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Description of Home Design : Amazing Interiors

The interior of your home is a reflection of who you are as a person. Play Home Design: Amazing Interiors today- an offline home design game that allows you to create unique, custom interiors with extraordinary exteriors. Each new episode features a new interior or exterior design and different HGTV like clients: brothers, celebrities, families with kids, and the newlyweds. Go all-out and give a masterclass to make their home interiors memorable. Improve your home design skills and master makeovers by creating visually stunning rooms with access to high-end furniture from Pinterest.

Indulge in your hobby by following a creative home design masterclass with furniture from Pinterest

Construct and renovate houses, and follow the process throughout the remodel

Build rooms from scratch with most trending furniture

Discover your artistic ability by making creative choices for your property

Learn about inspiring, vibrant architecture

Learn how to find your style, how to work with pattern and how to use lighting

Let’s get into the mystery of design, so you feel confident and can make incredible decisions and make beautiful home design. Stay curious, take risks and beautiful things will happen!

Home Design: Amazing Interiors is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. Enjoying Home Design: Paradise Life? Learn more about the game!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PurpleCowStudios/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/purplecowstudio_cookapps/

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lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:1.2.02 Publish Date:2021-10-11 Developer:CookApps

User Reviews


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Sherry Garrison 2020-06-11

Just finished my first design, house within a house. Love it. Hope it stays this way. So many games change after your first design. Please don\'t, enjoying this one very much. Addictive and relaxing, I love to design. Great job!!!!!!!! Hope I can keep rating five stars, if not, going to be very disappointed!!!!!!!!
susan mashevich 2020-07-11

Decent match-3 puzzle game slightly more centered on decor than some others (i.e, home and garden scapes). However, cost of decorations gradually increases while the amount of coins earned per game stays the same....which kind of defeats the purpose of a \"home design\" app. Also, very limited options for decorations, so if your looking for a creative outlet or a way to play around with interior design concepts, this is definitely not it.
Jesse S. 2020-07-14

I like the game. I\'d prefer another method to make money than the match 3, but I can live with it. What I don\'t like is the 20 million ads. I understand that the game is free and ads are needed but the fact that the ads I want to view for more moves or money won\'t load half the time while the pushed ads don\'t have problems. And also, the game just crashed while I still had about half an hour of unlimited life and when I loaded the game again the half hour of it was gone.
MJ Sta Ana 2020-07-26

I love this kind of app and I am happy that it is for free, however, I am having issues on the items. It was really expensive and yet once you play a match, the highest money earned was stucked only in $750 no matter how hard the level of the game was. Please do something about it. And also once you\'re trying to earn hearts again and click watch ad to get it, there are times that the ad won\'t play This game relieved my stress but it\'s a bit hard to finish one design because of it. Thanks!
CJ 2021-01-08

Alright first of all. I HATE the games where you have to play the match games or something. They need to make a game that doesnt require you to spend coins or play games, I want to be able to just design a house. Any product is open and you dont have to pay for pro or extra add ins to the game. Thank you for reading the whole time and not ignoring my thoughts. 😁
Sofia Östling 2020-06-27

Fun game, a bit too little coin gained from harder levels. Only give 2 stars cause I\'m stuck at Lvl 86 even though I\'ve completed the level several times now. I get no coins from completing the level and no more progress. When this started the game also gets stuck on loading screens, either when starting a new game (screen just gets painted all Purple and nothing more happens) or when restarting the game and I press the \"Play\"-button. I\'ve even tried restarting my phone, it doesn\'t resolve it.
Steffi 2020-07-10

Okay so I completed 2 rooms and was really enjoying the game ...but due to some reasons I couldn\'t login to fb... and when I did.. I came back to level 1 when it was above 30!! And the new room was not getting download and I find it absurd coz the first 2 rooms did without any network connection!!! And the character switches while the text quote happens... it\'s a really fun game!! But please fix the bugs :((
michelle quehl 2020-06-18

You need to fix what person pops up for what quote. Rachel is the man and his partner comes up as the house owner. That is fixable I\'m sure. Great game I\'ll give 5 when that can be fixed. The other issue is the option to gain 50% more income is only available once in a while not all the time. other than that its great
Bonnie Karrington 2020-08-26

Really enjoy design games But after several designs the game just says \" coming soon\". At the beginning of this game I rated it a 5 star but because of this issue I have removed 3 stars,, the makers of this app need to make sure there is Always a room to move forward to so the players can move forward. Personally I will save my money in the future when I see apps from this maker
Sam Green 2020-08-29

Made it past level 300 and decided to purchase the piggy bank. Big mistake. Ads wouldn\'t load so I could get the extra moves. Then past level 400, I couldn\'t even get to starting screen because it would never load. I cannot play anymore to finish spending the money I wasted. DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON THIS GAME!!