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Description of iAwake Technologies

Innovative sound-based tools to power your focus & flow, deep relaxation, creativity, profound meditation, and healing.

Imagine using the power of resonance to set your mood and dial the brainwave states you want.

Think joy, total relaxation, deep stillness, high focus, out-of-the-box creativity, rest...delivered through a pair of headphones and this app. Welcome to iAwake.


As you read this text, billions of brain cells are generating measurable electrical activity across your brain. Extensive scientific research has revealed how all our mind states (relaxation, focus, anxiety, sleep, meditation...) correspond to specific brainwave patterns. All the feelings, thoughts, and actions we engage in on a daily basis are somehow electro-chemically rooted in neuron-to-neuron communication and so reflected in our ever-changing brainwave states.

Due to the tendency of our brains to synchronize with external stimuli, it is possible to use sound to influence the amplitude of our various brainwave frequencies. For example, as you listen to an alpha brainwave track, certain areas of your brain want to quite literally follow the rhythm and get synchronized to the speed of alpha waves. When that happens, you might feel the calm and open focus that is associated with alpha rhythms.

Thanks to neuroplasticity (the brain's endless and amazing capacity to change, adapt, and reorganize itself), the more frequently you enter a state, the easier you are able to go back to it. Brainwave entrainment lets your brain calm down or speed up, depending on your needs.


iAwake's sound entrainment envelops brainwave activity, strategically guiding it toward transformative states of consciousness. Rather than embedding simple binaural frequencies into a nature soundtrack, the iAwake’s approach influences neurological activity through a multi-layered approach that synergizes numerous brainwave entrainment strategies. These may include: binaural, isochronic, monaural beats, as well as psychoacoustic (using music itself as part of entrainment process), panning from side to side (to facilitate releasing of stress), exhaustive binaural encoding, dual pulse binaural signals, harmonic layering, carrier frequency therapy, and much more.

iAwake integrates science AND art in the creation of its unique, powerful yet kind, and beautiful soundscapes.


Website: http://www.iawaketechnologies.com/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ProfoundMeditationProgram/

Facebook Practitioners Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/profoundmeditation/

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/c/iAwakeTechnologies

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TeamIawake


The iAwake App is free, with a selection of free brainwave entrainment tracks. The full iAwake library is accessible through product purchases via the iAwake Technologies website, but accessed in the app with just your email address.

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:2.3.0 Publish Date:2021-03-08 Developer:iAwake Technologies, LLC

User Reviews


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Scott McGreevy 2020-12-05

Well, what can I say? These guys are world leaders in brainwave technology. I have used the technology for almost 4 years. With amazing tracks from a global DJ to leading hypnotist and many other amazing producers you can only win. If you want to improve your overall all health on all levels and have amazing energy then iawake is for you. Download the app and explore the free samples. Join the global weekly group sessions too! Wake up, grow up,show up, clean up!
T Ray Humphrey 2019-09-13

I love this app! Downloading iAwake audio tracks and playing through my audio player was such a chore. This app eliminates all that. It connected right to my iAwake purchases and everything was available for streaming or download. I also appreciate having some documentation for the technology in the app. Great job!
Tony Fell 2019-10-27

If I could give this app no stars I would, every time I go in it I have to verify my email and then end having to uninstall then reinstall it!8
Violet Ascension 2020-12-05

My GO TO app for meditation. Brainwave entrainment works!! A quality company and community, kind love many of their tracks!!! Amazing content.
Corey Folsom 2020-09-01

Terrific for deepening my meditation and for easily dropping into sleep (which had been problematic for me). I never want to be without iAwake.
Eugene Pustoshkin 2019-11-05

The long-awaited app for listening to those brilliant iAwake audioprograms which foster meditative states and transformations of consciousness!
Cynthia Sonsalla 2020-05-15

First program that\'s helped me relax fully and sleep the entire night since my other half died a number of years ago
Stephen Cull 2020-09-30

Five stars for the inner workings of the app, a 2.5 for the interface with android, hence the three stars. The app itself is lovely -easy navigation, pleasant aesthetic, functional within itself, etc-- but it crashes the sleep/lock window twice before I can reopen my device, doesn\'t shut down cleanly, and starts crashing randomly so I have to periodically delete/reinstall the app, which requires at least two resends of the launch email. Sooooooo, great in many ways, still needs work in others...
Tinku Saikia 2020-03-11

Great and heart touching sounds
Chris Ham 2020-07-22

Insight timer is a better app,and there free. I\'m uninstalling it.