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Description of Homesteads: Dream Farm

Become the owner of the town in the game Homesteads!

Create an ideal place to live in the Wild West! Plant and harvest, take care of animals and produce the materials you need for farming. Sell and exchange goods to develop your town. Build houses, factories and other structures to increase the comfort of residents.

Don't forget about the comfort of the town - use an incredible variety of decorations to create your dream city. Invite friends and help your new neighbors. Exchange gifts and take part in exciting adventures together. Exciting quests and stories from the Wild West are waiting for you!

Homesteads features:

— Interact with unique game mechanics: catch criminals in the town, don't let them spread panic among townspeople. Try your luck in the Saloon. Open mines and quarries. Send ships for unique overseas delicacies.

— Unlimited space for design solutions: create a metropolis in the Wild West, decorate the city at your discretion and make it unique. 

— Meet friendly characters with a unique story of life. They will help you navigate the game and provide their services for the production of goods. 

— Playing together is more fun - invite friends, help your neighbors and exchange gifts.

Homesteads is a game with unique mechanics, graphics and characters. You will meet new friends and take part in exciting adventures in the vast expanses of the Wild West!

Hurry up to download the game! Try on a cowboy hat and bring order to the town!


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lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:30000561 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Enixan Limited

User Reviews


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Judy Sakata 2020-10-26

I don\'t give 5 stars because this game still have room to improve and get better. I play a lot Farm game, this one idea is similar the others but I like this one better. I don\'t mind to wait on production time, but if they can let us to earn coin faster and not level up too fast, that will be great. I have few things are ready to unlock but not enough coins to buy which I am stuck now. Get improve the coin earnings and will give 5 stars. Great game to play, not stressful, better than others.
David Mcrobert 2021-03-06

I still love this game but I\'m dropping a star because it\'s so difficult to get glass for buildings I\'m getting a little annoyed. I have 6 buildings that have been waiting on glass for over a month. It\'s very frustrating. The wagons have not brought any in the last 4 trips.
Connie 2020-12-27

Excellent Game Play from the very start! Homesteads is easy to get into. It has a ton of features (crafting items, farming, selling) that translate easily into leveling up and improving your town. This can be a \"keep busy\" type of game OR simply relaxing, as you can play at your preferred pace. This game will hook you for the long haul.
Cindy Lee 2020-10-15

I\'ve probably played every farm game here. 99% got deleted. Homestead is everything I look for in a farm game. I\'m level 11 and really enjoying it! Nice graphics, wonderful ambient sounds. You start out with a variety of decorations already! Attainable quests. Reasonable prices for buildings. Land expansions are very cheap (thank you!). The stagecoach & boat bring you the parts you need to upgrade! And I see lots of extra land all around, so I\'m looking forward to what comes next!
Jill Hickman 2021-02-10

Could be fun if.... This game could be so much fun if it didn\'t take an hour to make each item. Then you need to make buildings but you never have enough materials for them so I have 5 unfinished buildings just sitting there waiting and never enough people in town to build more because not enough materials, Stupid! Never enough dollars to upgrade either. Too much time waiting not enough time playing.
Shawn Coppock 2021-03-12

An aesthetically pleasing piece of eye candy with a different take on farming and city building. However, if you like fast pace, this isn\'t for you. Its slothful unbalanced pace creates a sense of redundancy. There are glitches that need attention that were not addressed in the last update, such as land that has dead zones that cannot be built on. Support\'s email response was that they\'re aware of the problem, yet they roll out new features and updates while ignoring this months long glitch.
Carolyn Porter 2020-10-02

I don\'t just like this game, I love it. This game is well put together. There is always something to do. Buildings are not too expensive but can be challenging to get coins. The graphics are great and I even enjoy the game music while I play. If you like farm, cooking and building games then you may enjoy this game as much as I do. Thank you to the developers for creating and sharing this game experience with me/us. God bless and stay safe.
Carrie Pelton 2020-10-29

Before the update I loved this game. Able to play at my leisure, no rush, great game! Now after the update it is full of glitches! Really annoying!!!! My game will stop in the middle of receiving rewards and I have to exit the game ( by which I mean completely turn my phone off) because the screen is \"twitching\". I wish I would have never updated the game!!!! Before the update I would have given 4 stars.
Deran Davis 2021-02-17

It\'s a fun western style town building game but the events go unchecked. The cheaters get away with ruining the challenges. No way to win the in-game events unless you cheat in the game. I worked hard for 2000 points in recent event but \"Lucas Farm\" had over 10,000 points ... impossible unless you cheat. Later ... I\'m done! I\'m not going to make another horseshoe! Ore is too scarce to continue playing the game.
Brittanny Lee 2020-10-28

I love this game. But please ether shorten the caravan time or have a thing to do to make it shorter. Only been playing 2 days and it\'s already up too 4 hours to come back and it\'s till going to increase. Those materials are increasing rapidly in the amount to. So as it\'s going I will be making no progress soon. Please fix. It\'s a fantastic game.