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Description of Home Design : Word Life

Solve crosswords to help design, customize and decorate the perfect dream home with beautiful decor. Play the best Home Design mobile word game with the most trending word puzzle mode. Become the best designer and architect by helping your clients transform dreams into reality with amazing virtual home makeovers. Expand your vocabulary and improve your spelling skills by playing Home Design: Word Life free word search word puzzle game.

Need to level up your word game and boost home decor skills?


Intelligently designed crossword game allows you to train your brain by connecting, searching the words and resolving anagrams.

Solve crossword puzzles and experience incredible brain challenging fun in the most addictive word search game


Remodel homes with luscious gardens, hobby farms, party villas, and seaside mansions according to your personal taste

Collect coins and rewards to build, renovate and decorate various room styles

Decor styles range from family-friendly living rooms, stylish Zen bathrooms, to chic bedrooms and luxurious tropical getaways


Interact with intriguing clients, including handsome millionaires, Hollywood celebrities and many more. Find out about each character's unique story in each new episode

Unlock new weekly episodes with tons of challenging levels and high-quality graphic designs that will boost your designer skills.

Ready to open yourself to the most creative interior exterior design styles and get inspired with fresh home decor ideas while solving crossword puzzles?

Then download Home Design: Word life addicting crossword puzzle gameplay with offline mode so you can play anywhere at any time. Weekly updates with high-quality graphic designs will boost your designer skills.

Additional information: Home Design: Word Life is a free crossword-style puzzle game with optional in-game purchases.

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lable: Word - Games Current Version:1.2.00 Publish Date:2021-09-06 Developer:CookApps

User Reviews


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Trinity Herold 2020-07-10

I didn\'t expect much when I downloaded the app because I have found so many home design games I really don\'t like. However I immediately fell in love with this game! I like the word games so much better than the games the other apps have you play. My only issue is I play the game so much I finished every available level and it has been 2 weeks since and still no update with more levels. PLEASE add more rooms to design!
felicia 2020-08-13

This is a nice alternative to match 3. My only complaint--in order to amass enough money to play the game, you NEED to watch an ad. It\'s clearly unfair when placing one lamp costs $1500 and you only receive $500 per word gameplay. By watching an ad you receive $250 more, however still not enough to place one design item. This means you have to play three to four word games to make one move.
Lana Turok 2020-07-18

The graphics are good but the control system is bad. For example, If I chose a white floor and on top of it I have a rug, and I changed my mind about the floor, there is no way I can choose the floor again. No matter how many times I try. It let\'s me pick the rug on top but not the floor. So no matter how beautiful your graphics, it\'s just not a comfortable game to play.
Cheryl Grant 2020-06-17

I am enjoying your game nice choices and the game play is fun too. Instead of those \"blast\" games, you still use your brain for the words. Hope you make a lot more! Thanks I need to add an error that is happening almost every game. When I go to get the 25 diamonds,sometimes they dont pay and I lose the money this is happening a lot .all of the sudden the game will not upload, do i need to delete it? Thank you for fixing the problem with the hints . This is my favorite game!!!!!
Linda Freier 2020-07-09

I first downloaded the game about a year ago. It was working fine until a few months ago when the letters stopped dropping down. It took a while but that problem was resolved. It was fine for a while after that, then about a month ago it started saying \"not connected to internet\" when i was connected. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, forcestopping, updating it, but the problem hasnt resolved. This is one of my favourite games and I\'d rate higher if the issues were fixed.
Gail Sinks 2020-12-19

Good so far except you can\'t go back and change some of the decor that you want to. UPDATE: Level 1620 puzzle words not loading on the screen but the category box shows up along with all the buttons on the right. UPDATE: Thank you for fixing my issue. I love this game!!!! UPDATE 12/18/2020 I have not been able to play this game since Wednesday. I\'m on level 1700 & when I click to play, keep getting the message \"CONNECTION LOST\" PLEASE CHECK YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION. My internet\'s fine. HELP!
Jaya Shrii Daguman 2020-08-15

Positive points are it\'s easy to progress in the game, there aren\'t any bugs or repetitive missions. Only got 4 stars \'cause there are a couple of in-level spelling mistakes that could cost you some gems. For example, \"Luttuce\" was correct for vegetables. And please increase the prizes once the decoration prices go up. On average you\'ll still get 500 even when the prices are already up to 1500. (Tip: find words within the words or words not required by the level for extra points)
Calista Pinette 2020-06-28

LOVE the game, but... Please fix the issue with the ads! I play a level, get 1250 points, choose to watch a video for 50% more, and the video freezes. I have to restart the game, and it makes me replay the level, except it won\'t accept any bonus words I found the first time. SO frustrating! I don\'t play for days at a time, come back and same issue - please fix!!
SuperNova 102 2020-08-28

There are a few things I would suggest to work on. As mentioned by another, upgrading prizes as decor prices increase would be nice. Maybe every 100 levels. It would avoid making the game too grindy while still giving player a challenge. Lastly, it would be nice to improve on the hit boxes for decor for the indecisive players. For example, if I ended up not liking the color or texture of the floor as it clashes or just doesn\'t go well with another decor. Otherwise, great game so far.
IDrawPeople andAnimals 2020-10-04

I had to come back and update that l finished this game and it was so much fun! I played over 700 games and got to redo over 30 scenarios. I wish there were more games like this out there! I was bummed there were no more scenarios to design. The word search challenges were much more fun than the connect three and create word games. Please update with more levels!!!