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Description of IBM Micromedex Drug Info

IBM Micromedex® Drug Info is now available for only $2.99 per year. Now you can access the same evidence-based Micromedex content you rely on, anytime, anywhere, via your Android device.

Please note: if you or the organization you work for has an Internet-based subscription to IBM Micromedex®, then this app is included with your subscription at no charge. Please search in the Google Play Store for the free version of this exact same app, called IBM Micromedex Drug Ref.

IBM Micromedex® Drug Info provides on-the-go access to the industry’s most trusted and comprehensive drug information, when and where it’s needed most. Users will find peace of mind knowing the content is backed by the same thorough, unbiased editorial process as all Micromedex solutions.

Once content has been downloaded or updated an internet connection is not required, allowing for access at anytime from anywhere.

The app is part of the Micromedex Medication Management apps bundle, which includes Micromedex Drug Interactions and Micromedex IV Compatibility. The trio is an inexpensive solution to your on-the-go medication management needs.

IBM Micromedex Drug Info contains concise information on 4500+ search terms, covering common needs such as:

• Adult and pediatric dosage

• Adverse effects (separated into “common” and “serious”)

• Drug interactions

As well as:

• Administration

• Black box warnings

• Breast feeding

• Common trade names

• Contraindications

• Dose adjustments

• Generic names, including selected combination products

• How supplied

• Indications (differentiated as “FDA labeled” and “non-FDA labeled”)

• Mechanism of action

• Monitoring

• Precautions

• Pregnancy category

• Therapeutic class

*Not sure if your employer has an Internet subscription to IBM Micromedex® via the internet? Check with your Chief Medical Officer, Director of Pharmacy, Medical Librarian, or others in your facility responsible for clinical reference information. Or reach out to us via https://www.ibm.com/support/home/pages/support-guide/?product=4592217.


• Updated monthly

• Ability to use without a WiFi or cellular connection

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:3.0 Publish Date:2021-03-10 Developer:Mobile Micromedex

User Reviews


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Denise Smith 2019-05-17

I\'m trying to get a password, but the website keeps sending me back to the app. There\'s no way to purchase a password although I cannot get into the app without a password. I guess they don\'t really want anyone to use the app.
Ashley Clem 2016-02-04

Glitchy I originally started with the free app and purchased the upgrade. I am very tech savvy yet, I am still having problems getting the app to open even after uninstalling and re-installing the app twice. I\'m starting to think after all the hoops I have to jump to sign back in and re-installing this app, maybe lexicomp will be worth the money for less hassle.
Vanessa Curiel 2018-08-25

I couldn\'t even open the app. I reinstalled it and restarted my phone multiple times. I know it didn\'t cost too much but such of waste of my money and time.
Chris Harville 2016-08-11

It used to work After using this app for a year I renewed my subscription only to have it no longer work. Several calls with googlr and Truen has lead to refunds and an explanation of \"there must just be something with your phone\". Not my model phone mind you, just my specific phone.
Henry Su 2020-10-07

I use this app on a daily basis as an infectious disease doctor and it works great. The reason I\'m giving it two stars is because every year without fail it requires me to renew the subscription and then will not recognize my login info, requiring me to spent a least few days communicating with tech support. The last two years when I speak with support staff they\'ve admitted that the email address feature doesn\'t actually work and have instructed me to \"just fill in a fake email\"!
Jonni Holybee 2020-10-21

I just want to renew my subscription, but it is throwing an error. I tried uninstalling, creating a new account, even tried new e-mail address.....no go. I tried to use the HELP link and it won\'t load. I use this app constantly and would love to have it back. I will change from 1 star if this is fixed, but currently I cannot recommend.
Young09ethan 2019-04-09

Galaxy S8 - app is extremely unreliable and constantly logs you out; this app could be one of the best drug reference apps, but its potential is completely wasted due to bugs
Dayo Oyedepo 2018-07-22

Good content, but the interface is horrible. It takes too many unnecessary taps to get anything done. This app is in desperate need for a much more efficient interface.
Shakira Kimball 2016-04-27

Annoying Loved this app when I first purchased it for nursing school and clinicals. Now I can not get into it because a message keeps popping saying I need to purchase an annual subscription. THIS SUCKS! I refuse to pay again especially with all the reviews saying people have repurchased and still can\'t get in! I\'ll just find another app that\'s reliable.
Tracy Rodriguez 2019-10-28

Wonderful app that is updated often with the latest medication information!! Love it!!