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Description of How much can I spend?

This is the premium edition of the app. In terms of functionality, it is completely identical to the full version, purchased through in-app purchases in the free version of the application. Therefore, if you have already bought the full version, there is no need in switching to premium, the differences will be only in the color of the application icon :)

Purpose the app

This app does not require you to input your expenses in the appropriate category. This application does not answer the question “what money was spent on.” The purpose of the application is to tell you how much you can spend within the current budget.

To whom it will be useful

This application will help you if

- you don't have enough money until the next salary

- you want to know if you can afford this or that purchase, аnd how will it affect the family budget

- you wish to save money for certain purposes

How it works

Robert Kiyosaki rightly noted that expenses tend to increase with salary increases. Therefore, it is important to take control of the cash flow.

The application is very simple. You specify how much money you have and when the next salary day comes, the application divides the amount of money by the number of days before salary, as a result you get the daily spending limit for the current moment.

With a decrease in the balance the limit also decreases, the next day it is recalculated again as your salary day comes closer. Once a day (or more often) adjust your balance and analyze the result. When your limit falls for several days in a row you have reached a critical point: you live beyond your means.

Part of the money can be specified as "Savings" - they will be counted separately and will not affect the calculation of the daily spending limit.

Application Features

- One conventional currency is used. If you want to take into account funds placed in another currency, you will have to independently convert them into the main currency of the application.

- Cash amounts are rounded to whole numbers: fractional parts do not matter for the main purpose of the application and only make it difficult to read the financial picture.

- The application intentionally does not read your SMS and does not spy on you in any other way. Only those funds that you yourself declare are taken into account.

- Ads-free.

Money Back Guarantee: I will refund you the money paid for the premium version of the application if the application disappoints you.

Contact the developer at kalugaman@gmail.com. I will be happy to answer your questions and consider your suggestions.

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:1.21 Publish Date:2022-05-26 Developer:Alexander Y. Ivanov

User Reviews


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Eva Mahoney 2019-02-03

This app in general is next to useless. I would give it a lower score, if the app description didn\'t clearly describe what it does. You basically just input how much money you have and how many days until your next paycheck and it divides your money by the days left to tell you how much you can spend. The interface looks okay, but it\'s not intuitive at all how you\'re supposed to update your balance. Not applicable at all for freelancers.
Heiko Misselwitz 2020-05-07

To ask money for this is a bold move. App is very limited in function and value. From that it doesn\'t support decimal values, over that it can\'t handle reoccurring payments, to that you can\'t put a name on a balance change. Only thing it can do is hold how much money you currently have (except the cents) and divide that by the days remaining till payday to calculate what you can spend each day. Not exactly helpful.
Mohideen Shahul 2019-07-24

this app does nothing but divide the balance money you have with number of days remaining until your next pay day. I would do it in a calculator. I will never pay for doing such a simple job.
Grant Knarr 2019-06-23

good app for keeping your money straight
২۱৸ ცυηծҽاα 2019-03-19

I can\'t got it
Shoaib Siddiqui 2020-05-25

Those who track their expenses.
A Google user 2019-03-08

POLAT Memedi 2019-06-09

Haruna Ibrahim 2020-05-18

Good experience
B33MER M3EVO 2020-08-18

I like it cos its easy to use and straightforward Well done to d developer