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Description of HRV4Training

The only scientifically validated HRV app that doesn't require an external sensor. HRV4Training helps you optimize your goals by providing tailored feedback on your physical condition

On compatibility with your phone: the app will detect right away if your phone is supported so that you can always get a refund in case it is not.

HRV4Training in addition to our camera based measurements, bluetooth and ANT sensors, supports the dedicated sensor present in Samsung Galaxy phones as well as the Oura ring.

HRV4Training is also the first app that goes beyond simple measurements and provides insights on:

1) acute or day to day HRV changes in response to different stressors (alcohol, travel, sick days, training, menstruation, etc.)

2) long term multi-parameter trends to look at the big picture

3) correlations between physiological measurements and annotations

4) training load analysis, fitness, fatigue, readiness to perform and injury risk

5) VO2max estimation for runners linking the app to Strava or TrainingPeaks

6) Training Polarization analysis (or 80/20)

7) Weekly and monthly summaries to track progress.

All data is processed inside the app in order to provide you with actionable interpretations that can help optimizing your training plan and performance.

Other features:

- HRV-based advice helps you to adapt your trainings based on objective measures of recovery

- TAGS: lets you tag your sleep, mental energy, muscle fatigue, stress and all other parameters that can help you understand what is influencing your physical condition and physiological stress

- Works with Bluetooth SMART heart rate monitors (a Polar H7 is recommended) or ANT+ heart rate monitors.

- Configurable test (choose test duration between 1, 3 or 5 minutes)

- Shows the PPG signal view to ensure signal quality during the test if the camera is used instead of a sensor

- Extracts and stores the following features while lying down and/or standing: heart rate, mean of beat-to-beat intervals (AVNN), standard deviation of beat-to-beat intervals (SDNN), square root of the mean squared difference of successive R-Rs (rMSSD), number of pairs of successive R-Rs that differ by more than 50 ms (pNN50), low frequency power (LF, 0.04-0.15 Hz), high frequency power (HF, 0.15-0.40 Hz)

- HRV4T Recovery Points to provide a single, straightforward metric to analyze your physical condition

- Population summaries and people like you comparisons to put your data into perspective

- Data export via email or Dropbox

- RR-intervals correction

- Integrates with TrainingPeaks, SportTracks, Genetrainer, Strava and others

More details on HRV and app usage are available here:


More details on HRV using the phone's camera are available here:


HRV4Training requires to register an account with your email address, so that your data can be backed up safely and retrieved in case anything happens (app issue, changing phone, etc.).

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:3.1.2 Publish Date:2022-05-17 Developer:A.S.M.A. B.V.

User Reviews


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Marc Pickersgill 2020-11-10

Haven\'t found this app useful unfortunately. It rarely accurately reflects my body state after intense workouts, or recovery days... But, at least the camera scanner worked quickly & easily - so, I blundered on with it. Now, the camera scanner doesn\'t work (after last update, I think) same story when connected to my hr chest strap, always reports a bad reading... The hr strap is 100% reliable when hooked up to my Garmin. I give up. Not worth the bother.
Alex McFarland 2019-03-24

This app offers an extremely low-friction way to gather your daily HRV readings, as you don\'t have to use an external device, just the camera on your phone. The data seems to track fairly well with other methods of gathering HRV I\'m using. That, coupled along with the extensive write-ups on their blog has me convinced the data is accurate. My favorite thing though, is the way it correlates data gathered from your daily questionnaire and other health and fitness services to give you a comprehensive overview of how your training affects your general level of stress. Note: These correlations are not available right away, be sure to give it some time to build up sufficient data to unlock the extra insights before you decide it\'s not worth it. Given that the app is affordable and doesn\'t require (but can use) an external sensor, it is an excellent value. You can pay much more and get less in other places.
Ian Peake 2018-11-20

Very useful basic concept well implemented (optical HRV), HOWEVER with promising extras let down by significant inconsistencies and problems lurking, some of which seem hazardous. Most recently I realise data import from Strava for some dates seems to repeated and occasionally lossy, so the training load analysis chart is unstable, and changes dramatically if I go back and re-import data for specific dates. It is as if some code path pulls from Strava but ignores certain activities. HRV trends commentary currently seems inconsistent with respect to some graphs (eg my training load appears to be increasing week over week, but always shows as \"decreasing\") or at least not documented. The new lactate threshold feature looks interesting but there is no simple explanation of what each of the three different figures mean, only a link to a long blog post. Dropbox export appears to be failing without explanation. Technical support appears prompt and usually acknowledges issues although not always resolving these in a timely way.
Nicholas Frange DeJesus 2021-01-24

The data is priceless but the app for android is often buggy and does not sync information from my oura ring. I followed the troubleshooting tips and still have the same problem frequently throughout the week when trying to sync my hrv data. After repeating the steps of setting the sync from oura and enabling the feature, the app will often try to measure hrv using the phone camera as well.
Peter Minde 2019-06-11

works until it doesn\'t. when you try 5 times to get a reading and each time it says, transmission wasn\'t optimal. very frustrating.
James Hayden 2019-02-04

app is very unstable on my Samsung s9. Will do a ready ok but then crash when viewing history. Has lost a few days readings too. not great. When it works it is good.
Marco Altini 2017-03-22

My favorite app 😂
Ross Fripp 2019-09-03

Brilliant app, give it time to get your data and it can provide very useful insight. The developers are also incredibly friendly and enthusiastic and offer great help and support. I\'ve just paid fkr my pro membership (about £50 for the year) which provides even more depth than on the app) but the app offers a huge amount for just £10. Well worth it if you\'re a keen sports person and want to see what has various effects on you. Brilliant!
Hamish Livingstone 2020-07-27

I understand the benefits behind using this technology, however I have a fundamental problem measuring my HRV w this app. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S10e and when taking a HRV measurement it really burns my finger tip. I reduced the settings down to the lowest measurement time (45s), but it\'s still very uncomfortable. During the measurement I can actually feel my blood pressure increasing in response to the pain in my burning finger, so I\'m unsure if the accuracy of measurement is affected.
Leo Phillips 2019-12-07

Only works accurately on chest strap with Bluetooth and have to have location on for Bluetooth to connect.