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HyperPay: buy & sell BTC,ETH



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Description of HyperPay: buy & sell BTC,ETH

HyperPay wallet is an easy-to-use, multi-crypto and secure crypto wallet that makes it easy to buy, store, receive and transfer over multiple cryptocurrencies including SHIB,DOGE,Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Binance Coin, stablecoins (USDT, USDC, TUSD, PAX, DAI), QTUM,Dash,Doge,CKB,DCR,XLM,DOT,FIL、ASCH、NEO、ETC、ADA、BYTOM、WAVES、VET、SIA、Raven、NULS、CMT、WICC、SDA、BEAM、GXC、AE、TRUE、ZEC、SERO、IOST、PI、ALGO、KPG、XEM、QTUM,HC,ONT.

HyperPay Off-chain Wallet: - Security strategy based on SBC risk control system - Security design team composed by multiple top Blockchain security experts - crypto assets management wallet preferred by millions of users - Investment options provided by professional financial institutions - Well-known CoinW.ai Exchange installed to ensure smooth trading experience - One-click exchange backed by the most effective process and the best rate.

HyperPay On-chain Wallet: - Conform to BIP32/BIP39/BIP44/BIP45 standard - Import by private keys, Keep fully control of your wallet - Locally store private keys, Physically isolate important data - Manage multi-chain assets with only one identity - Support BTC / ETH / EOS / HC / USDT / LTC / BCH / ONT / Libra / QTUM / BNB / XRP / DOGE / DASH / CKB / DCR / XLM / DOT / FIL

- Access to DApp ecology

HyperPay Hardware Wallet:

-CC EAL 6+ graded secure element

-Private Key Storage Always Offline

-Single-Element Design

-Built-in OLED screen, avoid middleman attack

-Random Encrypted PIN Code

-Reach BIP32/BIP39/BIP44/BIP45 standard

-Double-Verification Before Transaction to ensure security

-Confirm With Physical Buttons

-Hardware-Level MultiSig Support

-World's Leading Security Team Escort

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:4.1.26 Publish Date:2022-03-03 Developer:LEGEND INTERNET SERVICES PTY LTD

User Reviews


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Oladimeji Lanre 2020-07-28

Best app ever , easy to use , supports are very friendly , withdraw is easy and faster, I advise everyone to invest with this simple good app .
Delva Designs 2020-10-22

Very advanced and functional crypto app. Lots of security and cryptocurrency options
Elisabeth Sather 2020-04-20

HyperPay is a really cool app. Everything on there is so up to date and it’s easy to navigate throughout the app.
Pecos Dumigan 2020-04-29

easy to use, really convenient. managed to get hold of assets and have full faith in HyperPay company
Rus Lan 2020-09-20

BE WARE! They try to lure you in with lucrative offers but after few weeks just STOP PAYING. Seemingly understandable Help desk asks for additional info but when it\'s provided they just stop replying. Tried it 3 times on different products - Same Result. What a WASTE!!!
Barry Flood 2020-11-25

Very user friendly...just wish they would have a desk top version.
Ajoku Austine 2020-11-19

I love this app, but my real name is not yet verified, still upload valid ID. Till now nothing has been done about it
promoMax italia 2021-01-23

For the time being, it\'s 1star. Apparently I\'m the only one who ran into an amateurs\' huge-annoying-frustrating security/password bug. App keeps asking for \"trade pass\" to set some extra sec measures (eg. Google auth.) and here\'s the first hurdle: 20 characters allowed during setting, limit set on 15 in the pop up field when prompted to authenticate. Reset password (the 20 chars one, brought down to 10), and you get a lovely \"incorrect password\". Really? Should I trust this with my investments?
Ftcf Sarll 2020-04-29

Nice idea and slick app, account opening + document verification all done through the app.
Asim Khawaja 2020-04-23

Super love the app. User friendly, easy to navigate. Plus all staff are very helpful.