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i Live: Gold Edition

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Description of i Live: Gold Edition

Finally the first edition of "i Live - you play he live" arrives in GOLD version, this version contains all the unlocked functions! and you can manage a second baby on your device.


Taking care of your virtual baby has never been so much fun and realistic, "I Live" is a management software that has special features, it is based on real actions performed by parents every day, such as holding a baby and feeding it milk, rocking it to sleep, using objects and toys to make it happy when it cries.

The time runs in real time and is linked to the time of your device, you will be able to enjoy day, afternoon and night. The environment influences your child's behavior and you can turn on the light in his/her room, decorate it and much more.

Each game is designed as if it were real, for example by shaking your device you will shake a rattle, or through the motion sensors you can take your baby for a walk with many different strollers in the park or in the city!

[Other Features]

-Give birth to your baby and raise him or her as you would in the real world.

-He or she needs affection, if you don't follow him or her, he or she won't love you. Give him or her all the love you can and he or she will love you back.

-Follow the stages of his or her growth from birth. Observe changes in

his or her body and behavior.

-Talk to him/her every day through your device's microphone, the more he/she will talk.

-Play with him/her and become the best parent! Challenge your friends and climb the leaderboard.

-Lives night and day, waiting for your return!


Even more so. Receive coins and gifts to get more clothes. games and gadgets, make your little one happy and have a real experience!


[Useful user information].

As per company policy, the game does not contain annoying advertisements. The Game is free and in-app purchases are optional and can be disabled from your device.


Follow the community and updates at http://www.facebook.com/ilivegameofficial Subscribe to the LGD Studio channel and watch all videos on "I Live"


Available languages: Italian, English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese (Brazilian)

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lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:1.2.8 Publish Date:2022-05-20 Developer:LGD Studio SRLS

User Reviews


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Pagan Pickle 2019-07-05

Literally, no other baby game can beat this one when it comes to realistic actions, noises and graphics! Despite it being really hard to earn money and some lag here and there, this game is a must have for children and adults alike who love caring for babies! It\'s a must have!
Elena Callegari 2019-02-26

terrible game, boring, awful English translation, the stroller controls are garbage (how could you possibly see where you\'re going if you have to keep the phone tilted towards the floor to go backwards???), it needs a screen cursor/game pad. newborns in game don\'t even wet their diaper twice a day so most quests are impossible to complete. people don\'t care about mini games, they want to interact with the baby all day, everywhere in the room, like they would with a doll. mini games are tedious.
Zupergurkan 2019-04-08

I actually love this app, but it continuously makes my phone freeze, Google play services crash and occasionally my phone will even spontaneously restart while I\'m playing this game. This doesn\'t happen with any other apps and it\'s really disappointing. Please fix. There\'s also a glitch with the park when you take a walk, where the (what seems like) inflatable labyrinth creates a barrier entirely around one coin.
Agbonlahor Queeneth 2019-10-20

If you are thinking of buying please dont!!! I had the normal version and it suddenly stopped working and I uninstalled and bought the gold version same issue,I cant change diaper for two days and cant medicate the baby after buying stuff and its doesn\'t work,no way to contact support.its sucks big time
Layla Howard 2020-05-10

I play this for a while and I have some ideas, here you can drive her to the store or daycare, the doctor, the park like In real life and, more places the living room, kitchen, bathroom potty training, playdate, maybe Chuck-E-Cheese, I hop you like the ideas. And I love this game, and put the baby on the floor, play with the toys because she or him don\'t want to stay in the crib all day
Lauryn Brown 2019-12-02

Love it but needs a play room for the baby to play with his/her toys in. A place where he/she can walk/run around in. We could dress our babies in costumes and they could play with players babies whenever We the players visit other players and their babies. Add a abitity to be able to go outside in the backyard with our babies to get some fresh air and to play outside.
imagine likinghumans 2019-06-11

I love this game like you get to experience the baby you raised grow up so cute and I love the outfits and the points you get from games and despite the people just running into my baby, Nike, (fake baby) the game is...... AWESOME and I don\'t even have kids because I\'m only 11 but I just LOVE IT and it\'s soooo realistic thx for the game😍😍😍😍😘
Emely I. Matos Cabrera 2020-05-17

This is a really good game. I feel like really taking care of the baby; he cries, he smiles, he grow every day, etc. Therefore, as one of the gold edition users, it should have more features. - A little menu of food - Other flavors for the milk when he/she is a little bit bigger - Other opportunity to earn coins in the game - More hairstyles - The option to \"hire nanny\" when we are going to be away of the game for a long period of time (and paying coins for it), so we don\'t have \"failed tasks\"
P.A. Clark 2020-03-03

The \"OTHER\", I Live (blue) one was updated in 2020. THIS VERSION WASN\'T. Why not?? Although, you don\'t have to pay anymore to get this, formally Premium version, it still SHOULD BE UPDATED !!!! I WANT the developers to explain that to me. My granddaughters and I play this all the time, and it really stinks that this version WASN\'T UPDATED.
JustAGamerGirl 2019-12-26

I don\'t know what\'s wrong with this app, ever since the last update, my game opens fine one time and that\'s it, t uust crashes over and over again. I\'ve deleted and re-downloaded the app multiple times and it fixes it for 1 time but then it goes back to crashing instantly. It kinda makes me not want to play the game anymore, if I have to delete and re-download the app, every time I want to play again