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Description of Homecraft - Home Design Game

Ever wanted to know what it feels like to run your own interior design studio? Now you can with TapBlaze’s newest home design game, Homecraft! Do your best to satisfy your client's design request while staying true to your interior decorator intuition. Become the master homecrafter of your neighborhood... your city... your country ... your world!

Solve match 3 puzzle levels and unlock hundreds of new decor items to help your clients create their dream home design! The final makeover is entirely up to you! Over 45 design project makeovers to challenge and inspire your creativity!


🔥 1000s of different home decor items

🔥 Home design 🛏 simulation with match 3 puzzle challenges

🔥 Unique homes 🏡 and clients

🔥 Stylish furniture 🚪🛋 and home decoration 🖼 accessories

🔥 Unlock rewards as you polish your home design skills as an interior decorator

🔥 Cute story and relaxing gameplay

Take on the decoration assignment! Earn coins from the match puzzles to customize the your clients' rooms with a variety of furniture and decorations. Use your own design style to make their dream home a reality.

Download and start homecrafting now!

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More Information Of Homecraft - Home Design Game

lable: Casual - Games Current Version:1.26.2 Publish Date:2021-09-07 Developer:TapBlaze

User Reviews


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Samuel Samuel Ogunloye 2020-01-11

I can proudly say that this is the best home decor game i have ever played, the decor are top notch, there are lovelier rooms than the ones been shown in the advert, additional it easy to play, i have played over 910 levels and it not expensive. Please give more rooms to play, it getting more fascinating. This is my loveliest decor game 💗💗💗. Thanks the missing decor now appears
lindokuhle jobela 2020-04-11

Its only been two days playing the game and I\'m enjoying it, I like the fact that you get rewarded with purple gems when you done with a project. I just hope it won\'t be giving me problems along the way and not reward me... Oooow another thing there are no adverts and I love kove that 😊
Helen Washington 2020-04-15

I don\'t understand why you give me extra challenges when it\'s to damn hard to make it through the regular challenges, I\'ve been stuck on one level for 2 weeks and and still can\'t get through, it shouldn\'t take this long, and I\'m done spending money, your game suck, suck, suck!!!!!!
Bonnie Mckinnon 2020-03-26

I really liked this game & had reached level 1044! I have been on this level for almost 2 weeks & am not sure if it is a glitch in the game, or just me, but, am convinced that it is an UNPASSABLE level. I am so mad that I\'ve gotten this far & now I have no choice but to uninstall this game. It really sucks!!
D Speicher 2021-02-07

This is a good game...no ads. However, the more rooms completed, the higher cost for each item and you don\'t get any more coins for winning game on level 900 than you do on game 1. I would think that the higher the level, the more you would win. It\'s crazy that you have to beat 5 levels to get just one item in your rooms. Almost 3000 coins for 1 item. Give more coins for higher levels.
Shanitha Hollins 2020-03-26

I just started playing this game this week. Very addicting especially while we\'re all on lockdown due to this virus. I had a couple of issues and they were quickly responed to and the rep Anthony stayed with me and walked me through each step until all problems were resolved! Great game and great customer service!
Kate Tannehill 2020-08-19

I wanted a design game, not a game where I have to play 10-20 match games before I can even buy one item. You get very limited lives, the levels get harder than they should, and most of the time I run out of lives without even being able to do anything. Waste of time. I\'m only on Room 5, and level 128 of the mini game. That\'s absurd.
Mama Troy and The Gang 2020-04-23

This is a fun game with beautiful graphics but you do not get enough coins fast enough to decorate. You have to pass 3 levels to change one stupid thing. I personally have got bored with it because it takes to long to get any real renovating done.
Sabrina Lowe 2020-05-30

To buy stuff with coins, you must earn them in the match 3 area. You spend so much time doing that b/c everything is so expensive, that I forgot I was playing an actual design game. Had I known it had the matching part before I installed, I wouldn\'t have wasted my time. Will definitely be reading all game descriptions from here on out.
Mary Jane Abalos 2020-03-27

I think this game is more focus on playing a puzzle instead of decorating home. You have to play hard to get more coins for you to able to buy materials. Materials are expensive. Doesn\'t have unlimited life like an hour to enjoy the game unlike the other games.