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Description of HScope

Make your USB Oscilloscope portable with this App.

List of supported oscilloscopes on the website. Some:

- HS10X, HS402 DIY Oscilloscopes

- Loto OSC482, OSC802, OSCA02

- Hantek 6022BE/BL

- SainSmart DDS120 / Rocktech BM102

- Voltcraft DSO2020


- Hantek PSO2020

- Hantek 1008

- Hantek iDSO1070 / Saluki MO1072

- Instrustar ISDS205A

- Owon VDS1022

- Microphone input

- Others

Check out the Website for more info.

Unofficial App for USB oscilloscopes. The author decline any responsibility or liability for any damage, problem or analysis error resulting from the usage of this software.

PAY ATTENTION: it requires USB OTG support on your phone and one of the listed oscilloscopes. Check the developer website (down) for more info.

BETA VERSION: For joining to the Beta Test follow this activation link: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.martinloren.hscope

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More Information Of HScope

lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:2.3.8 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:MartinLoren

User Reviews


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Christopher Pfaffinger 2020-06-23

amazong piece of tech, using it for like ages and never let me down. however one suggestion: it works great on pixel3 xl, however i\'ve had no success on my chromebook (lenovo duet), due to the increased screen size it\'d be amazing to be working on chromeos (using android compatiblity layer) as well. Right now it can\'t detect any device, no \"manage device\" prompt appears - dunno if thats a os limitation or something easy to fiddle around ;)
widi sn 2019-05-01

This app is perfect, love it. I always watch for updates. If I can suggest more for next development, can you make more data logger recording interval, ¼ seconds and ⅓ seconds ? Thanks!
Azer tok 2018-11-01

Can not click spinner drop down list in lg g4. So i have to use old version 1.9. And it also ask me to purchase again even i\'ve already paid for old version.
Andy Amanda 2020-12-29

The app is very well written I would like to buy it but not sure if I could use it easily in an automotive situation, how long is the buffer record please in paid version? Also in the paid version can we go up 1s/div ? Thanks for excellent app.. 5* big issue.. got new phone installed again and now i have to pay again? Only app that is asking me to license again. A bit disappointed as only used this app a few times and now I need it I have to pay again.
Uncle Rick 2018-11-27

This app exceeded my expectations! I have not yet found a scope app that offers an X-Y readout. (Lissajou ) Well, damn... I should have read further before I jumped at a review. I just found out tha more hardware is required. :( I have seen a couple of (phone stand alone) apps in the past and thought this was one of those. Thanks for the look around. I would go further but I own a Tektronix Digital Scope. 🤔
charles ray 2019-02-05

Great app , the only thing missing is a way to invert the signal.
Andrey Brilevskiy 2019-10-25

Nice app. And extremely fast response. I would really love to see support for Owon vds3102.
Jamie Carl 2020-05-04

Really great app and oscilloscope. VERY useful for small things. My only gripe is that it\'s only 2 channels. My scope is an 8 channel and my big projects require logging on all 8, so unfortunately there is no reason to buy pro and I\'m stuck with the crappy Windoze software. If pro version could do 8 channels I would buy it in a hearbeat for my tablet.
Paul Jennings 2020-03-05

Excellent Functionality - Highly Recommended (Especially recommended for automotive use) Brings comprehensive testing to the keen DIY mechanic, may seem complicated to start with, but with youtube (& \"logical canuck\") to hand - you will soon get to grips with this powerful software. I\'m using it with a \"Osc482\" USB scope which set me back a modest £46 (eBay) - again, I can\'t recommend this highly enough...........
Faramarz Soltani 2020-08-20

Where have you been all this time,, The developers have evolved,, my same Sony experia phone has been transformed. Imaculate, breath taking.. I shall buy the paid version when I find out how... We need a basic manual and direction to how and what type of probes and where do we make connections.. The ear phone socket !? The battery charger socket!? could you recommend probes with the right connections plz.. Super.. Human is evolving, here is the proof,.