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HUAWEI Printer

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Description of HUAWEI Printer

HUAWEI Printer

1. AR photo: making your albums come alive

Use AR printing to extract a still photo from a video feed, and then bring it to life anytime by simply scanning the photo.

2. Quick Bluetooth connection: making photo printing fast and easy

Experience fast photo printing in no more than 1 minute with three simple steps: Take a photo, connect to the printer, and print it.

3. Customize your photos in Gallery

Create your own professional-looking photos with the editing features of the HUAWEI Printer app. You can select different filters (Twilight, B&W, Retro, Dusk, Autumn, Fresh, Amour, etc.), frames, poster templates, stickers, text fonts, and more.

4. Print portrait photos according of various sizes

With multiple preset portrait sizes to choose from, HUAWEI Printer is able to print portrait photos for drivers' licenses, passports, and more.

5. DIY business cards

With built-in business card templates, you can create custom business card anytime anywhere.

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2022-05-27 Developer:Huawei Internet Service

User Reviews


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Kamil Dziedzic 2019-08-19

No way to sync / export ar videos to another device. The quality of photos is horrible, unacceptable. I bought 100 zink papers but I\'m not printing anything as there is no joy looking at completely broken prints.
Ofut Pemata 2019-12-26

Unable to connect to the device from my Huawei p30 lite. When i search for available Bluetooth devices the printer shows up, but if i try to connect to a printer from this app it tells me that no printers were found.
Judith Anne West 2020-07-10

Very easy to use app. Phone (a Honor 20 Lite phone with Android 10) and printer connected at the first attempt. On first use the paper in the printer tray started curling after printing only 4 photos, so I now use one piece at a time. App pretty basic with not many features (reason for 4 stars) so I do any photo editing etc., on another app first. I use the photos when journalling.
Francis Villano 2020-08-16

The app was working fine until recently. Now, everytime I open the gallery from inside the app, it crashes. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app to no avail. Hopefully a patch comes in soon to fix it.
Cassandra Johnson 2020-01-03

Can anyone offer advice on how to get the app working? I used it a few months ago and it was working great, now whenever I sync the printer to my phone the app immediately turns off and I can\'t use the printer. I\'ve tried on my Android and iPhond
Parlea Stefan 2020-01-19

Please update your app to be Android 10 compatible. The application doesn\'t see the printer and thus renders the printer and the app to be useless.
Timo F. 2020-08-05

Should you\'re facing issues with the app and it doesn\'t detect your printer, try turning in location services, as this helped me. After I did just that, the app found my printer immediately... Very strange, annoying and not really trustworthy, that it needs not only the location permission, but also that location services have to be turned on...
Cristian Tosca 2019-02-16

Need more stickers
Edgar Uyehara 2019-07-11

im using a samsung S10 phone, i noticed that the printer usually cuts off the upper part of the picture so i should always remember to adjust the picture down so it wont cut off some important details( like the subjects forehead).. this problem also affects the collage one part will defintely be cut off i hope the developers will be able to fix this...i hope they will also add the ability to do basic picture adjustment brightness, exposure , hue, etc...
Aston Yeo 2021-01-06

I was quite worried after looking at the 1 star reviews but please ignore them. Took me awhile to figure it out but you have to turn your location on and press the power button to confirm the connection and it will work well. App developer could help to with support and better instructions given on the manual. Other than that all is great!