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Homie, the new-way real estate brokerage, is the future of home buying and selling. Homie’s app provides automated, easy-to-navigate technology so you can handle much of the work yourself, yet also receive assistance from licensed real estate agents and experts throughout the process. Use the Homie app to list, price, market and negotiate your home sale. If you’re buying, you can use the app to tour homes, create stronger offers, negotiate with sellers, and close without a hitch.

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lable: House & Home - Apps Current Version:3.6.0 Publish Date:2022-06-04 Developer:Homie, Inc

User Reviews


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Seth Baird 2020-10-15

Can\'t run it for over 20 seconds before it fails.
Elisa Stephenson 2020-10-03

The app is totally useless on my phone. It crashes when your try to do anything. I have a Samsung S10. It also does the same thing for by husband who has a Nexus. Please fix your app
Jacob Wells 2019-03-06

The searching function is awful. I keep setting my price range and it will only show me multi million dollar houses. I say no HOA and get nothing but HOA. What a poor app for a company that spends so much on advertising. Also scrolling though pictures was really annoying I would like to scroll through all of the pictures not 5 of them and ask to continue looking. What a joke...
Ty Shiffler 2019-08-11

I haven\'t actually bought a house through homie, but the app functionality is great! User Friendly and easy to find what I want.
Amanda Nichols 2019-03-15

Half the time the search functions don\'t work or the map won\'t load an area. I\'ve tried restarting my phone, clearing the cache and changing my search parameters... This is my 4th time uninstalling and reinstalling in 3 months. That doesn\'t seem to fix the problem immediately...
Anne Ashworth 2017-04-18

While I love the idea of \"taking out the middle man\" this app leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to refining your search results. I am curious how much research they put into similar apps before launching. The options for narrowing your search results are extremely limited. This means that I\'m wasting my time scrolling past homes that don\'t fit my criteria. While their limited number of sellers at the moment may appear to make this less of an issue, potential users of the app (such as myself) will be immediately turned off by this failure to provide a search which mirrors the industry standards. Ways to improve the buyers experience: - Allow people to manually enter their budget (don\'t jump between 100k.) - Allow people to specify what type of property they are interested in purchasing (single family, multi family, condo, etc.) - Allow people to sort by the age of the listing - Allow people to specify lot size - Allow people to enter a key word Best of luck in this new endeavor. This app wasn\'t helpful in our current home search, but hopefully it will be in our next one.
Joel Hopper 2020-07-12

App = 3 stars Company = 0 stars The app works alright. A little janky and non- responsive, especially compared to other apps like Redfin and Zillow. Missing some pretty important features. The business on the other hand is just awful. We probably spent about 5k more just buying through them with their buying fee and lies about covering appraisal costs etc. They lied to us about the interest rate through Homie Loans (.7% higher than average). Too many other problems to list here.
A Google user 2018-04-23

Looks to me like all realtors got together and decided to write negative reviews because Homie is hurting their bottom line. I am NOT a realtor and I am NOT in any way associated with Homie, but I\'ve seen their business model and it is WAY better than traditional way of selling a home. Will use them when I decide to sell
Joe Champi 2020-06-23

Crooks. If you are looking for dishonest, greedy, excuse making, deal withholding, data sharing crooks, this is the app for you! Avoid +
Jenny Harris 2020-04-24

The app is so convenient! It doesn\'t show ALL the homes in an area, but it\'s pretty darn close. Love working with our Homie agents.