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Description of HZ.io

Real time online survival game HZ.io

Become a survivor and survive to the end avoiding zombies.

Become a zombie to find and infect survivors.

Survivor team wins if any one survives 200 seconds!

Zombie team wins if you infect all survivors before 200 seconds!

[Game Features]

-Real time online multiplayer game

-If you are a survivor team, survive for 200 seconds to win

-If you are a zombie team, infect all survivors in 200 seconds to win.

-Level up system

-Your own skin and decoration

-Chat system

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More Information Of HZ.io

lable: Action - Games Current Version:1.3.6 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:iGene

User Reviews


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Finley Sayles 2020-04-22

It\'s a great game. One I would recommend but the reason I\'ve given it 3 stars is because when I\'m the zombie I\'m always on my own on all servers while everyone else has someone to help them. And when I\'m zombie I\'m always it 3 or more times in a row. This just runs the game experience and takes down the stars. Other than that great work. Pls fix it
Akmal Zaini 2020-04-22

oh My GOD!!! This is proberly the best zombie game that I have ever play on the mobile. It\'s very fun and addicting 😊😊😊! And I play it every single day went Im on quarentine! God,this proberly the best game you created so far! Also, I was having probblems went Im trying to pick stuff up but I don\'t care about that! Keep on the work!
ElderGod 942CM 2020-04-04

Brilliant game but I can\'t see the zombies textures,I am playing on an older device and this is one of the only games that\'s compatible, pls fix this
Dralf 2020-04-27

Its a good game and all but can the zombies not spawn with the survivors can they like spawn on a totally different floor in which the ladders won\'t open until the game has started please do this zombies get me instantly cuz 4 zombies spawn right next to me, or there could be a blind phase in which the zombies don\'t spawn and can\'t see anything but the count down of 20 seconds in which people can hide
Who ? 2020-04-06

Its not real players its bots plus not what i expected at all
GODOFWAR kratos 2020-03-13

Fun game to play when you want to pass time
Itsabbae Nyah 2020-12-21

Wow! This game is addicting! But there\'s just one thing that you can improve this game for the better. First, at different maps,which you do, but make it with more obstacles. And yahh.. We need a good song in the background.. And a checkpoint so when we delete and install this game back, our process will be saved.. Ok thank you. 😇😇😇
gacha shipper 2020-05-17

A very good game but upgrading your characters is confusing i cant tell when it works and when it fails. Also one time i had a glitch where i never got survivor and i was the only zombie. I had to close the app and reopen it. Also it gets boring fast cause as survivor either hide and be bored or run around and die. zombie is way too easy cause all the survivors are just running all over the place.
Abdullah Cali 2020-10-25

I like this game but why i put 4 star because the bots are fast than me in server theres no people on it pls fix this!
TJ Cercado 2021-01-22

This is a great game but my problem is the maps you can\'t pick it and please update this game and can you put characters that you can buy and Can you put new items