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Description of House Flip

Love home design games? Dream of flipping houses? Play House Flip and explore the world of remodeling in a fun sims game. Renovate & decorate with friends in team events to win free rewards! Remodel fixer uppers in different cities and discover new architecture along the way! Unlock renovation skills and colors to become an expert in buying low and selling high in our house flipping simulation game!


🏘️ Design and decorate hundreds of houses in our beautiful 3D simulation game

💧 Choose from a variety of drab fixers to flip, remodel, decorate, and design into a beautiful new home

🎲 Play Quick Fix mini-games to speed up renovations and interior designs

📷 Showcase your designs with an innovative 3D camera and build influence as a Tastemaker

🗳️ Climb the Tastemaker charts by voting on other players' house flips

💬 Team up with friends in Squads to share bonuses and collaborate over in-game chat

💰 Watch offers roll in and see how your sims renovations match up with buyers

📈 Learn the basics of real estate by paying attention to ‘Neighborhood Comps’ for popular remodeling styles and simulated housing prices

🛠️ Become an expert in sims renovation and design jobs to unlock more colors and new skills

🎁 Win Mystery Crates and other rewards by completing challenging milestones

🛋️ Style houses using Swatches added in major updates

🏛️ Build capital and experience so you can remodel bigger homes and wider varieties of architecture

💥 Join events and play alongside other players to win free boosters and bonuses

🥇 Rank in leaderboards to check out how your friends are doing

🗽 Visit famous landmarks as you adventure through new cities across the world

🆓 Play every day to collect free stuff

📱 Experience gorgeous 3D simulation graphics on all high resolution displays including the newest Samsung, HTC, and LG devices!

Like us on Facebook: @HouseFlipTheGame

PLEASE NOTE! House Flip is free to download and play, but some game items can be purchased with real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download House Flip.

A persistent network connection is also required to play (network fees may apply).

Privacy Policy:


Terms of Service:


Last but not least, thank you to our family and friends who supported us as we worked those long hours.

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More Information Of House Flip

lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:3.3.3 Publish Date:2021-11-17 Developer:fun-gi

User Reviews


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Cathy Eldridge 2019-05-14

Great game i love this game.. I\'ve been playing it since it\'s came out. Love all the new updates. but I have completed all of my tasks and I\'m now waiting for Florida to open. how long do you think this will take? it seemed like the last time when I was waiting for New York City to open it took less than a week. I\'m having withdrawals LOL I play this game every single day and I\'m waiting for new task to be given to me please hurry up LOL
Michelle M 2019-04-13

The update today is causing continuous crashes of the app. I\'ve grown bored with the game because there is nothing new to do and because it doesn\'t allow for creativity. The crashing all day long just makes me more likely to uninstall it. I don\'t care about characters that really have nothing to do with gameplay, but after a recent update, the tally of houses I\'d flipped in NYC went away, and I am now stuck in NYC when I should\'ve long been done with that city.
Atalie Bailey 2019-07-19

I loved this app but now that this new update is out the changes are terrible. My properties I was working on now look stupid because of the color changes and costing more money to make look good again. I hate the new color options. Nobody is going to pick blue, pink or green countertops or blue flooring. The new paint color option are way too bold and they have gotten rid of the more subtle colors and neutral options. If it\'s not changed soon I will be deleting this app.
Kate Stephan 2019-07-17

This was a super awesome game. Loved the graphics, new colors, and the game itself. I showed my mom the house I was working on, and she help me design some of it. I had so much fun. I love this game. I was wondering if you could make this game so you don\'t need wifi, I don\'t have data so I can\'t play without wifi, so I can\'t bring this amazing game with me in a car, airplane ect. I love this game.
Jamie McCleary 2020-06-07

Love this game. It\'s easy to earn what you need without having to buy it, if you\'re a casual gamer. It\'s fun and I love all the style combinations you can choose from. The only thing I would change is the groupings, like lighting. I\'d rather be able to create my groupings, recessed and pendant in one room, or just a ceiling fan in another. I\'m stuck with sconces everywhere in order to choose the lights I want.
Michelle Graham 2019-08-26

Definitely the best house flip game I have come across, I\'m obsessed. The only issue I have, is once you get to level 4 it\'s a lot harder to get hearts and you go through elbow grease crazy fast. You end up having to use hearts to buy the elbow grease, but it takes so many hearts to buy the elbow grease that you go through more hearts than you get by completing quests. Eventually, you end up having to buy hearts with real money... Which I\'m tempted to do because I love it so much.
Alyssa Kovars 2019-04-29

I reall enjoyed the game at first until I found out the energy you use to get tasks done does not regenerate by itself. If you want a full bar, you need to use in game currency which you can also buy using real money. Stopped playing after that realization.
Aloha FreakySweet 2019-06-27

Poor!!!! I previously wrote review, but seems to have been deleted. Enjoyed it when it was based on Chip and Joanna Gaines, not the nameless characters there is now. Takes to long to remodel homes not enough contractors without making purchases in game
Jennifer Welch 2019-04-04

I love this game! I do wish there were more color options for each level, though! I\'ve maxed out almost everything, but like choosing the higher end upgrades which leaves me fewer options to choose from. *Thank you for fixing the time & elbow grease issues from the 3/26/19 update!!
Angel 2019-09-29

This game is fun! Out of all house flipping games I\'ve downloaded, I think this is the most unique and original out of all. Though it wasn\'t the typical POV house flipping wherein you would clean, mop, etc., this was not it. And I think this is their highlight. The instructions are clear, the graphics are nice, it game isn\'t lagging or glitching. And I love how they have isometric graphics in it, makes you see the whole house layout. It\'s so nice.