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Description of IBM Micromedex NeoFax

IBM Micromedex NeoFax app is available free to online subscribers of IBM Micromedex NeoFax.

IBM Micromedex NeoFax is a reliable resource for on-the-go access to evidence-based drug information to efficiently and safely manage drug therapy for neonatal patients. It allows clinicians to make accurate and more informed treatment decisions at the point of care, while minimizing errors in this vulnerable patient population. This neonatal-specific app has clinical value for doctors, nurses, and pharmacists. An internet connection is not required, allowing you to make decisions with confidence at anytime, from anywhere.

IBM Micromedex is a trusted source for neonatal drug dosing, based on the strict editorial policies and practices that have guided Micromedex for more than 30 years. Evidence-based, fully referenced neonatal-specific drug information enables clinicians to make informed treatment decisions. The drug monographs cover information including: dose, administration, uses, contraindications/precautions, adverse effects, monitoring, pharmacology, special considerations/preparation, solution- and drug-drug compatibility/incompatibility information, and references. This mobile app also includes a comprehensive enteral formulas component providing nutritional information for approximately 60 different neonatal and infant formulas, and human milk fortifiers.

IBM Micromedex NeoFax drug information is intended for full-term babies up to 28 days of age (PNA) and preterm babies up to 44 weeks postmenstrual age (GA + PNA).

Do you work at a facility that subscribes to IBM Micromedex NeoFax? Check with your Chief of Pediatrics, Director of Pediatrics, Director of the NICU, Directory of Pharmacy, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Nursing Officer, Medical Librarian, or anyone else at your facility responsible for clinical reference information.

If you work at a facility that subscribes to IBM Micromedex NeoFax, FREE access to these apps requires a password. To obtain the IBM Micromedex NeoFax password contact support at https://www.ibm.com/support/home/pages/support-guide/?product=4592217

Existing paid customers will continue to have access to the content going forward.

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:3.1 Publish Date:2022-06-08 Developer:Mobile Micromedex

User Reviews


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gabriela canu 2017-01-07

Neofax Advertising for free, but afterwards they ask you to purchase...misleading...
Dawn Pendleton 2020-10-08

Fixed! Help desk called me and told me they were working on a fix for the app crashing on Pixel phones running Android 11. Bingo! Within 36 hours their development team had the issue fixed and customer service called me to have me test it. Stellar job all around. I am so very impressed at the lengths they went to address this issue when this program services such a small niche of critical healthcare providers. Kudos to the IBM Micromedex/Neofax crew.
Ingrid L 2017-04-13

They say it\'s free but after you register, it\'s $29.99! False advertising!!
Marie Hallman 2020-09-30

Since upgrade it won\'t stay open on my Pixel 4xL! Says wait while updating & then just closes. Used to using this all of the time, now I can\'t
A Google user 2018-08-17

Necessary information that is, otherwise, hard to find!
Maggie Coleman 2020-10-06

Usually a great app, but new version closes after trying to download new data on Pixel 3a.
Elizabeth F 2016-11-28

No longer works Helpful reference tool when it was working. Won\'t open now so it\'s a trashed app for me
Dominic Clouse 2018-04-17

Says unable to download data.. both this and pediatric version on my s8+