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Description of Home - Design & Décor Shopping

Get trending products at 50-80% OFF what you would pay at your local stores. Get the best deals on products for your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room and more directly on your phone. We go directly to the manufacturers to get you the best deals on stuff you want.

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lable: Shopping - Apps Current Version:4.47.6 Publish Date:2021-10-21 Developer:Wish Inc.

User Reviews


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Kenneth Melvin 2019-12-30

Was forced to install app to view item they advertised on Facebook. Once installed still could not find the item. Selected male items at set up but most of the items I was shown appeared to be oriented towards women. When I attempted to contact customer support I got runarounds loops and dead ends. The site is poorly designed and operates poorly. Don\'t download this app you will regret it if you do.
Terri Cook 2020-03-12

Some things will trick you if you don\'t pay attention! The pictures aren\'t always what you are trying to buy. Learned lesson Got a couple things that were nice. The rest not so sure. Half of thev time no instructions. No charger with Fitbit type thing. I have spent too much in shipping fees. Watch and pay attention and fully read everything what selling.
Dineen Sharpe 2019-12-05

I love this app. Everything I\'ve bought has been good value & good quality. I\'ve even got a few of my friends shopping here too. I like that you get things that you don\'t see on the high street and the low cost is a bonus. Delivery is usually between 8-12 days. What more can I say. I love love love shopping here.
Zeba Mallik 2019-05-22

This App is not a genuine online shopping app. The product you purchase here never reaches you and when u request for refund they don\'t refund money either. There customer support is good for nothing. I have report this app a fraudulent app to Google, this app will soon be taken down from play store.
Debbie S. 2019-01-31

the biggest thing I don\'t like what this app is that the shipping is wicked expensive, and I\'m not sure that it\'s really going to be worth it in the end. I\'m going to place this first order and pay for the shipping this time, but it\'s a product is cheap-looking I won\'t do it again. the shipping is almost as expensive as the merchandise itself. That shouldn\'t see how you run a business. discount merchandise should not be marked up buy astronomically priced shipping.
Tracey Roberts 2019-01-26

great app love shopping here. everything is great prices and good quality products. have ordered several things and received everything early. love this app. only issue I\'ve had is it\'s easy to make mistakes ordering too easy to order wrong things. But customer support made it easy to delete the items and refund my money!
Shyla Stuckey 2019-09-29

I really like this app! If something is broken or wrong size they will help rectify the situation in a timely manner! The quality is fairly decent Most is excellent but there is some that are not that great!! Just have to watch what ya buy,...but overall i love the itms and most of the time the quality
Audrey McDonald 2019-04-18

i was hesitant at first but went ahead and ordered a few things, more as an experiment lol but i can say now that wow I am impressed! i started recieving my items already and its only been a couple weeks lol i am not extravagent so the quality suits me perfect,but its not junk! super easy and impressively fast delivery coming from china to alberta canada! totally will be a regular cutomer now! i havent had to use customer service yet so cant say much in that area lol.
zainib ahmed 2019-10-30

The app does not load, and it is not a problem with my internet because everything else works fine. This app opens and then its keepsn loading and loading and I cant see pictures of anything. I feel like the app isn\'t compatible with my phone, and needs an upgrade
Belinda Travis 2019-12-31

So far, so good. Seems to have interesting items. Read the comments on the item before making your purchase. Item may be not exactly what your looking for. Sizes run a bit smaller. Shipping times and/or pricing, can be a bit tense at times. Especially when you select color and/or other options at the \"Buy\" button. However, with the sales, discounts, and promos, shipping & pricing can be forgiving. It says its a WISH app. Seems a bit more interesting then WISH, maybe cause its new, (to me). 😊