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Description of Home Design 3D: My Dream Home

[This version offers you an one-hour trial, during which you will have access to all the application's features, as well as to automatic project saves. Once this hour is up, you will still be able to use the application, but the save feature will be disabled.]

With Home Design 3D: My Dream Home, create the house of your dreams!

Have you always dreamed of becoming an interior designer or decorator?

Would you like to redecorate your bedroom, make changes to your family house, or come up with the apartment of your dreams?

You can do all this quickly and easily! First, start by creating the various rooms, and then place the furniture of your choice in 2D or 3D view. Finally, customize your project and make it your own! Give free rein to your creativity in order to create the wildest and wackiest of projects! Endless possibilities and hours of fun await you!

And don't forget to share all your creations with your friends on our official Facebook page: Facebook.com/mydreamhome3D

You can also find us on Twitter @mydreamhome3D


★ Start by tracing out rooms, then add doors and windows

★ Change the height or thickness of the walls, the shape of the room, etc.

★ Just use your finger to drag and drop the objects of your choice.


★ Choose the menu themes you want

★ Change the dimensions of your objects

★ Choose from thousands of textures and colors!

★ Visit your project in 3D, with exclusive cartoon rendering.

Home Design 3D: My Dream Home offers you:

•     The possibility to create the project of your dreams

•     Colorful and intuitive menus that are accessible to everyone

•    Over 800 decorative objects!

•    Options and possibilities catering to your imagination

•     Two modes in 3D (edit mode and virtual visit)

No Internet connection necessary

Follow us on Twitter @MyDreamHome3D

Join us on https://www.facebook.com/mydreamhome3d/

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lable: Lifestyle - Apps Current Version:3.1.5 Publish Date:2021-09-07 Developer:Anuman

User Reviews


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Shealyn Snodgrass 2016-05-06

Hate it When I try to put some thing in side my buildings it comes up with a sign that says buy full version to get furniture. Also if you hit the question mark it would not do anything all it would do is it would go to a black screen. I would not recommend this game for anyone 12 or younger.
Google User One 2019-04-23

There should be options to adjust font sizes
Mary Kate 2018-02-16

Awesome...i was addicted to watch every house that I\'ve pass...so,this app is suitable for me...thank for this app...😁😁
Sangwoo B. Benson 2016-03-14

Not too bad It keeps telling me to get the full version and if you don\'t get it you can only make 1 world of your own.
Ellie Hasted 2016-01-31

Wow When I\'m older I wanna b a interior designer so I recommend. I wish u didnt have to pay to unlock it but o well
first lookTM 2016-11-13

Owsome* I loved it! It was like I can create it as I wish and then make a plan wow I really loved it_ hope it was like something in 5D then it would be better to view hope so. Then one more thing there shouldn\'t be any in-app purchase n all and u people can have an update like thing than purchasing new version 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Zekiah Melody 2016-05-09

Pay to save? I hate that I\'m being asked to pay $5 in order to be able to save my floor plans. I make an awesome floorplan that I really like just so it gets deleted the minute I close the app. I understand you guys need money to keep the app running and everything, but at least, please, make the save feature free. And add more furniture for free as well. That will draw more people to this app. Try advertising your app on other games like Candy Crush, Words with Friends, and all those apps. Will give 5 once save is free
Mahalia Bembury 2016-11-20

Great App. I have check some other apps out... This one is the most interactive and with full version there is unlimited creativity... I am hoping the creators of this app give some future updates with more features... And fix some of the very minor issue... Other than that i love it... Wish i could share my two designs here...
MelMike Sy 2020-04-02

Great app! User interface is good. I love the measurement. It\'s really awesome. I also love the ability to resize & customize the items. 1 thing I hate about this app is its TRIAL PERIOD, WHICH IS GOOD ONLY FOR 1 HOUR. SERIOUSLY? Some apps have at least 30 days. I might purchase this app next time but I\'m not sure. I haven\'t explored it enough for me to figure out if it\'s worth-it or not. So far so good. But the fact that I can\'t save any projects anymore makes me hesitant to spend time for it.
Shannon Reed 2020-03-25

I am really enjoying your program, it reminds me of the old sims games you could play on your pc in the early 2000\'s. What I don\'t get is why is there stair cases when you can not add a second story? Also I bought the full version but feel like I never got it. After i purchased it the same message kept popping up about purchasing the full version.