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Description of Hotbit

Known as a professional cryptocurrency trading platform, Hotbit (www.hotbit.io) mainly provides the trading services of various types of cryptocurrency assets such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum for users all over the world.

Technical Features

By adopting various types of advanced technologies such as GSLB, distributed server clusters, distributed storage, dual active and high speed memory trading engines, cold wallets and hot wallets with offline private keys, based on multi-terminals such as web end, mobile end and PC end, Hotbit provides provides secure, stable and trustworthy cryptocurrency trading services for all its users.

Product Positioning:

Aiming at providing more secure and convenient blockchain asset exchange services for its users, Hotbit integrates blockchain assets with top qualities from around the world and establishes a world-class blockchain asset trading platform.

The Trading Among Various Types of Tokens Supported, With Flexible Trading Methods Available

Real-Time Price

Analysis on Professional K-Chart Index

Convenient Asset Inquiry

7*24 Hour Customer Service

Official Website: https://www.hotbit.io

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More Information Of Hotbit

lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:1.4.1 Publish Date:2022-02-26 Developer:Hotbit Technology Limited

User Reviews


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James kalu 2021-03-13

Everything was working fine until after your recent update now sms and Google authentication no longer works, there\'s no f**king way for me to login, don\'t understand the reason for all the constant updates and upgrade, its not like you\'ll reduce exchange charges, cant u just do it in a way we won\'t always have to come to playstore, and it won\'t affect our logins.
Joel Perfect 2021-02-22

Total garbage, can\'t even register because the app is so buggy. The email registration caps the character limit at something absurdly small so you can\'t fit your whole email address in the field, and the phone number registration simply just doesn\'t work. It never sends the code, and when you try to resend it an error occurs. Couple this with the broken English all over the app and this is a hot piece of garbage.
Levi Allen 2021-03-16

Problem fixed!
Terry Nelson 2021-03-04

If there was a way to give this app a zero rating that\'s what it would be. Everything works fine for a while but they have problems with their SMS verification. it will be working fine and then all of a sudden it just stops I have sent them hundreds upon hundreds of emails and they just keep putting you back in the same Loop and never resolve the problem. I have two accounts with these people and both of them are locked out and I cannot access my money. Absolutely terrible customer support

Please upgrade man my experience is very bad every time when I used if you want I can give u the screenshot Problem or you can say bugs 1. Log in bugs every time I log in its just showing error after entering right otp 2. If we update app account was log out automatically 3. If I login after 1 week or more it\'s already log out That\'s not a good thing for app user pls fix these issues I\'m very irritated that\'s why I written this. Thanks regards Shahabaaz from India
Olti Bukaci 2021-03-08

The application is well developed and is very handy.
Vivek M 2021-01-07

Overall good app and exchange. Fairy easy to navigate, but transaction history can be challenge to pull. I use authenticator for 2FA, better then text, have had no issues logging in. Interest on deposits are good. Exchange fees reasonable, but difficult to track in history. Can only look at 30 days of transaction history at a time. Wish there were an API.
Tom Bless 2021-02-19

Market orders are supposed to execute \'immediately\'. How do I buy/sell a coin at the current price but I have to wait for 3 minutes before its executed, when the price has probably changed? Please fix this. Maybe add an option to select order type (like Binance). Sometimes the 2 minutes delay is all it takes to lose money unnecessarily.
Mike Reiter 2020-06-16

Registration on the app was impossible. Use the website! SMS is extremely unreliable. Use Google Authenticator! Navigation is a challenge, very unintuitive... SMS failed in the app and now I must go through KYC type hoops to switch to Authenticator and hopefully regain access to my assets. Proceed at your own peril!
Aquarius Thompson 2020-12-28

App is great withdrawal fees high asf for some cryptos but overall great app and easy to use. Awesome customer support!! I accidently sent my xlm from gate.io to hotbit without a memo tag, so never received them. Contacted support and they recovered the lost xlm for free, one time courtesy. Which earned an update to 5 stars. Thanks