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Print your favorite memories on 2x3”, 2.3x3.4”, 3.5x4.25”, or 4x6” photo paper with HP’s incredible photo-editing hub for all HP Sprocket printers. Find your memorable photos on your smartphone or social media and send them to the app to create beautiful, vibrant prints. Hang up your unforgettable images printed on classic photo paper or decorate your belongings with fun stickers using HP Sprocket sticker photo paper. Of course, before you print, you can take full advantage of the app by customize your photos. Add text, borders, emojis, and more to each photo to add style and make them stand out. Each HP Sprocket printer is compact, sleek, and lightweight to easily carry with you. Pair any of the HP Sprocket printers to the app in seconds and get ready to print amazing images anywhere you go.

HP and Sprocket are registered trademarks of HP Inc. and are used by C&A Marketing Inc. under license from HP Inc.

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lable: Photography - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2022-05-27 Developer:C&A Marketing Inc.

User Reviews


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Joey Smith 2020-07-24

As a photographer, the details, no matter how subtle are important. The image is exactly what I want when I pack up my camera and go home. I have taken a photo with the intent to use the Sprocket. The cropping and resizing does need work. I like to have total control if I need to resize, and I don\'t. I want the image I photographed to be what is printed. The Sprocket, especially on landscape orientation, likes to crop the image. It\'s fine on my camera but not when it gets to the app.
Krystal Hummel 2020-07-01

Very frustrating. This app used to work so good. Now for the past month when i go to gallery and select the pictures and go to print it freezes and then completely closes out. Ive restarted my phone ive uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times. I have not been able to print anything out since this started. My printer is useless without this app. Fix it please.
Debbie Davis 2019-02-20

This is so cute! although not always working appropriately, sometimes I have to restart or add more paper when there\'s paper already there. However, it is a plus when you wamt to share temporary visits or physically keep memories. Wonderful for scrapbooking! So mamy reasons to have this SPROCKET. Thank you HP.
Nicole Mirea 2020-02-14

Printer itself great but HP needs to fix this app ASAP. When I try to print, screen dims. I wait for a few moments, then, thinking it\'s failed, I press the back button. Dialog comes up asking me if I really want to exit or save my changes. If I click save the dimmed screen continues. If I exit, I\'m back to my gallery (which usually just displays a bunch of gray squares). A few mins later, I\'m catapulted to the queue somehow, where the photo I thought I lost is now printing. This is basic stuff.
Perly X 2020-10-06

Gets stuck all the time and the printed colours looks nothing like the ones in the phone, have to restart the app about 5-8 times for every pic I want to print... As well as the crop being off/not the same as shown in the app when the pic is printed. Still the same problem several months later, will this ever be fixed?
Judy Jackson 2019-12-28

I just got my Sprocket for Christmas ; so, today after I installed the app , I started really having fun printing numerous pictures from my phone gallery. I really love your app because the color and ease of using my Sprocket following your instructions is very entertaining for the entire family. Thank you.
Miss Chloe S-W 2018-12-18

only works when initially installed. once you exit it the app suddenly \"cant find\" the printer ever again. doesnt matter how many times you reset the printer, Bluetooth or the phone. uninstalling and reinstalling the app does nothing, the hp site help items are useless. the phone will recognise and pair through the Bluetooth menu but the app doesn\'t recognise it at all. app then crashes and freezes. really disappointing.
KOH HUI SHAN 2019-10-27

Bought the Hp sprocket which is very convenient as you can print it as and when you want just using a app that is easy to use and no ads is seen in the app BUT the quality of the pictures is ridiculously lousy. Printing out a different colour and the image looks bad. Tried the few tips that was given via HP but none of it help at all. Its a total waste of money to buy this device.
水原純 2020-12-17

The app is very slow. It takes a long time just to load the gallery that\'s already on my phone. It takes at least a couple minutes just to get images loaded and into the queue. I almost printed the same photo twice because it didn\'t give any confirmation and the queue also took a couple minutes to load. Colors are off but I feel that\'s more to do with the printer itself. Edited to 1 star because it\'s even slower now and only printed 1 out of 2 photos I sent to it. It freezes up when I hit print.
Terrie Arnold 2019-04-23

Others may think the app could be better, but hey, I\'m amazed! Sprocket has transformed my scrapbooking, even making it portable. On a visit to the east coast to celebrate Mom\'s 94th, I took Sprocket and a mini scrapbook and each day printed fun pictures of family with Mom. At the end of my visit I presented her with a memory book that she now looks at every day, keeping the experience fresh and alive for her. Thank-you for this incredible tool!