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Description of Home-Dashboard

Home-Dashboard (formerly known as HassKit) is a Touch-Friendly - Zero Config App to help users instantly start using Home Assistant (Hass).

Hass is one of the best platforms for Home Automation, with powerful features and the world's widest range of device support. Hass only requires some simple/cheap hardware to get started.

However, Hass is not easy to set up and requires a few months to master. Home-Dashboard aims to ease the learning steps and improve the quality of life for Hass users by providing a stunning look and 10-second setup to start using this wonderful Home Automation platform.

Home-Dashboard is free and under constant development. We need your help to improve the app's features for us to better serve you.

Please find us on Discord and Facebook. Your contributions are always welcome.



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More Information Of Home-Dashboard

lable: House & Home - Apps Current Version:7.6.2 Publish Date:2022-06-08 Developer:THHK Studio

User Reviews


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Thomas Vi 2020-09-24

Very good. However I use the app on a tablet with grid mode it is perfect. Why did you remove it? Is it possible to have a version special for tablet? Really this is why I use it. That way I had a beautiful dashboard organised and clear. Please
Gerhard King 2020-10-20

Awsome interface, simple and elegant. Popped it on tablets around the house and it works like a dream
Mark B 2020-11-15

Can\'t connect to my home assistant install... the app just hangs showing the home-dashboard logo and nothing happens... super disappointing!!
m4euro 2020-06-06

This app is superb. It\'s logical and works beautifully. Well thought out and great design. Gives me precisely what I want - a smart control panel which hides the complexity of my Hass.io server. Well done!
Salvamipc 2020-06-09

This is one of the best looking dashboards for home assistant. However I have few issues. First, the tuya curtains svows as unknown nd cant be controlled until I use them first from home assistant, then they temporarily work, and when they work there are just 2 positions up or down, there is nonway to stop it at a certain point. Also clicking items like alarm will open the keyboard but its like in a edit mode, is very easy from here to pres the wrong part ofthe screen and delete the name.
Craig Penfold 2020-08-17

I like this app but home assistant is meh openhab is better it would be better if you could use this app for both home assistant and openhab
Gary Hall 2020-02-28

This app is great. I run this on a 10inch tablet to control my house. Just awesome.
James Young 2020-06-07

Best of the GUI apps for Home Assistant. Doesn\'t use Home Assistant\'s built-in GUI Lovelace, instead has its own dashboards which are a bit simpler and easier to work with, and the resulting interfaces are definitely more grandparent friendly.
Tyler Shull 2021-01-26

Does not load any of my google home/assistant things at all despite being on same network. I sign into my google acct and nothing seems to happen.
Omer Shany 2020-04-23

Great app and awesome developer, looks great, easy to configure. Thank you!!