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Description of Home Assistant

The official app for Home Assistant. Home Assistant for Android lets you control all your devices in your Home Assistant instance.

Home Assistant is an open-source home automation platform that focuses on privacy and local control.

Home Assistant for Android requires that you have access to a Home Assistant instance.

For documentation around the application please see https://companion.home-assistant.io/

We are also working on supporting Wear OS. If interested be sure to check out the beta!

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lable: House & Home - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:Home Assistant

User Reviews


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Stuart Vickers 2021-01-23

The prompt to turn on location has to be removed or made optional. I choose when to turn on my location and having the HA app tell me my location is off and ask me if i want to turn it on every time I run the app is beyond annoying. It makes the app unusable. It\'s for controlling my smart home. I shouldn\'t need to have to answer a question before I can access my home controls! Arghhhhhh! Why do developers do these silly things?
Michael Hanko 2021-01-18

Was my favorite app on my phone until 2 days ago. I don\'t always want my location on, and the app is now prompting me to turn it on before a can access the rest. Otherwise, I love this app, and everything HA. Please get rid of the location prompt
Josh Hill 2020-11-09

App is great and would have been 5 stars, but the recent update that added Android 11 power menu buttons changed how location is reported. It would always regularly turn on the GPS to get a position, but it was always very brief. Just a flash. Now it keeps GPS on for a minute or longer every time I unlock my phone. It seems to be tied to power menu controls. If I remove all Home Assistant controls it reverts the old behavior. I was using only lights and scenes as power menu tiles.
Tom Ferrel 2020-12-18

Select the instance you would like to connect to: That\'s it. After install that\'s the only thing that happens. That\'s the app? Like what am I missing here? *edit* Lol I could have deleted the 1st part of my comment but I will let it stay to show what a noob I am. Now that I realize this was a companion app... I know pretty much nothing about coding but so far I\'ve taken my cameras all my lights and plug ins and Gate opener offline. Yeah I love the app. Wish it was a bit more noob friendly.
Keith Chaney 2020-01-04

I tried multiple times to get this app to work but no matter what all it says is \"unable to connect to home assistant\" and the only option available is retry. I can access it just fine on my computer (where I can see \"log in attempt failed\" notifications with my phone\'s IP address) so I know everything is working from that end. I\'ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it still won\'t work.
Michal Bres 2020-10-09

Overall very good, but there are some aspect that could be improved. Each new update enables newly added sensors by default. On my phone having sensors enabled causes extreme battery drain, at the level of ~1% every 30 seconds of screen on time. On the tablet it\'s not as bad, but still visible, there is no setting to disable all sensors. Widgets sometimes get stuck in an outdated state. Both the app and web interface show correct details values.
Raphael Kallensee 2021-01-20

This app is just as amazing as Home Assistent itself. You might need a bit of technical knowledge to use it, and the menu structure might be not super intuitive everywhere, but the app is amazingly clean yet powerful. I set up most of HA just via the app and am always happy when opening the app. It seems highly actively maintained. Keep up the amazing work!
Clemens Kozmich 2020-05-18

Would be nice to just set homeassistant.local:8123 as IP adress to avoid issues with dynamic IPs. It works fine in the browser, so it would be really cool to have it in the app as well. Other than that it\'s a nice app for Homeassistent for getting notifications and having quick access to the platform.
Phillip Beer 2020-08-15

Downloaded and installed the app when I got a new phone with a version of Android that would work with it. The application has worked well for me with no real problems but is contingent on you having an understanding of how to set up Home Assistant to do what you want it to do. I am amazed by the commitment of the Home Assistant developers to produce such a polished system which, after a number of years of development, works reliably and consistently. I recommend Home Assistant and this app.
Karl Machen 2020-11-26

Like everything else Home Assistant this has been rock solid for me! I can tinker with my environment from the sofa or desk at work whilst my wife can use this with ease as a non technical user. The sensors included in the app have been great for various things. My favourite is the phone state, having my speakers announce an incoming call without the irritation of my obnoxious (through choice) ringtone and triggering location based events