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Description of HotPads Apartments & Home Rentals

We know that finding an apartment can be stressful. Well make it a breeze with the HotPads Apartments and Home Rentals app! Peruse the largest collection of available homes for rent in the U.S. Whether you’re looking for a cheap apartment in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Dallas, Chicago, New York, Boston, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Omaha, or Miami; the HotPads Apartments and Home Rentals app has got the places you want and you can now search for them on-the-go. We have a team of wizards working their magic 24/7 to provide the most accurate and up-to-date rentals just for you. Quickly contact landlords, gawk property photos, explore area stats, and save as many favorites as you would like.

Some of Our Splendid Features

- Search Alerts: No need to constantly check up on new rentals. Looking for a cheap apt in San Francisco’s SOMA neighborhood or a condo near the L in Chicago? Name your price on quintessential neighborhoods and our search alerts will notify you when new rentals are listed!

- Share Listings: Sharing is caring! Show off those cool apts for rent in Philadelphia you’ve found with all of your friends (don’t be shy!).

- Advanced Filters: Fiddle with the filters to find senior housing communities in Miami for grandma, student housing for your recent graduate in Austin, or cheap low-income restricted houses in Atlanta. Our filters allow you to find homes tailor-made to fit your exact needs. Find diamonds in the rough by using our keyword search to find listings that mention backyard or landlords that accept Section 8.

- Listing Views: Toggle between our List and Map Views to get a better feel for cities like LA, Denver, New York, and D.C. With HotPads as your guide, It’ll make your apartment search easier and faster.

Let the HotPads Apartments and Home Rentals app be your guide and get you a home, today!

Currently, HotPads only supports the United States

Found a bug or have suggestions?

Email us at androidhelp@hotpads.com

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User Reviews


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Kevin D Hart 2019-06-06

I found my apartment with this app. I tried several other apps but got the most responses from landlords using this one. I love the ability to submit applications through the app or contact landlords through the app. Thanks Hotpads!!
Nonary Nine 2019-03-27

Better than other realty apps. The listings here tend to be more detailed and the advanced filtering options are a plus. They let you remove specific listings from your feed too, which is great for me as I have lots of search alerts set up and get tons of listings each day, so it\'s easier to clean it up once Ive gone through it.
Brandy Gibson 2019-05-21

I like this app and would give it 5 stars except for one thing: their notifications. I keep getting notifications for \"recommended\" properties, which meet none of my search criteria. This wouldn\'t be so bad if the option to turn them off actually worked, but unfortunately that setting never, ever, ever sticks. I turn it off several times a week, only to suddenly begin getting bombarded with notifications I don\'t want again, and of course they are are magically turned on...again. Why?
Kevin Williams 2020-07-21

Great app but... The app is great technically and being able to get instant updates on new listings is great. My only issue is that 70% of properties I saw in person seem to be way more distressed compared to listings. Listings have great photos, clean outside and I terior etc as if the photos are from when the property was brand new. Some of the properties I saw looked as though the photos were taking over decade ago.T Leaving 5 stars as this isn\'t a fault of the app but individual listings.
Candy Dresser 2019-10-04

I would give no stars if I could. Don\'t waste your time and money! You pay the fees and never get a response from the property manager. The background/credit check required by landlords is not good for all listings on hotpads as stated. Each landlord/property management company requires additional, high fees and they can\'t access the reports you pay for through hotpads. I feel hotpads is a scam and I want my application fee back, as I got absolutely NOTHING for my $90. A total rip off. BEWARE!!
Valerie Herrera 2020-07-16

EXTREMELY user friendly ! Favorite app by far to search for rentals. Enables you to delete listings, exclude types of listings (i.e. room for rent, senior living etc ). Only downside is the owners/landlords do not respond to messages sent thru the app but I think it\'s better to call anyway. Highly recommend this app over all others !
Courtney Davis 2020-07-04

This app is really awesome for finding a place to live. If you start early enough, it will even notify you as time goes on about listings that are similar to the ones you have been looking at. Every notification about a listing has been spot on. The app never crashes and has a super simple yet cute interface. I\'d definitely recommend it if you\'re searching for a new place!!
Marie Bryant 2020-01-12

l love this app. Fast and easy, but also provides all pertinent information. Moving on Wed the15th from Alabama to Virginia, 5 pets and my daughter, it\'s a lot of stress, your app just replaced my stress with excitement to tour our new home. Thank you.
Bonnie Gilbert 2019-08-01

Actually I still haven\'t found anything yet but I will say HOTPADS certainly throws it all by out for you. The only prob is alot of rentals are tons more than i can afford . Still 5 stars above the other apartment apps.
Michelle jackson 2020-09-18

Seems to be a great app unfortunately the houses where I\'m trying to find one are entirely overpriced! So every time it asks for me to review I just hit x because I haven\'t found a place yet and I\'ve been looking since january. who knew this little town had one area, of course where I need to be school wise, that is ENTIRELY overpriced. but that\'s not hot pads fault so I give them a big thumbs up! Craigslist is non-usable anymore for this kind of thing for sure! So thanks HotPads you have tried!