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Hotel Blast

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Description of Hotel Blast

Welcome to Hotel Blast! It’s a dream place where adventure meets mystery in a relaxing puzzle game!

Match and blast the adventure!

Hotel Blast combines an awesome puzzle experience with a riveting storyline filled with mysterious clues. Your goal is to help Oliver restore the hotel he inherited from his grandfather. Solve puzzles, complete levels, and earn keys. Use the keys to restore the hotel, change its design, and investigate tricky cases. Create your dream home design! If you like to match, blast, and play detective, get ready for the journey of a lifetime!

Blast and build!

In each level, there is a puzzle to solve by matching two or more identical elements. Solve the colorful puzzles to renovate and decorate the hotel by selecting your signature style for its interiors. Ever wanted to decorate your own mansion? Have a blast choosing from hundreds of customizable interior designs. Transform this mysterious place to your heart’s desire!

Watch the exciting story unfold!

In addition to interior design chores, making your house cozy, and practicing your hotel game management skills, there’s something else! Unlock twelve unforgettable tasks every day and get closer to solving the big mystery of this spooky mansion. Keep your eyes peeled for the clues and travel through the hotel’s past to find out the truth. Be careful: even your new mysterious hotel guests have something to hide!

Enjoy the addictive gameplay!

Hotel Blast is a casual game that is easy to learn and fun to play. Swipe blocks to make a match and blast away! Make enough matches to clear the Match-2 level and earn keys to open up Star Chests filled with dream prizes. Sounds like a blast, right? Go get your first puzzle! Got stuck at some level? Don’t worry! Various boosters can help you pass this puzzling level. Just tap on a rocket, bomb, electric fan, or duster to activate the hidden power-up and crush the cubes.

Have a blast with friends!

Join or create your own club with other players to play together. Find new teammates, blast the competitions, and share lives. Send the link to invite your family and friends to the game club. Using the chat option, you can communicate with your fellow club members, help each other, uncover the mystery faster, and get better results!

Take part in events!

Relaxing hotel renovation, fun characters, unexpected game twists, and exciting Match-2 levels – that’s not all Hotel Blast has to offer! In addition to managing your dream hotel and enjoyable Daily Tasks, you can also take part in special game competitions. Reach to the top positions, get the chance to become the best player in the world, and win big prizes!

Blast the tournaments!

Take part in the world tournaments in which clubs compete with each other. Get through the levels and fulfill the conditions of the event together with your friends. The top clubs advance to a higher game league to face the best champions! Collect trophies, compete with other teams, advance in the tournaments, and get rewards for the whole team!


● Hundreds of Match-2 puzzles

● Incredible cinematic storyline filled with mystery

● Customizable interiors to design your hotel

● Form your own club and blast the competition

● Exciting Star Chests with valuable rewards

● The intriguing atmosphere and stunning graphics

● Deluxe Treasure Chests for the best players

● Ability to play with your friends

● Awesome daily bonuses

Hotel Blast is an addictive match and blast puzzle game that combines colorful graphics and an engaging adventure story. Start your relaxing game journey now and uncover the clues of the greatest mystery that’s ever been told! There’s an entire ​mansion to ​explore, restore, and ​decorate​ as you see fit! What are you waiting for? The keys to unlocking this hotel puzzle are in your hands!

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More Information Of Hotel Blast

lable: Casual - Games Current Version:1.19.3 Publish Date:2022-06-18 Developer:WhaleApp LTD

User Reviews


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Rebecca Kirk 2020-01-30

Good game, not to difficult. Great graphics and storyline. Nice game to calmly pass the time.
Jenifer Breshears 2020-12-03

It\'s now been 2 months with no new levels. Is this game over? I\'d give it zero stars if I could. Very odd It\'s taken so long to update. Never had a game that didn\'t update at least monthly. Very sad game and I would pass this one by. Many better games that actually add new levels.

I like this game but it seems to be updated quite slowly. That would be OK too, if the updates involved actual progress. After almost two months, I end up renovating room 202 for the THIRD time. Quite tedious; if this goes on, this game will be uninstalled. Pity :-( Edit: Thank you for your reply. My feedback and remark was not about the time it takes to update but on the fact that, updates occur and then I end up renovating the same room over and over again. What is the point of the update if I have to start over in the same room (202)?
Cheryl Rampone 2020-09-18

I used to absolutly love this game until after I finished my 5th level. I noticed that you no longer get 2 keys nor do you get double stars. Also, for the safe to open when you reached 25 stars, now it\'s 30. And like I said, the amount of stars earned has been cut in half. And worst, the amount of keys needed stayed the same. So now if you need 4 keys, you have to play 4 levels instead of 2. I didn\'t realize any of these changes until after I spent $50.00 buying coins. Very, very disappointed!!
Женя Бондаренко 2020-01-30

It\'s a very satisfying game and has a story behind it.
Sherwin Ranan 2020-02-02

Most horrible game ever!! Ive waited almost an hour for the game to successfully load, but it didnt even moved!!! Such a waste!
Gypsy Danger 2020-02-02

nice design, good challenge escalation and fun levels. dialogue could use some work, but its clear english is not the first language here. i commend the effort that was made, the language is absolutely correct, just not necessarily what a daily english speaker would use. the main screen is a bit busy until you get the hang of it. excited for the new update, going to check it out now! 😊👍👍
Mark Blease 2020-12-24

When I first started playing this it was a great game, but I\'ve recently come back to it after not playing for a while. Money flows a lot less now but most annoyingly is that it has been made so the moves aren\'t enough to complete a level so you have to watch ads repeatedly. It never used to be like this, it slows the game down enormously and puts you off playing it. It should be renamed Hotel Ads! EDIT: Reply to developer:- Engineered to watch ads! EDIT2: Game has reset my progress to level 1!!
Andrew Miller 2020-06-29

I love the game and it has been great! I would give it 5/5 but there\'s a few minor frustrations. In the storyline, it would be nice to FINISH a room instead of in the middle of a mystery you have tasks for multiple rooms to deal with. It breaks up the storyline. Also, the fan bonus can absolutely kill you if you have too many bonuses as it can cancel all of them. Also, it should be counted for making a match, not just clearing blocks. It\'s powerful, but usually screws you without another bonus.
Elaine Melencion 2020-01-29

I love this game❤❤❤