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Home Design : My Dream Garden

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Description of Home Design : My Dream Garden

Your dream garden is only a few taps away! Revive barren backyards, replace garish garden sets, and replant flattened flower beds. Design your garden any way you wish in this peaceful and relaxing match 3 home & garden makeover game.


🌱 Get in touch with your inner garden designer

With endless design combinations to mix and match, My Dream Garden lets you design the garden of your dreams right from the palm of your hand!

🌷 Relax with calming match 3 puzzle games

Enjoy simple but fun and original match 3 puzzle games designed to be fair and enjoyable for players of all skill levels - from kids to adults and everyone in between!

🌳 Discover amazing gardening ideas for your own home garden

Our skilled garden makeover designers have worked hard to bring you beautiful gardens for any trend: peaceful, rustic, modern, spacious, small, you name it. Whatever your garden style, you'll find a great idea or two in the designs of My Dream Garden!

🌹 Help unique clients with unique needs build their unique garden

As a garden design and makeover expert, various characters will depend on your help to rebuild and restore their gardens. Consider the unique needs of your clients and help them design their one of a kind dream garden!

Sit down and relax with simple and fun match 3 puzzle games, try your hand at various design styles, and discover beautiful gardening ideas for your own home garden. Choose from endless design combinations to create your ideal garden retreat!

There's nothing that can replace the calming feeling of tending to your own garden - the dirt under your nails, the sun on your forehead, and the smell of fresh-cut grass in the air. But in these cold winter months, being able to get your gardening fix from the comfort of your warm and cozy living room can be a dream come true.

Dream big and discover your inner designer in My Dream Garden today!

Note: My Dream Garden is currently in development. The team is constantly improving the game and adding new features based on your feedback.

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lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:1.30.4 Publish Date:2021-10-27 Developer:CookApps

User Reviews


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Helen Gardiner 2020-10-05

A pleasant game that let\'s me reimagine my own garden...close enough! The sounds are not irritating. They are more subdued than most, which is good. Game rules are what you\'d expect. The secondary character\'s dialogue should be reviewed. Just sayin. It is why I didn\'t give 5 stars. Its tone deaf. However, it\'s enough of a happy diversion that I\'m going to carry on for a bit.
Pammy Methi 2020-10-09

The graphics are nice and it\'s a good matching game if you don\'t count that sometimes the game required you to see ads. I used to like this game a lot until I reached level 250. The game becomes hard and harder as it requires playing serveral times to pass a single stage (mine is over 10 times per stage) and it starts to make me getting boared. This isn\'t my purpose for playing games cause I play games for fun and relaxing, not only to win or challenge, too sad but I\'m deleting the game...
liliya grinfeld 2020-08-28

I just start playing and I love it, played a bit more, it had a lot of freezing up, it would freeze up when you are getting your booster, and you will never get that booster after all, first game was so beautiful and joyful, without crazy levels that would take you forever to pass, then its got crazier and crazier, you can\'t even pass these levels with boosters. Even though the game storry and design is beautiful, but because of all these problems, I am uninstalling it.
Amanda Ramirez 2021-01-04

Disappointing. I love this game, the details the options, the weird story. But there are TOO. MANY. ADS. You can\'t even look at previous completed gardens without watching an ad. When you have limited time for bonuses you dont want to watch ads for 1-2 minutes (minimum) of a 10 minute bonus. They even play ads back to back. I would say at least half of the time spent on this game is watching ads.
Vie Wannee B 2020-09-28

Fun games...but the ads show up when we\'re finish the mini games without our agree or want to see it,,,,it\'s very disturbing....I think it\'s enough the ads from when we want to add the coins reward or more step etc,,,,which one is that our want it or agree with it....not just right now,,,ads show up without permission....if you can fix it,,,I will add my STAR for you teams....thx
Kitty Biscuits 2021-01-01

The fact that it\'s one of those games that offers you a prize if you watch an ad, you hit no and it makes you watch the ad anyway really takes away from the fun of the game. They do this pretty much every other level too, so...pretty sure I\'ll be uninstalling it sooner rather than later. Edit: Knocked it from 3 stars to 1 since the ads are even more of a problem than originally thought. Watched one for 2 extra moves to solve a level. Not only did I not get my moves, it cost a life & reset.
lizann1375 2020-12-02

Loved the game until you started putting all the \"please buy our rip off in app purchases\" icons on the right of the screen! So many of them I could go no further in the game. Because I couldn\'t click the last garden bed to finish the garden & unlock a new garden. Will be sure to never download a cookapps game again! Don\'t beg people to buy stuff & they will! Don\'t beg people to play your other games when you create a bad experience on this one, because they won\'t, I\'m sure not! Uninstalled!
Maria Thompson 2021-01-23

I love it. I\'m a 53 year old woman and disabled. And always dream of a gorgeous and beautiful flower bed and landscaped. I\'m not able to do it. But I can always play it on here. Like it is my yard. And I have gave y\'all a 5 star on here. This is so awesome to play. And I recommend anyone to this game. It\'s so fun. And you can choose anything you want when it comes to flowers and outdoor furniture. I just love it. Thank you for making this game just for me. Thank you and God bless.
Amandeep Singh 2020-12-07

The graphics are not impressive. On one hand it\'s mentioned in the details of the game that the park belongs to the player and on another hand it\'s mentioned that player will offer help as design expert. I do not play such games in which the player has to act as a worker. The game could have a different story in which the park would belong to the player and the player could hire the workers for renovation or the player could renovate by himself.
Bozena Mamus 2020-11-19

I love this game truly but just when I finished my 4th entry I got some notice of download I pressed it and it says that my internet is unstable but it\'s nonsens. I tried thousand times, including restarting my internet modem , restarting my phone and still the same. I\'m devastated if won\'t be able to play again. I really could relax playing this game. Did anyone have the same problem ever?