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Description of Hyper Pusher

Push coins and win huge rewards (ALL FREE)!

Tap the push-off board to drop coins, and drop the coins into the box to win rewards.

Game features

#Great rewards!

#New blue theme!

#Addictive gameplay!

#Free time killer game!

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More Information Of Hyper Pusher

lable: Casino - Games Current Version:1.2.0 Publish Date:2021-08-31 Developer:Borg Studio

User Reviews


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Alexander Emerson 2020-12-30

I would give this game no stars. The game it\'s self is really fun but, it\'s a scam scam. I collected more than 30 star chips but it stopped counting at 26 chips (30 star chips = $100 paypal reward). I\'m also close to $150. All the time put into playing is a waste. Just play this for fun. It\'s not going to payout.
Maribel M. 2021-02-11

Waste of time. I have been playing this game for the better part of like 3 months. I finally get 97/100 for the cash and it stops falling when I get the 3 gift boxes. Then I get my money up to $148.508 and I\'m getting basically half of a penny. This is ridiculous and from what I see a scam. Y\'all get money for us watching a million ads but you never let us win enough to cash out even once!!!
David De Jong 2021-01-18

Just another twist of another game from same company. Just the payout threshold is double. You think you are getting money faster at start but slows to nothing the closer you get to the threshold. My advice:. Don\'t waste your time by playing. Don\'t rate the game at the beginning when they fake you out with collecting bigger money rewards. They get a 1 finger rating.
cindy henry 2021-02-08

A slow boring worthless game. Been playing for 3 days, have to fight for hours to get a penny or two. Have won nothing, I would not waste your time downloading. I almost enjoyed the first day I played it, got 90$ on file the first day. The second day had to play all day for a penny or two. The 3rd day got up to 91$. I dont think the game will ever let me win. Loser game all the way.
Waternymph Geo 2020-12-29

I have collected more than 30 chips and i only needed 30 chips to cashout. However counting stops at 27 and not crediting the succeeding chips which I have collected. Also, when you are about to reach the point they will stop giving which will make it impossible fo cashout. I am already thinking that they really don\'t intend to pay their users.
Sheila Nash 2021-01-28

I rate it zero if I could . It isn\'t a game it\'s just ads . This game is soo greedy it\'s unreal . And they stop giving stuff your supposed to collect I tried to get in contact with them and for some reason I could get through . Hmm I guess they just keep ad money and ignore people\'s complaints . Please avoid this game it\'s not worth the frustration . The greediest game ever . They also give everyone the same response and sometimes it not relevant to the question you asked . Scam artists .
gymnastics_mickeyvlogs23 turner 2021-01-08

It\'s always freezing when you\'re close to the little $$$$dollars you get with the continues ads. but I get it. But pay as you say with the 1500 adds and 3000 etc.... but pay out it a cool game but don\'t advertise all this bull****!!! with payout with PAYPAL... and free rewads of GIFTS. TIRED of SCAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Master Bait 2021-01-01

Its a legit scam. 1st they let u enjoy it then at the later half it starts to slow down. I almost complete all of it. Like the chips, animal something, paper money and the phones etc. All i need is \"point 1\" or \"point 2\" to get them all like literally all the price item but suddenly i end up watching over and over continues never ending ads. Come on dev. This just greedy AF. 4.8 my sorry a$$!!
Tom Duncan 2021-01-20

I find it funny that when you get close to the goals of prizes and money you don\'t get anything at that point. All my prizes are at 9.3 and 9.5 out of 10. And two money rolls for a 1,000 dollar gift card, and have played for days with not any of them coming up to score higher. Thanks for be honest.
Jennifer McBride 2021-02-06

I believe that they lead you on! I had this game on my phone for more than two months and I still haven\'t gotten my money up to cash out and the other rewards they offer you will never get to because they keep give you the same items you already own! This game is way too slow and it cheats you! I should have been able to cash out something by now! But I haven\'t! Don\'t download this game nothing but lies!