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Description of Home Design : Hawaii Life

Welcome to the Aloha State! Play Home Design: Hawaii Life and live the life of an interior designer and a real estate mogul. Help an endless stream of clients who rely on you to make their island living dreams come true. Solve fun match 3 puzzles to help design, customize, remodel, and decorate the perfect dream home with beautiful decor. Perform amazing home makeovers throughout the major Hawaiian islands for the families who took a leap to the island life. Transform their dreams into reality, your clients are waiting for you!

Meet your assistants, Luana and Mark, who will help throughout your interior designer career.

Reason to play Home Design: Hawaii Life

★ Remodel homes, fixer upper, villas, bungalows, mansions throughout the major Hawaiian islands, including Oahu, Hawaii, Maui, Lanai, Molokai, Kauai, Kahoolawe and Niihau according to your personal taste.

★ Meet intriguing clients who swap their busy lives in big cities to laid-back island life.

★ Design and renovate different rooms: Zen bathrooms, rustic kitchens, master bedrooms, backyards, luscious gardens, and luxurious tropical getaways.

★ Choose your own decor style. Farmhouse, modern, family-friendly or just for singles. You decide you choose.

★ Express yourself with an incredible variety of high-end designer furniture, lighting, flooring, DIY and other decor items.

★ Collect coins and rewards to build, renovate and decorate various room styles.

★ Experience tons of exciting match-3 levels with awesome blast boosters. More matching challenging means more fun!

Download and play Home Design: Hawaii Life now. Weekly updates are guaranteed.

Home Design: Hawaii Life is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. Enjoying Home Design: Hawaii Life? Learn more about the game!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PurpleCowStudios/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/purplecowstudio_cookapps/

App Permissions

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: required storage access permission to save game data

[Permission setting and withdrawal method]

- Android 6.0+: Device Settings> Application Management> Select App> Revoke Access

- Under Android 6.0: Can revoke access by deleting an application

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lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:1.2.73 Publish Date:2022-01-22 Developer:CookApps

User Reviews


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Ruby May 2020-06-30

I absolutely adore this game it is beyond far the best game i have ever played I love the idea of creativity behind it and i love to puzzles/challenges so this th best game for me . For me so far there has been no glitches or difficulties. For me it is a very therapeutic game i helps me relax . And when i am upset, angry i can play the game and makes me feel really happy and makes all the bad this like disapper. I am so glad i found this app . I 100% recommend it I love it.Hope you all enjoy :)x
Lauri Field 2020-07-02

Never enough moves and boosters in a game that you have to hit the pieces two or three times to knock it out. The game starts out fantastic. Then the levels become unachievable. I like a challenging game, but not a game that causes such anger. By the time you have exhausted all the coins and boosters, the game is over!!!! Uninstalling
Melissa Houck 2020-06-04

It feels like it\'s mainly mini game. You add something to the house and then have to make more money by playing a mini game that\'s basically Candy Crush. Add something, run out of money, play a mini game—repeat. Or you can buy the coins. And there\'s not much to the decorating. It\'s mostly choosing pre-designed sections of a house into a predetermined area.
Lori Lynn Miller 2020-07-29

I enjoyed this game, until recently. I bought coins to double my points after each round. It advertises \"double points\" for 10 coins. However 20 coins are removed from my account. I did not notice this until now... Which means I\'ve been ripped off for at least the last 4 purchases. I will no longer be buying coins, and I will follow up with whomever is answering emails.
Khaleesi 2020-06-07

So I was enjoying this game but it keeps freezing right as soon as I win an level! Right at the end. I have to force close, then go back in, and have to try the level all over again. And I had a booster streak, all the way to the top and then I had none because the silly game froze on me. It never freezes any other time but at the end of me beating a level. This is the 3rd time this has happened! Please fix immediately.
Ω b ø b ä Ω 2020-07-18

the game tries to trick you. You\'d play for a bit and after you hit level 26, the levels are pretty hard and takes you multiple tries to win, and they only give you like 24 moves And they try to make either you watch an ad for 3 more moves, spend a 100 gems for 5 more moves or you can buy coins and stuff. And it is expensive to fix up people\'s houses. A painting was like 800 coins!!! So basically, the games trys to trick you into buying coins and gems.
Ammar Alazzawi 2020-05-18

Very good game I love it. It has a lot of fun. Details and colors Everything is just good. There\'s nothing really bad about it. But the only thing I don\'t like in my opinion it would be the levels are way too hard. Some of the levels most of them are fun, but they\'re hard not too hard. Okay, please don\'t change anything. You guys are such amazing game makers keep up the good work.
Kali Hanes 2020-07-07

I love this game. Is so much fun there\'s not a lot of that but there\'s quite a bit. But this is the most fun that I\'ve had in my life JK. But it is pretty awesome I recommend this game I gave it a five-star because oh my gosh you don\'t even know how happy I am is also when I get older I might want to be in a home designer so let\'s go baby 2020 right. Just kidding but this is the best game I recommended so much and I think that you guys will have so much fun thank you let go.
Destiny Dymond 2020-06-10

It\'s the by far most calmest app I have used. The little mini games they give you in order to earn coins is so easy. The make the scenery look so nice. I just finished the pool area and it looks just like how some pool areas would look. I don\'t normally take the time to write a review for a game but for this one I had to. 5 stars!!!!
Arnetta Barnett 2020-04-06

I like the games you have play and are not so frustrating to pass to next level. I like to get to the stories and continue playing easy games that are not hard to get through. I`ve only played the first level and I really enjoyed it so far, I hope the other levels are the same. Keep making this a five star game. This first game I\'ve given five star. Keep up the good work and updating this game.