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Description of Homestyler - 3D Design Tool

Do you have a dream home? Do you want to make them come true? Play Homestyler today, express your creativity and improve your design skills. Among all the interior design apps and games, Homestyler is the only free home design game and help you achieve your dream of being an interior designer.

Here, you can work on several home renovation projects, design home, have fun while gaining inspiration from a vibrant creative community and apply your new ideas in your real life. Homestyler will allow you to live the life of an interior decorator AND explore different kinds of houses. If you like home decor and want to have your own special space, you will love Homestyler.

With new pieces added every week, Homestyler literally puts the best home decor directly at your fingertips. You will be able to experience home decorating in a very easy, relaxing and fun way. Please join us and give your house a new makeover!

Create Your Home Project

• Create your own do-it-yourself (DIY) design projects. Save them and share them with friends, family members and home professionals.

• Remodel your room by taking a photo and using our furniture to make your ideal room.

• Build your interior design profile. Get likes, comments and followers.

• Take a photo of your room, upload it from your Camera Roll or use one of the many templates we provide.

• Scale our three dimensional (3D) furniture and check how they fit your floor plan.

• Design with thousands of home furniture, art accessories, decorations and lighting fixtures from your favorite furniture stores: IKEA, Target, Crate & Barrel, Pier 1, and more.

• Recreate the design concepts and ideas you see on Pinterest, Houzz , West Elm and Instagram.

• Easily design home on you own and publish your designs.

• Become a planner to design drawings for the real house.

• Share your virtual dream home and interior decorating ideas on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Houzz, Twitter, West Elm and other social media profiles.

Get New Home Design Ideas

• Check the latest interior design trends, learn about all the different home decor styles and get useful tips from our home design community.

• Get inspiration by looking at designs in our community. We feature the latest home decor trends and thousands of home interiors and exteriors every day.

• Discuss home design and renovation trends, get feedback from the Homestyler community on your latest projects and ideas.

• Browse inspirations to design your house and ask for decorating advice in our home design community.

• Discuss your design ideas with your HomeStyler friends to assure they fit your style.

•Try different decoration styles when designing home.

Search and View Products for Your Home

• Virtually decorating your room with any kind of 3D products and materials, including: sofas, cabinets, tables, beds, tiles, chairs, shelf and more.

• Want to see what wardrobe would look best in your bedroom? With our Augmented Reality (AR) technology you can visualize our products reproduced your space and get new makeover ideas for your room designs.

Find home decorating experts and enthusiasts like you.

• Get in touch with more than 100k home improvement professionals, designers, interior decorators and interior design lovers.

• Join our free interior design contests every week. Relax and have fun, while you live your dream of being an interior decorator.

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lable: House & Home - Apps Current Version:5.1.0 Publish Date:2021-11-22 Developer:Topping Homestyler (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd

User Reviews


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Diana B. Taneska 2019-08-18

I love this app !!! It runs perfectly. Big choice of items , fun contests , and most important of all it\'s not like the other interior design apps that will ask for your cash after 5min of playing. Everything is for FREE, and gets better with every update! Recommanding it to all Interrior design freaks. Once you download Homestyler you will delete all other design apps. Great job Homestyler
Charlotte Stevenson 2020-03-25

I liked the app not a lot of adds which is nice. There are a few issues im having with it though, 1) it wont let me use preset rooms, maybe a bug? Please fix it as soon as possible 2) not enough items to choose from, so it makes it hard to personalize the rooms 3) (as far as i know) you cant change the texture or color of furniture Other than that i really like this app. It is smooth and easy to scale rooms.
The shadow fox 2019-12-19

Literally do not understand how I lived without this app. Everyone is super friendly. Great competitions to enter and spoilt for choice with items and rooms. If I could give 10 stars I would. Only thing I would say I wish their was an option to save a project your working on and then go back to it later without it being automatically published.
Kimberly Ortuno 2020-05-14

App works well. I used it to stage my home for pictures. The pictures don\'t look too fake. There are a great selection of art, plants, etc. The only annoying thing is that different sections(bedroom, kitchen, etc) have diffefent \"accessories.\" So i wouldn\'t know something was there until I accidently found it while browsing for something else. The room sizing tool was a pain to use about 1/3 of rhe time. But overall awesome app
Nazmeen Shaik 2020-04-11

Editing after 4 months. Still same. This was a very good game until the flooring & walpapers stopped working. Also it won\'t let me add my desired furniture items . Says something went wrong or design has too many things in it. I will place however many things I please. Your job is to load them. Not give excuses. Ok fine with that. But what \'bout flooring. They don\'t work? It has a glitch. A baaad one. Also it would\'ve been perfect if you could put in a walk around mode for the room .
mangopy 2020-05-07

Update: I give up! After editing for hours the app lost all of the design in the room! I didn\'t do anything wrong for it to delete it d*mn. Cons: It\'s hard to manually look up designs when their names isn\'t correctly tagged. Some designs just lit up like a light. No other color at all. After leaving the app on standby the design of the room just restarts after going back. Limited rooms. Pros: No cash needed. Design all you want. Many many rooms to choose from.
DONNA A 2020-09-01

I Really like the concept of this design app, however it has way too many glitches. My designs are getting more difficult to post, items are not loading properly, there are no distinguishing features on certain pieces like wall art and, many items are just white. When posting a completed design, app will crash and not save anything so, needless to say I have to start over which is very very frustrating. If all glitches were properly addressed and fixed this would be a five star app. Please fix!
Annabel Lewis 2020-07-30

From my personal experience, this app is pretty amazing! I love the fact that i dont have to do anything to purchase the items and all it takes is one click! I hate when I am trying to interior design on a different app and it makes me do a WORD SEARCH!!! (I am pretty sure real interior designers dont do word searches to get furniture!) Luckily this app does NONE of that. You can design any room with anything all the time! Would definitely get this FREE!!! app to keep yourself busy in COVID- 19.
Tosha Hensley 2020-07-20

Finally an interior decorating and design gane/app that you don\'t have to purchase furniture or decor. I\'m addicted! Moving and placing the items can be a challenge at times but with all of the amazing choices in furniture and decor, I will take it! If you love games/apps like Design Home then this app will be your pot of gold because it\'s so much better! Love it!
kyle parizot 2020-01-12

If I could give no stars let me tell you - I would. I have tried playing this for the past hour at least and there has been multiple issues. This is NOT user friendly.. there is no way for you to look up what paint colors you used if you need to go back, it closed on me and deleted everything TWICE, it\'s very click sensitive I was so frustrated by this app. I really gave it a good try and it just sucks plain and simple.