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Description of HReasily

HReasily is a cloud-based, all-in-one HR solution that enables business owners to automate workflow processes and increase your business’ productivity.

We are a regional presence and can be found in 7 South East Asian countries including Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Cambodia. HReasily is localized to cater to each countries regulations and requirements.

Our solution streamlines payroll, claims, staff, leave and time attendance management while allowing real-time access to users across multiple devices.

Our powerful modules include:


- View itemized​ payslips anytime anywhere

- Automated Payroll calculation

- Up to date compliance with Government Regulation

- Concise Payroll reporting


- Your leave types and balances anytime anywhere

- Apply and approve leave complete with status and history

- Check your company calendar for team schedule


- Lodge Expense Claims anytime anywhere

- Submit multiple receipts in a single claim run

- Multiple currencies available

- Check claim status and history

- Check claim settings and approvers


- Store detailed Employee records on our extensive database

- Check company calendar for events and announcements

- Stay up-to-date with news and updates within your company


- Log employee daily time attendance

- Use Face Recognition to time in and time out

- With Geolocation function, staff can clock anywhere

- Uses Face Liveness detection to prevent photo spoofing


- Get quick answers from our responsive team using our built-in Live Chat support

- Detailed FAQ articles

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More Information Of HReasily

lable: Business - Apps Current Version:1.14.5 Publish Date:2022-02-03 Developer:HR Easily Pte Ltd

User Reviews


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Travis Tai 2019-11-29

Great app that allow employees to easily access their payslips, file claims, apply/approve leaves and even clock-in using facial recognition! Great for any business trying to digitalize Payroll and HR processes at an incredibly low price. Edited: They recently upgraded their engine and the app now runs smoothly 5/5
Jun Jie Lee 2019-10-21

Terribly slow app that takes forever to load both on the app and on the Web page. Plus design is extremely unfriendly and unintuitive. Would not recommend at all
Esther Chin 2018-07-18

Best app ever! Very easy to use
Nur Zafirah Norman 2020-10-02

Worse HR System ever... Every month got problem with payroll calculation...txt file for statutory payment also not using right format..
Tracy Tan 2019-11-29

Excellent live chat support, knowledgeable. efficient & always willing to go the extra mile. Kudos to the team.
Francisco Pier 2018-01-19

Best Solution ever! Needs Geotagging though to monitor time attendance.
Natalia Anggraeni 2017-11-15

Nice app! easy to use
Cheryl Lee 2021-01-13

App works so far. Pls add fingerprint / biometric login to the app. Every other app has it. I\'m very tired of entering my password every time I need to approve other people\'s leave.
Elevy Lee 2020-02-14

Always have face authentication issues!!! It caused me always time in and out late!!! Is that Huawei p30 can\'t support it? How can you assist?
J. Siong 2019-03-18

this system only allows the employers to change anything anytime they want without employees\' agreement. this is modern slavery.