sight with your black hole and expand it to eat more! Show them who is the biggest hole in town!

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lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:1.16.7 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:VOODOO

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Stijn Van Den Heuvel 2020-12-09

Fun game, but I do have a couple of reccomendations 1. Make pause menu. 2. Give the player the option to choose maps, or give them the option to disable maps. I like all the maps, but my phone does not like it when I play on the map with the robots. If I could avoid playing on it, I would enjoy the game a lot more 3. When I try to watch an add for a reward, the game doesn\'t show it (it just skips the ad, it did show an ad when the game finished. 4. Make a 100% mode without timers.
Inna Shevchenko 2020-12-16

Nice game. Programmers put a lot of effort in creating it, the worlds are so detailed! Graphics and controls are very good. Pleasant experience in playing it. I only play it when I am away from wifi, so I don\'t get any adverts at all, you should do it too :-) Wish there was an option \"How much time it takes you to get 100%\" The game was updated and it now runs much smoother. I recommend it, great fun.
Pig and Bob Show 2020-11-22

Its a very fun game, addicting too. Totally recommend. The only reason why I gave it a 4 star is b/c the games are very short, and it\'s way too easy be 1st. I would suggest the developers add more of an objective to the game b/c it\'s way to fast and simple. I really like the update when if you die, you don\'t immedietly revieve. That was a good one.
Carla Baker 2020-12-12

The game is fun and addictive, never thought I\'d like being a cavernous black hole that eats cities and Islands. Downside is it tends to crash every so often and I lose my progress. But it\'s still nowhere near as frustrating as other games I\'ve played that do that. I love that you can choose three modes and you don\'t have to pay anything to level up. Very good if you like a somewhat monotonous games, but in a good way monotonous. I really like this game.
Ruthi Beverly 2020-10-20

I\'m baaaack, and still loving this game. Some say we\'re playing against the computer robots but who cares as long as I win. My question is in Battle Royale..... U say last hole standing wins, but when there\'s 2 last holes, why don\'t the one with the crown win? Doesn\'t seem fair for both to reach the max [19]. No Ties when one reaches 1st with crown. 1st Max [19] with crown, takes All. Default king or queen, I am still Queen 👑even when I bow out and hand the crown to U!
Doyle Maston 2020-10-31

Highly addictive! You have been warned! HA! Love this game! Update late 2020...I\'ve dropped my star rating due to the fact that the number of ads in this game has been increased nearly three fold. It\'s just too many ads!! I know the developers want to make some money, and they deserve it. I do not begrudge them, but come on folks! This is WAY too many ads!
Kate Moore 2021-01-24

I used to love this game. Even though it was just the one level, it was fun, and a nice way to kill 2 minutes. I didn\'t mind watching an ad every few games. But now, after not playing for a bit, I came back to it. I played 2 rounds (2 minutes each), and for each round, it showed me 3 ads: one before, one in the MIDDLE, and one after. It\'s completely unplayable now. Uninstalling, which is sad. They ruined a good thing.
Roger Southgate 2021-02-06

They\'ve made this almost unplayable. This was a decent enough game. It ran well, and ads were minimal. Now the game suffers from horrendous slowdown, probably as they interrupt each 2 minute game with 30 second ads, sometimes more than once! I\'d consider buying it if they added new content, but it\'s the same old stuff. I\'ve taken to downloading this periodically because I miss the gameplay, then I remember why I uninstalled it. Roll it back to an earlier version! What a shame.
Justin Abrenica 2021-01-14

This is amazing but i heard there is allot of people complaining that there is ad that happen to me too, that dosent mean the ad, cause its an offline game, ignore does one who said that, your game is super amazing, i gave u 5 stars ;)
Mus Cetiner 2020-11-18

After a couple of years playing this game which wad good. Now, seeing an advert right in the middle of the game, reduces the enjoyment and flow, it is one way to drive people away. I wish you had approached it differently, either pit the ad at before the game starts or at the end. I would like to buy it, but, I cannot see a price for as free version.