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Description of Home Street—Dream House Design

Enjoy life sim or home design games? Want to build, design or redecor a house?

Home Street is a beautiful House Design and real life sim house game with 1000s of redecor choices. You can build your dream home - redecor or begin a complete renovation!

Design your dream sim in this fun house game! Play with players from all over the world. Invite them over to show off your home renovation or design ideas!

You can play fun stories with characters in Home Street and compete with players around the world in neighborhoods. Win to earn coins so you can design and decorate in amazing house games!


✓ Design your dream home, redecor your house or complete a full renovation!

✓ Build your home and decorate to reflect your personal style.

✓ Unlock epic decor - design an amazing garden & kitchen!


✓ Home Street is like no other house games! Create and customize your sim character!

✓ Design your character with different face shapes, eye color, hairstyles, makeup, body shapes, and more

✓ Designer clothes will help you perfect your style and create multiple outfits. So many different choices!


✓ In your dream home, there’s always someone ready to lend a hand!

✓ Choose the community you like most in your virtual world and play with your new neighbors

✓ Invite friends over and show off your amazing home decor and house design choices


✓ Build a home with tons of Neighborhoods to join so you can chat with friends in real-time (Level 10)

✓ Join events with new and exciting themed home design decorations and outfit choices!

✓ Experience a life sims house game like never before and help your friends house flip and design homes

Ready for a home design game and renovation? Download Home Street and design homes today!

NOTE: Home Street is a sims house game that is free to download. However, purchases can be made in the game for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device settings, and enjoy your free house game. A network connection is required to play, make choices and decorate house.


Our friendly design games team is ready to help you build a house and design homes! You can reach them about your house sim at support@supersolid.com


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lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:0.37.11 Publish Date:2021-11-05 Developer:Supersolid

User Reviews


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A Google user 2019-03-27

WOW!! This game is totally amazing 😍😍 I have been playing everyday since July 2018, and I\'m addicted. Its not like most games where you have to spend cash to get anywhere, you can earn plenty of vouchers and gems to get pretty much anything you want. However, you can choose to spend real money to either get you farther in the game, or buy some pretty cool limited time stuff. I have spent real money, because I love the offers and I want to support Supersolid, so they can keep making HS Gr8 🤗🤗
Helen Branton 2019-05-29

super solid = super expensive! Honestly, if you are considering downloading this game, dont bother! the game itself is fun, unfortunately it is clearly a very expensive game for Super Solid to run and maintain as the price of in-app purchases are extortionate. The latest update has brought items that would cost in excess of £50 to buy in order to \"design your dream home\". It\'s a rip off and really not worth it. Updates are monthly too. Save your money and download a different game 😘
Chris P 2019-08-02

Been playing this for almost 2 years and I used to really enjoy it...but now...its about time to quit. They have made the competitions no fun with the amount of tokens needed for upgrading and for the very little reward you get from playing the game. They say they listen to feedback but then just keep making it worse. The developers do not appreciate their customers and treat us like we\'re stupid. Time to move on. 😞
CountryMudGirl #CMG 2020-03-20

So far I have to say this game is great. I am enjoying it very much. The only thing I would like is for the chat experience to be where we could chat with others however we would like as in type in our own personal chats. I do not like the fact the only way to communicate is through game picked short messages. This would be the best game in playstore if you could make it to where we could chat with others. Then it would definitly be a 5 star game. Thanks!
Emma Hope 2019-12-02

Been playing now for 2 months, no glitching no annoying pop ups, just great love it, you can play all day long or just for an hour a day it doesnt matter, a nice relaxing game, that you can sink into, like any other game you an throw real money at it, but you really dont have to, the game works well without having to constantly use real cash, well done great game
Marian Allen 2019-02-27

I would give it 5 stars, but I can\'t always place or move objects and decorations. When I try to add a room, hitting confirm moves the room! small complaints, on the whole. THIS GAME IS GREAT!
DelCarmen Plaza 2020-06-25

I love this game , the way that you can interactive with others players is unique and fantastic , I recommend a lot this game you\'ll never get boring , be part of this good Game and design your dream house , and share with real neighbours !! You gonna adore the game like me \\^^/ Definitely in my personal opinion this is one of the best game that I\'ve ever played in my whole life.
iiKàth_ Jez_ 2019-06-08

I love this game it\'s so addictive and fun to play I just reached like level 4 I think and i already have a lot of coins so far, there\'s only one thing i want to ask for, can you add more of like men\'s pants cause there are tons of woman\'s pants and it doesn\'t look good on men, only the shorts look good, so I suggest you add more of men\'s pants that\'s all what I\'m asking for, your game is great keep up the great work 😊
Lilah Bamberg 2020-07-23

I love it! It\'s really fun and so adicting. The other day I played it from 7:30 a.m. to alomost 11 a.m.! It\'s cool how you can create yur own style and name and house and stuff. Some things I would change: 1. You can\'t change the eyebrows, and they look kind of weird 2. The market place opens at level 8, and before that you have to do quests to open half of it 3. You have to wait until level 10 to join or start a neighborhood But other than that it\'s great and you should get it! -A 9-12 y/o
Joneesha Hinds 2020-12-21

Hi I really love this game so much but I still think that this game can improve so much more so can you improve the game by letting the users be able to actually be in the house and move about with our character like the game sims? I think that that would improve the game