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Description of House Paint

White houses are boring. Bring the colors in and paint everything in seconds!

To complete every level, paint all white spaces. Swipe left, right, up and down and fill all the empty spots!

Every level is 100% possible to solve. Yet not everyone can do it! Are you up for the puzzle?

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lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:1.4.19 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:SayGames Ltd

User Reviews


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abilash abi 2019-04-30

Very simple and addictive game. Nice gameplay, superb controls and cute graphics. The reason why I gave only 4 stars is I have some problems with it. First, it will be so fun if we can choose our own colour for painting. Second, if you add coins it will be super fun. Third, if you add events, daily missions and challenges it will be awesome. So, these are my reasons so add these things in the next update. Thank you and all the best for your future addictive games. Keep going. Good luck.
Amber Miller 2019-05-12

This game has more ads rhan any other game I\'ve played. I actually timed it and spent more time being forced to watch ads than I did playing the level in the game. It\'s a fun game and I can tolerate ads but the excessive ads take the fun out of it and just leave me feeling frustrated. The only options are being forced to pay to remove the ads or remove the game, so I\'m uninstalling.
Turtle Gaming 2019-05-18

I absolutely love this game. it is very addicting and fun however there are a few things that this game should fix. 1. Have daily challenges and challenges 2. Make house upgrades cheaper. But either than that I love the new updates with the epic houses. I just unlocks the pig costume in the tools. loving the game so far. keep it up
Ruben Fernandes 2019-04-21

when i saw the small ad banners, i was actually happy for the game since that was the right way of advertising in a game... i spoke too soon... there it was, forced and intrusive video ads every few quick plays, with the same ad every time nonetheless. it became real obnoxious real quick.
Shanna Mae 2019-05-19

so many ads it is unusable. I\'m talking an add every 10-20 seconds. plus, some of the ads claim to be playable, but its just a trick to get you to click on it, taking you to google play. that means you then have ti close google play amd get back to your game, making it even more disruptive. I am unistalling now, after only about 5 minutes.
petertheman 21 2019-04-21

Idk know why but I\'m addicted to this game. It\'s so simple yet so fun. About the ads, I just turn off my Wi-Fi to avoid them but I might by the ad free thing. It\'s been two days but I\'m on level 186. I need to go outside. Good game and I definitely recommend it👍 I love the new city update. Good job again👍
Mercy Moss 2019-07-11

I would give this game 5 stars, but I purchased the no ads and yet a \"watch ad, spin again\" will appear and I have to wait for the \"no thanks\" button to pop up underneath it. I paid for no ads, I\'m not going to watch ads even to get an extra reward. It just seems greedy on the app\'s behalf. Also, if you want your yard upgraded, you still have to watch ads.
Pierre-Alexandre Monette 2019-06-16

Never buy this game. As soon as you start playing, the game jams so many adds in your face that you either want to uninstall the game right away or pay (a hefty) 4$. I paid. I regret it. Here\'s why: THEY MAKE YOU DO THE SAME PUZZLES IN A LOOP BECAUSE THERE ARE SO FEW... The puzzles don\'t increase in difficulty and don\'t punish/reward you for passing twice or more by the same path. EVEN AFTER YOU PAID TO REMOVE ADS, YOU STILL NEED TO WATCH SOME TO UPGRADE YOUR BUILDINGS! I WANT A REFUND
draghteran 2019-04-14

I love this game!! It\'s so addictive and it somehow manages to avoid feeling repetitive. It can be quite relaxing too. I\'m so excited for the new update!! The new city update has given me something to work towards so the levels don\'t feel fruitless. You gain coins really quickly too! While the ads can get quite annoying, I just turn off my Wi-Fi to avoid them (tho some of the games suggested do seem pretty fun and of a similar style) I recommend this game so much!!!
Random Stuff 2019-07-30

Amazing game! Great for relaxing (it\'s very satisfying) and your mum, like mine, only lets you play educational games you can tell her its a \'puzzle\' game! I would only change that the levels ACTUALLY got harder but apart from that this is an absolutley amazing game. WOULD REALLY SUGGEST THIS.