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Horde Defense APK

Horde Defense

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Description of Horde Defense

Horde TD: The best strategy/arcade castle/tower hero defense ever!

Commander, our clan is in great danger which we've never faced! You must face the forces of Darkness and stop the Fire Lord before he acts on his terrible schemes! Build your defense and stop them now!

Powerful Towers:

8 special tower skills! Multishot, Revive, Missiles...

Fantastic Props:

There are 4 fantastic props for you. They can be good options no matter you want to destroy all enemies or just heal yourself.

Merciless boss fights:

Fight with 8 bosses in Great Plains, Ice Fields, Deserts and Dungeons using variety of defense strategies and skills!

Hard Mode:

Intense boss fights! Are you up for a real challenge? Go with Hard mode!

Mission Mode:

There are 20 different challenging missions, different ways of playing, gathering, protecting, attacking and more!

Endless Mode:

Facing endless waves of monsters, how long can you survive?


3 unique skills including Warrior, Mage & Firerain

4 gorgeous props which help you turning defeat into victory

8 bosses

12 epic battlefields

24 powerful towers

27 monsters

30 achievements

90+ challenging levels

And more...

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More Information Of Horde Defense

lable: Strategy - Games Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2022-05-25 Developer:NGMOB GAME

User Reviews


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Roberto Gonzalez 2019-10-05

I have reported issues with no response received. I paid for a gem package and the game was reset a week later. Not only did I lose my progress, but I no longer had the gem package. I was not refunded my money either. This is the definition of poor customer service in addition to all the bugs the game possessed.
Tim Friesen 2020-07-09

Fun, but impossible to get rubies. Not without spending money. Which I did. Endless matches pay out almost nothing. There should be a better balance to st least allow for better payout. I had it at three stars until it erased all my progress. The 15 dollars or so that I spent as well. I was almost done this game. NOT COOL!!
Airñ Haz’rrd 2020-08-09

The developers automated in game message, ( lvl 3-×), directs users to make 5 star ratings for 500🔴 (virtual credit). My Rating ★★★, would have an additional star had the developers not given a bribe/suggestion/incentive knowing children & impulsive driven consumers may potentially out rate users that are not effected by this, \"chump change ultimatum\".
Richard Storm 2020-03-07

Best tower defense of it\'s kind! Should bring back the Ruby offers to earn them too, it helps sometimes keep up with the speed of the game as far as difficulty. Would be 5 star if it wasn\'t the fact that you have to play the same levels repeatedly to gain the upgrades to advance.
Angus Thompson 2020-01-30

It\'s pay to play. I paid for ad free version but it still only lets you get so far then you have to pay to get further. Also still bombards with their internal ads. Overall it\'s set up in that way to extract big $$$ from addicts. Don\'t like games that do this. Other Tower Defence are better.
Mark Andrew 2020-08-20

Good at lower levels, later levels become total pay to win. Last level is the worst. Doesnt give enough money to upgrade your towers needed for final boss as they suddenly introduce the mechanic he can destroy your towers and does so repeatedly so u have to buy gems to win. Shame.
DJ song 2020-06-07

At some point in thee game it is impossible to beat without paying to upgrade towers and heroes. Do not buy this game unless you want to pay. Kingdom rush games are much better.
Emir Idzwan 2019-10-21

This game is exiting plus so many cool feature,one of the best tower defense game
Steven River 2020-02-20

Interesting td now that I\'ve completed it. didn\'t enjoy it at first as it didn\'t seem to provide much of a challenge, but had to start applying tactics after the halfway point. Definitely not pay to win, if you are buying gems with real money you aren\'t playing it right.
Will Moronta 2018-01-29

Complete rip off from kingdrom rush except it\'s pay to win