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Description of Hoppenhelm

Sir Hoppenhelm is lost down in the dungeon of his castle Dunkelburg and must jump, block and slash his way back to safety before the rising lava gets him. Collect coins to unlock allies with different abilities or expand your armory with new neat weapons.

Hoppenhelm is:

• Arcade platform action

• One handed controls

• Randomly generated levels with progression

• Challenging gameplay

• Unlockable characters and weapons

• Leaderboards

• Fancy sprites and juicy animations

• Bouncy chiptune soundtrack

• In-app purchase to remove ads

• Made with love :D

Thank you for playing <3

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More Information Of Hoppenhelm

lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:1.0.36 Publish Date:2022-06-05 Developer:BUN GUN

User Reviews


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pedro-eh Lamaar 2018-06-22

it was more challenging than i thought. i didn\'t like the music and I\'m guessing this is more of a grinding game in that case it should have a story but if it\'s more of a high score game then five stars
taggerung 2019-06-13

From the outset, this game may look unique, but trust me, its just another infinite runner type game. It feels like it should be good, but its not. The only solution to ramping up difficulty is just adding more health to enemies, which becomes ridiculous after a while. Also, there are unlockables where you spend coins you get from playing, except that you can watch a 30 second ad to get 50 coins, which is FASTER THAN ACTUALLY PLAYING THE GAME. Just pass on this game, its not good.
Cheyenne Adams 2018-06-24

This game is amazing!! I enjoy how fast paced the game is and how overall enjoyable the game is!!! -Abyss uwu
Dank MemeRino 2018-06-22

I think this game is great. I like the overall style if the game and I love the music. I do wish they had a way for you to listen to the music it is very relaxing. Overall this game is enjoyable and I can see myself spending couldn\'t less hours playing this game :)
A. Eprahs 2018-06-25

Wonderful! I understand the whole \"hopping\" thing was kinda the point. But I wish I had a little more control over the direction I hoped as opposed to just hopping a straight line. Other than that, it\'s wonderful! The soundtrack honestly filled me with Banjo Kazooie nostalgia.
Mr. Hornblower 2020-10-21

Truly amazing. Extremely entertaining, simple to understand, works offline and doesn\'t feel like a grind or that the game punishes you for playing (much like other games that have a \"life\" system) and the developers have some really good practices when it comes to ads. 10/10.
friendzoned guy 2017-12-21

Tobias ornberg, please make more enemies, characters, and weapon perks on each one of them if you can. It\'s all the same abilities on those weapons, you can do better than that😉. Anyways, will wait for the next update. I hope you are working on it 😊 best of luck
Biggie Boy 2018-06-23

Love the fact that there are only 3 controls and all the gameplay features and so addictive,although I suggest a pause button,I like to wait with out the stress of lava rising under me
Emanuel Sotomayor 2020-11-20

Great game! Everything about it is awesome and I would have given 5 stars except sadly a lot of times the buttons can be unresponsive unless you\'re hitting them right in the middle and even then sometimes they can be hit or miss. Sucks to have a really good long run and timing everything right to then lose just because the buttons didn\'t register my touch correctly. If this can get fixed I\'ll update my review to 5 stars as this has been a very entertaining game for me.
RKsTORM 2018-06-29

Fun but buggy. I found a way to buy all the expensive weapon - select the weapon you don\'t own, turn on the adds, wait for the add to finish, collect the 50 gold and close the game. Open it again and press play directly. You will see that you play with your last used weapon but its skills are of the one you don\'t own. Die and then go to the shop. You wil see that the expensive weapon now costs 0 gold.Buy it :)