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Description of Home Pin: Pull Pin Loot Puzzle

You want to be the hero of your family? You want to build and protect your own family? What are you waiting for, play Home Pin - How to Loot now. An attractive puzzle game that you can’t ignore.

In Home Pin - How to Loot, you will play as Edward, the man who just moved into an abandoned house. Use your wisdom to help Edward defeat villains, save his wife, collect money and build the house. Only with your brain can you help him turn his abandoned house into the dream’s home of Edward's family.

Download and play now. Home Pin is a completely free family game. Pass levels and unlock new rooms in your house, every room is waiting for you to redecorate.

The gameplay is super simple but extremely attractive, you can play for hours without getting bored.

- Use your brain, pull the pin bars in the right order to defeat the bad guy, rescue Edward's wife, get money and home decoration items. Just one small mistake can make Edward and his wife lose their life.

- After some levels, you will unlock new items, new rooms in your house. Download the game and play now to discover those items.

- Use the money you earn to build your own villa.

Special Features:

- Unlimited number of levels

- Completely free, play anywhere, anytime

- Suitable for all ages

- High-end graphics, vivid sound

- Huge amount of items and skins

Home pin - How to Loot is the game leading the trend of family games. Download and play today to receive a free gift code.

Having problem ? Don't worry. Contact us via e-mail: help@gameestudio.com

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lable: Casual - Games Current Version:3.7.1 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:GAMEE

User Reviews


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McKenzie Bate 2020-12-29

This game is amazing! It has a lot of ads, however, all of them are optional on whether you want to exit out or not. Home Pin doesn\'t drain your battery as much as other games do. Get ready for easy/hard levels that will have you playing a fun game for hours!!! Edit: Although the game-play is the same, some of the costumes and names for characters in description pictures aren\'t actually there.
Dream ASMR 2020-12-17

Fun, it is what the title says. Really like the music. I wish there were more than 40 difficult levels, though. However, he gets stuck at level 578 at normal mode. There\'s been a similar level earlier in the game, and he got cracking at that safe as soon as it fell down in front of him. But here, he just stands and scratches his head with the safe right by his feet and the lava confined at a safe distance. If the lava hits him or the safe, he reacts. You might wanna take a look at that.
Greg Hohimer 2020-12-22

I love the game, however! Every once in a while you play the level correctly and the sate falls right in from of you, but you can\'t get the man to move forward to open the safe or collect the money or even safe the wife. I don\'t want to skip but you can only play the level so many times before you need to stop n get off the game. Any ideas, Any help you can offer, PLEASE??
Tara C. 2021-01-05

This has the potential to be a really awesome brain teaser game but after a certain amount of levels I feel the creators got lazy with them and gave up or ran out of ideas. Granted I\'m on the 700s now but there was literally a level where I pulled one pin to let him get the gold. Come on! There is easy and then there is just lazy. I really enjoyed the hard mode levels but there were only 40 of them. I\'ll gladly give this more stars if you can add some more depth to this.
Cora Curlew 2021-01-02

Super easy mindless game that you will keep playing in hopes that the levels get harder. Almost 300 levels in and I keep going on hoping it will get challenging....so far it has not, but I keep playing. I am also building a town, yet I am not sure how it ties into the game. I appreciate that the ads are not obnoxious and the funny skins for the main character though.
Mary Pearson 2021-02-11

This game is a great time-killer...very easy but enjoyable. No time limits, no having to wait for more lives, and only thing to buy with real money is to play ad-free. There are a lot of ads, but they are all very short (5 seconds or less!) and it\'s the only way they make money. The support is best I\'ve seen in a free game. They work non-stop getting any bugs out that might occur and they communicate very well on their FB page about any problems.
Rachel Luker 2021-01-27

It was fun for a while, but it bugged out every few levels and took forever to reload the game again and again. It was a good way to waste time during my break, but started repeating levels and I eventually got tired of it. The good feature was that if a level was too hard, you could watch an ad to skip instead of just being stuck. I wish some other games would do that.
Chris M 2021-02-26

Almost 500 levels in and it\'s the same stuff you saw early in the game. I\'ve never had to skip a level, and only 2 levels took more than 1 try. Now I\'m on level 495, and I\'ve defeated both enemies and collected the gold, but the level will not complete no matter what I do. There have been a handful of levels that were bugged like this, but the others ended up completing after I beat them a few times. This one I\'ve beat probably 50 times and it won\'t progress. Easy, repetitive, and broken.
Emma Ratcliffe 2021-01-19

Cute game, but all the levels are VERY easy. Even at level 200 it is very easy and not challenging at all. Very repetitive - rescue your wife, take down the enemies or get the furniture items, same enemies and challenges over and over. It\'s a good idea, but the game needs some progression to be more challenging, gets boring very quickly
Mela Beth 2021-01-19

Wow. Just wow! I am on level 315 and I just can\'t get enough. Tried another \"pull the pin\", okay, but this is SO much better. Ads are just 5 seconds but not often. Makes me chuckle. Play this, it won\'t disappoint. Update-on level 920 and just love it! Would give more than 5 stars if it would allow. Tip-it glitches sometimes but not a problem once you know. If you are sure you\'ve done it correctly but it doesn\'t work, just do it again. Level 171 is a bugger - about 10 times till it worked.