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Description of HOVER - Measurements in 3D

HOVER transforms smartphone photos of any property into a fully measured 3D model. Get detailed, accurate exterior measurements to the inch for the roof and all elevations from as few as 8 smartphone photos.

Trusted contractors and adjusters use HOVER to provide accurate and transparent estimates, eliminating extra trips to the job site, and removing human error. Now you can wow homeowners and help them understand their quotes by showing them real products like shingles, siding, or windows on their home, beautifully rendered in 3D.

Put down the calculator and get more than just roof squares. HOVER delivers surface area and linear feet for materials like siding, soffit, fascia, gutters & downspouts, and more.

Goodbye, tape measures. Hello, accuracy in 3D.

Try it for free!

Learn more about using HOVER as a carrier or independent adjuster at https://www.hover.to.

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:4.39.0 Publish Date:2021-10-19 Developer:HOVER

User Reviews


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Andy Stegmeier 2019-04-13

Instead of trying to trick people you should let them know that you have to pay to use this app, And how much each 3-D design costs. Then they wouldn\'t be surprised when they get an email telling them that they have to pay for their model.
Imablank 2019-04-11

Good grief. I refused my location so I couldn\'t upload a picture of my house (that I already have) even though it had the address. I was told to reinstall. I allowed the location. Then I was told it needed access to my camera and video. there\'s no need for video, it takes pics from the internet of the location. I was told to reinstall. Not going to reinstall. what a waste of my time! I just wanted to see different applications of facing and colors on my house. Gladly going elsewhere!
William Hodgins 2019-07-20

not letting me use the app without giving my exact address.. i definitely not putting a 3d model & exact address out there. i understand telling it what area im in but not my address. to bad it looks like a good app.
Andrea LaGrow 2019-06-06

App brought to my attention via a contractor.... it\'s great to be able to \"dress\" your home in different ways and collaborate. The only downside as a homeowner using the app is not being able to use the more robust features OR upgrade. However, I experienced an outage today and received fast, friendly customer service via chat and email, and was told those features may be given to homeowners in the future. I look forward to seeing this app grow. Using app on both Android and Chromebook.
Ben Sands 2019-08-02

This app is a phenomenal tool!! To be able to visualize and construct an amazing dream home in a rendering is just the start. I am a salesman for a very prominent home improvement company in the mid Atlantic. The value of this app as a selling tool is almost incomprehensible.You want more deals?!? GET THIS APP!! There are so many ways to leverage this tool. Great app. Great company with a superior support staff.
JT ARTT 2019-07-24

One of the most useful applications on the market. This program has the ability to give you all exterior measurements of a structure/ building down to the inch. I use this program on a daily basis to generate estimates for homeowners. Its always accurate and make the experience seamlessly for both partys. 8 easy pics and you have your self a 3d model you can add new products to roofing, siding, trim, stone, etc. its truly a game changer.
Chris Johnson 2019-08-28

Not very useful if you live in a city. Lot sizes are too small to get far enough away for the requireed pictures. I can\'t take pictures of the entire sides of my house without demolishing my neighbors homes first (I can\'t get far enough away for rear corners either)...
andre kaselkat 2019-11-11

Waste of time says it was a free app, then you have to turn around and pay for it to get anywhere with the pictures you took of your house to try and get an estimate for the product and materials needed to do a remodel of your home and changes you do to your home dont get saved and you can\'t find them after you go back to the main screen shot and you have to do it all over again, so don\'t bother with this app its a waste of time and space on your phone. All they want is your money.
Abbas Sabbagh 2019-07-14

This is a great app for generating a 3D model of your house. I was not expecting such accuracy of the 3D image. Now I can use it to design my deck and house addition without breaking a sweat. Thank you
Noe o 2019-07-12

look I\'ll be honest it\'s a good app but not for a small business owner. $30 for each house you want to 3d. I\'m barely getting busy and $30 for each home for a person that barlet has any money it effects that person on gas, bills, food and children. if they can only do a 6 month or 1 year subscription that be awesome but they make more money that way doing $30 per house and if you think about it we are making then rich.