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Description of IBM Security Verify

IBM Security Verify adds an extra layer of security to your online services. Two-step verification helps protect your accounts from the bad guys, even if they steal your password.


• Verify using a one-time passcode, even without a data connection

• Verify using Fingerprint

• Verify with a simple Yes or No

• Supports multiple services

• Supports multiple devices

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More Information Of IBM Security Verify

lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:2.5.4 Publish Date:2022-06-14 Developer:International Business Machines Corp.

User Reviews


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Darvus Smith 2020-05-24

Not only does it want all of your personal information and to share it with a third party but if you don\'t agree you can\'t use the app 😠
Kapil Sharma 2020-05-18

Initially I had issue to my connection which wasn\'t able scan the code...I fixed and connection went successful
Christy Charbeneau 2020-09-04

I will admit that I am still computer illiterate but I\'m really lost as how to work with this app it never said I needed a computer to register my cell phone and if I did go to the computer where do I find this code
Penney Berryman 2021-01-27

I cannot scan the Verify QR code on my phone\'s screen with the phone I am holding in my hand. I see the option to connect a device manually, but no info on how to generate the data it requests for the fields.
Rob Silvagni 2020-04-28

Simply doesn\'t work. The scan is really bad. The app doesn\'t auto focus and there are are no manual focus controls. So my the app is unable to capture an image on my phone. I use several other apps that use a Qcode and they work every time.
Muhammad Talha 2020-02-17

When I registered a device, I see option where it asks me to if I want to use biometrics, but the verify application does nothing when I tap it. I have Samsung galaxy s8, and I have registered fingerprints and they are enabled on lock screen and working fine.
Shut up and make me a sandwich!! 2021-02-20

Ridiculous! Can\'t scan QR code on my phone with my phone! Pathetic example of Michigan\'s preparedness for this kind of thing!
Pau B 2021-03-05

Can\'t read qr code. I scan the qr showed from my company machine then says something went wrong. I tried multiple times
A Google user 2019-02-18

This doesn\'t work! After I scan the qr code and it confirms the account was added successfully, I get a \"something went wrong here\" message. Now if I go to my account I get a screen with 6 empty underscores even with refresh. (S9+ with Android 9)
Ani N 2020-01-14

QR code scan does not work , it fails with i/o error. app installed on Samsung s7 android version 8