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Description of Hwahae - analyzing cosmetics

Ever frustrated by overwhelming information when buying cosmetics?

We can help you! Use ‘Hawhae’ app and buy cosmetics smartly :)

[Cosmetics ingredient analysis]

- We provide ingredient information of cosmetic and beauty products

- You can easily check whether the product contains potentially harmful ingredients and whether those ingredients are matching your skin type or not

[Product reviews from people having similar skin type]

- You can filter product reviews by skin type, age, skin trouble of reviewers

- Don’t waste your time for filtering out reviews from people whose skin condition is different from yours

[Trustful reviews of real product users]

- We inspect all reviews very strictly in order to remove sponsored reviews that can harm the neutrality of our service

- We only present reviews passing 11 strict internal conditions

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lable: Beauty - Apps Current Version:6.2.0 Publish Date:2021-11-03 Developer:BirdView

User Reviews


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bangtan wasseo 2019-08-11

I love this app! Although I really REALLY wish there would be an English version of it to fully understand :<. Anyways, since I\'m also trying to learn Hangeul. I realized this is actually good to practice as well. But ofc, for the other users, it can definitely be beneficial if there\'s an English version. 💓
Ashelline Aisha 2018-11-09

Hi. I\'m interested in using this app but I don\'t know if it\'s available in English content or not. I would appreciate it if there\'s an English version of these app as I can\'t read or understand korean at all.
Andre. 2017-01-18

The idea is awesome!! Is there a possibility to get English as a language too?
Ika Idiosyncrasy 2018-03-26

I really with there is an English version for this. Please make it possible cause I really like korean skincare.
Muka Muka 2020-01-10

Plz add option for change language you have to care in foreigners who live in South Korea too even my language not English but it would be really enough if you add English beside Korean
Rogini Kandayah 2016-04-05

English translation I wish u had an English version of it.
jenny 555 2020-05-04

It would be better if it had english option.
Putri Fajar Chaerul Ramdhani 2019-06-07

It\'ll be great if you consider the international users and start making an innovation such as start to develop an english version of this amazing apps!
Niza Nur Ivani 2016-07-04

English translation I am going to give 5 stars if this app has english translation so, that I can use it without any trouble. And I think foreign people would agree with me:)
L H 2017-07-21

Please make an english version, I think many people that use hwahae would like to help with the translation too if needed