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Description of Horse World – Show Jumping

The world’s jumping courses are waiting for you! No matter whether it’s Sydney, Paris, or New York: there are no limits to you and your horse’s adventures. Prove your talent and win every tournament!

Trot, gallop and jump – show your skills on the course

The world’s biggest cities are waiting for you and your horses! Exciting and challenging courses with water obstacles and oxers demand perfect timing and team work from you and your equine companion. Can the two of you master the challenge?

The show jumping simulation from the HorseWorld series!

Following the successful horse simulation game HorseWorld 3D comes HorseWorld: Show Jumping, with even more fun and more challenges for all horse lovers! In addition to the caring for the horses in the green meadows, you’ll have to face exciting tournaments and derbies all around the world.

Equip your horses

Each of your horses deserves its very own special equipment! Discover various saddles, saddle pads, bridles and leg wraps. Don’t forget to customize your mighty steed’s mane according to your taste! Happy with your new gear? Then make the most of it at the next tournament!

Build and design your own tournament courses

If the game’s riding tracks become too easy after some practicing, we have the perfect solution for you: simply build your own courses! With our building tool, you can easily create tracks and obstacle courses for your own tournaments and competitions.

Ride and care for a lot of different horses!

Beautiful horses, such as Palominos, Hanoverians, Thoroughbreds, Arabians and Andalusians, are just waiting for you to care for them! These majestic horses can only do their best if they’re taken good care of and if they like you. Of course, plenty of cuddles and treats are a good strategy here! As soon as the feeding and caring is done, it’s time for the big tournament.

Magical Variety

Every now and then you need some rest from the turmoil of the big city. We have the perfect sanctuary for you and your horse. On Fantasy Island, a mystical forest awaits you with a magical waterfall. There is also a beautiful show jumping track there! Try it with the magical unicorn.

★ Various beautiful horses, such as Hannoverians, English Thoroughbreds, Arabians and Andalusians, are just waiting for you to care for them!

★ Build your own jumping courses!

★ Take part in the world’s best derbies in New York, Paris, and many other cities

★ Brush and feed your companions

★ Customize your horses’ equipment and manes!

★ Dare to jump into a brand new world: ride a unicorn and visit Fantasy Island!

★ Together you’ll win all the tournaments and set new course records

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lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:3.5.3062 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:Tivola

User Reviews


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L Cohen 2019-12-20

I love this game. It is not glitchy and it is like real life! You can trust me I ride horses and this is how they jump. You do all the things in real life that you do in this game and it is amazing.
Refresh 2020-02-02

I have it well kinda because it doesn\'t even let me lose in!!?? Everytime I play a tivola game it doesn\'t load in!!!!
Taylor Greene 2020-01-13

I played this game 3 years ago and it was okay. It is still okay. The lag has been fixed and things run more smoothly, but I am both surprised and disappointed that after 3 years, the game is exactly the same and has not progressed at all. What are the devs doing with your money? Certainly not adding new features.
Sophie Annette 2020-01-16

Are you into horse jumping? Well this is perfect app for you. Why? The game has minimum glitch. Not even at all. Now you may be thinking \'that\'s because you probably have a good phone.\' Yes I do but not that long ago I had a really old phone and it worked PERFECTLY. The game has a choice of horses. Most games dont.(although you do have to earn money from jumping to unlock the horses). You can build your own jumping course and make it as easy or as hard as you like. I highly recommend this app.
Olga Simonov 2017-07-11

I absolutely loved it! Some other horse games that I find usually get very very boring after a couple of minutes, however this game doesn\'t! I do have some suggestions too: I have always wanted to change the way my horses equipment looks like, I have always wanted a bridle that is cyan or blue.Overall though I adore this game! Well done Tivola!Well done!
lobelia buns 2018-06-21

It\'s a good game, but after I built a course, I tested it. When I did, my horse kept turning to the right. It would not stop turning right and it wouldn\'t turn the other way. I decided to go out of it and do a regular race. When I did, I couldn\'t turn at all. I liked playing the game until I had these problems. I\'m going to uninstall it. I do wish it had more features such as customizing the rider, horse tack, and more caring features like hoof picking.
Corie Blankenship 2021-03-18

I LOVE this game sooo much!! I have tried other horse jumping games, but this one is by far the best and my favorite. The graphics are amazing, it\'s easy to use, and there\'s not a ton of ads! I do wish you could customize your rider, and instead of buying all the locations you could like, win them or something. But like I said, I love this game!!!! 😻 🐎
Gabby Humber 2020-05-12

I love this game, everythings quite quick to achieve and there are plenty of cheap, nice horses to choose from. My only wish would be that there was more of a story, maybe even a build up to events, like you have to train your horse to a certain level before entering. Game is completly amazing, dont have to spend money to achive things. Money is quick and easy to earn aswell. Would really reccomend.
rat milk 2020-03-03

really good game graphically and it is fun, but the controls while you\'re riding are pretty wonky and make it really frustrating to play. I\'ve never cared for riding simulators that have you tilt your phone to steer your horse, I\'ve always found them more difficult to play because of it. aside from that, good game.
alex hennah 2020-03-02

Really good game for horse lovers only issues is if u dont like being put under pressure or timed then maybe not the game for u but give it ago and if u dont like it delete it if u do like it keep it and metion to others I totally recommend