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Description of Hyperforma

The civilization of the past vanishes, leaving behind only the Ancient Network. 256 years later, an anonymous explorer descends into its cold depths.

Venture into a journey through the endless empty cyberspace, inspired by the works of William Gibson, Dan Simmons, and Peter Watts.

Immerse into the Ancient Network and uncover the secrets of the vanished civilization. Communicate with the Titanic Interfaces and hack their secured Forms.

Secrets hidden in the Network are waiting for you.

Enjoy an exciting cyberpunk sci-fi story with dynamic gameplay and a great atmosphere.

Hyperforma is a free game but it includes some paid features. If you do not want to use them, disable in-game purchases in the Restrictions menu on your device.

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lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:0.0.159 Publish Date:2022-05-30 Developer:HeroCraft Ltd.

User Reviews


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Kurt De Mesa 2020-12-09

First of all, the greatest charm of this game is the graphics and the simply complicated gameplay. The art of the game is enough to explain the theme. The music also fits well and the gameplay is simple but hard. Good time killer. One problem I found is the bug in 2nd level. It kinda continues to play even though it is still in level selection. Overall it is a good game. Thank you devs.
Chom Chom 2021-02-27

Waited until I completed the game to review. And hoo boy, is this game good. Although there is one issue that I faced is that, sometimes in the main menu, the game doesn\'t do the thing I want it to (primarily if I want to continue playing). Disregarding that, the music and artstyle is phenomenal, the gameplay is challenging but not impossible and very satisfying (the sfx is also satisfying), the story is pretty good too and the levels aren\'t too repetitive. In conclusion... you NEED to play this
Mihai Andronic 2020-12-30

This game is an incredible experience. The art alone is worth playing for but the gameplay is quite fun too. Very challenging at times but rewarding when you figure out each level\'s weakness. I found the story captivating and interetsing and i wish i could read more about it to fill all the gaps. My only complaints are the fact that you cannot re-read the logs you receive when you obtain the required keys in a chapter, which contain a lot of the story.
Mattia Balbiani 2021-01-17

The game and its idea are original in their contest, since it\'s supposed to be an arcade game. Graphics and soundtrack are a proof of the hard work put in this game. But, there is a problem with that. First of all, the game\'s mechanics. You need to rotate the puzzle in order to dodge things or make our character hit the node. At first, it is easy. then the difficulty ramps up with lasers. Even then they get predictable. Until you hit Princess V1.0. And there you get stuck. Node hacks are random.
Dheeraj Deshpande 2021-01-06

This game\'s storyline is amazing. I have never found myself this eager to unravel a video game\'s story. The impressive graphics are a huge plus as well. The glitch which wouldn\'t let you unlock chapter five with keys has been fixed, and yes, the speed/time goal is difficult, but not impossible. Awesome game. EDIT: Completed the game! Wonderful experience despite a few bugs. Looking forward to more chapters or a sequel!
Iuly an 2020-12-30

Very beautiful game, was skeptic at first bcs of the cyberpunk icon, thought is another bad copy of other popular games. To my surprise, is a puzzle kind of game with a nice story, great graphics, simple mechanic but hard to master. The only thing that ruins a bit the immersion are the videos that runs i think in 15 frames or something like that, are not smooth. I highly recommend it though, a great time killer, unique game.
Thomas Holmes 2021-01-07

Stellar gameplay. Difficult enough so you can\'t blow through it but approachable enough so you want to give each level some effort. My only issue was that some of the later powers made it easy to brute-force the game, and the time-constraint achievements on each level gives players incentives to rush and not appricate level design. There were some translation issues and the Story was kind of difficult to follow at times, but overall it\'s a fantastic game. I wish more mobile games were like it.
Matt B 2021-01-27

Pretty good block-breaker style puzzle game. Cool power-ups help you beat harder levels but still has special blocks that can\'t be destroyed so you have to think and react fast. The sound track is cool, and graphics make full use of OLED screens and looks awesome. My favorite level is the \"Death Star\" level in guardian chapter, it even has an energy shield. Definitely worth buying.
AhnperorHwasa 2020-12-18

Not only is it beautiful, it also has such an intriguing storyline. Having choices in the game play also adds to interactivity so that adds to the charm of this game! The controls for boss fights are a rad bit sensitive though, so it makes it a bit difficult to stay out of line of fire. But other than that, everything else is gorgeous! Glad I gave this game a try, definitely a unique one in the current market!
Jonathan Sherrill 2021-02-28

So it\'s like pong but you have even less control over what\'s going on. Your character moves on a 2d plane breaking objects that you have to rotate and spin in 3d. Developers often have to make a choice between looks and playability in games like this, so of course it plays like an acid flashback full of abstract lights and so much bloom everything blends together until you can\'t tell what the hell is going on. Later levels are laser death traps where you can\'t even see what kills you.