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Description of Hootsuite Amplify

Use Hootsuite Amplify to find—and share—news, interesting articles, and other engaging content about your organization with your social networks from one simple app. With news hand-picked and approved for you, Hootsuite Amplify makes it easy to share valuable content that your network will love.

Join a community that helps you:

• Keep up with what's going on in your organization

• Discover and share valuable, relevant news across all your social networks

• Connect with peers and build your social presence

Hootsuite Amplify is only accessible to users who are part of an organization who have signed up. Interested in using Hootsuite Amplify with your organization? Learn more at hootsuite.com/amplify or tweet us @hootsuite.

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More Information Of Hootsuite Amplify

lable: Business - Apps Current Version:9.1.5 Publish Date:2022-02-12 Developer:Hootsuite

User Reviews


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A Google user 2018-10-13

There is a learning curve to how the topics are shared. The descriptions are very basic. One cannot share it to a page or group on Facebook just the main feed which I don\'t want to do. That is separate from my essential oil page. You cannot copy and paste it so you can use a different page. Not sure I like this app yet.
J 2019-10-19

amplify on ap start says I\'m logged into hootsuite, and it asked me if I would like to continue with that login, once I hit the continue button, it goes to the next page and says it doesnt recognize my email address, and there is no way around it, please fix the bug amplify 10/18/19
Jesse Grimmer 2019-09-26

Bought this app, but it doesn\'t recognize my email. There is nowhere on this app to get help.
Ze Ro 2016-04-06

Won\'t let me sign up as new user No point in this app at all
Luke Glass 2016-02-08

Not sure why, but apparently I am not eligible to use this? If I can use this I will look at changing the rating.
Tony Duncan 2018-02-10

Won\'t open they don\'t recognize my email...
BIMAP Barbados 2018-03-29

Not allowing a log in. Can\'t recognize email address.
Utsav M 2016-08-16

Stuck on sign-in window Says I have hootsuite installed and asks if I would want to sign in using same credentials. It does not move any further.
Emmanuel Lumumba 2016-08-04

Doesn\'t work Wont let me sign in. Don\'t bother
Brandie Sanders 2017-06-24

I try to use it for my Instagram and it says I have to put in my caption but won\'t let me open in Instagram. I can\'t and haven\'t been able to post even though it is connected!