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How To Tie A Tie Knot - True Tie



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Description of How To Tie A Tie Knot - True Tie

True Tie Teaches you how to tie a tie

Windsor, Half Windsor, Four in Hand and Pratt necktie knots by following step by step instructions.

Learn the quickest and most popular method to tie a tie , Windsor, Half Windsor, Four in Hand , Pratt necktie knots And more ... by following step-by-step picture instructions and colored diagrams.

• Clear and easy : just follow simple instructions and pictures!

• Helpful and handy : now you will not need your wife or any other friend any more to tie a pretty and neat tie knot.

With our app you will learn :

— Four-in-Hand Knot

— Pratt Knot

— Half-Windsor Knot

— Windsor Knot

— Kelvin Knot

— Prince Albert Knot

— Balthus Knot

— The Christensen Knot

— Manhatan Knot

— Trinity Knot

— Eldredge Knot

— Murrell Knot

— Bow Tie Knot

— Pocket Square knots

— Tie A Men's Scarf

__ Tie Your Shoes

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User Reviews


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TheDK 113 2017-08-23

I usually tie my knot in Cavendish style Add to it
Danny Ray Clark JR 2017-11-11

Great info. A must for any man or woman interested in learning new knots and shoe lacing methods
Javier Jayawardena 2017-09-11

Best grooming app ever.😍
Joey Dwaydar 2017-09-28

Great app, instructions are simple and there illustrations are extremely easy to follow. Well done!
Mehran Hamzei 2016-10-29

it\'s amazing , i needed an app like this
Richard O\'Brien 2018-02-28

Great guide for learning many tie knots. Might not be the best app for you though. There are many apps out there for this so look around.
pooyesh soft 2016-10-20

Kevin Catherines 2017-06-09

Fantastic app. I needed a Windsor for my job interview this morning, and this helped me out! Simple, yet instructive enough to be more than useful. The app itself is lightweight, and contains no bloat - a plus for a free app!
peyman Ghkp 2016-10-21

Very cool Amazing app. Thanks 😊👌👍
Kazi Junayed Hasnine 2018-03-04

Great for learning. Please, Add some other uncommon style like cavandish or so.