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Description of Idle Car

Have you ever wondered what makes a car drive? Experience every detail of creating a car from the ground up with Idle Car. Learn how a car works and what is needed to get there! Fun and easy to pick up. You will build your first car in no time!

Unlock a variety of cars and vehicles. From motorcycles to yachts to sports cars and more!

Game Features:

1. Unlock Epic Content

Think bigger than just your fancy self driving car. Have you ever gone to space? Want to build a spaceship? How about a submarine to go to the deepest parts of the ocean?

2. Grow your Garage

Show off your collection to others by unlocking all the cars along the way. Can you build them all?

3. Supercharge your Efforts

Unlock turbo boosts and special power ups to get your car across the finish line. Only the best builders can make their cars 100% complete.

4. Build while you Sleep

Even when you aren’t playing, enjoy seeing your car’s progression! The closer you are to the finish, the more money you get to unlock special content. Watch your projects evolve right in front of your eyes.

Whether you like cars, like learning how things work or just want to click and collect, Idle Car will take you there. This is the best and most relaxing building game there is. Never miss a dull moment with this easy to learn and easy to play game that is almost IMPOSSIBLE to master.

Visit https://lionstudios.cc/contact-us/ if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

From the Studio that brought you Happy Glass, Flip Trickster and Mr Bullet!

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More Information Of Idle Car

lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:2.2.1 Publish Date:2022-06-16 Developer:Lion Studios

User Reviews


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Exabyte314 2019-10-09

I absolutely love this game, and hope that soon there will be a much wider range of vehicles to build, or even maybe you could drive the vehicles eventually, if you finish them, and there might be some sort of racing campaign? Just a thought to add a bit more to the game, but great game right now anyway. Like I said, just add more vehicles, I started today and seem to be a third of the way done already.
Devel 2019-12-15

I love the game. Its a fun way to pass the time. The only thing is i think you should put at least a couple sports cars besides the Lamborghini. You should put like a Laferrari and Bugatti Chiron as well, then i\'d give this game five stars. Keep it up.
Andrew Hallam 2020-09-06

Changed my review to 1 star because you run out of titanium crystals really quickly doing the customisations and then you have to spend real money to buy more if you want to do other vehicles like the helicopter & yacht, also constantly watching ads to double the rewards only to find you have not got the doubles and then there are no ads. Uninstalling. Very disappointed 😡😡
TheDarkevil8490 2019-12-09

DON\'T DOWNLOAD THIS GAME! Don\'t even bother paying to remove ads because it doesn\'t remove the ads!!! Totally fraudulent scam artists that take your money and don\'t give you what you paid for!!! This game would be pretty fun if it weren\'t for the fact that there are a million ads! You have to watch ads to upgrade half the stuff in the game and to activate any boosts.
TheRobohobojoe 2019-10-22

Great concept for a auto clicker game, but it has way too many ads. The pop-up ads are too frustrating and take you out of the game randomly while you are trying to click which defeats the purpose of it being a clicker. Would be much better if you have a small sliver of the screen (either bottom or top) dedicated to ads and completely remove the pop-up ads.

Decent quality game, not enough vehicles, but worst of all there is literally an advert every 3 minutes. When im clicking the spark button repeatedly and an ad comes on, i always click the ad by accident, redirecting me to the google play store. And when i use my autoclicker it still shows ads and the autoclicker clicks the ad repeatedly causing my tablet to lag a lot. This game had so much potential but the very frequent intrusive adverts ruin it. I uninstalled and i recommend you dont install.
Andy Stone 2019-09-22

A game build to show you ads. There are ads popping up out of the blue and you can\'t skip them for 30 sec. Besides that, what\'s the point of this game? No rewards if I finish a car, not even a multiplier bonus or anything. I have every car done and don\'t know why to prestige. I get only 1.8x instead of 1x multiplier, wow, this is so bad. Why I can\'t give -1 Star I would love to
KAUNG ZAW SAI 2019-11-27

Great game, I\'d like to see more vehicles in each categories (land, air and water) and also it\'d be interesting to build some military machines/aircraft.
Brett Helix 2019-12-15

Way too many ads. I\'m fine with ads that give you boosts but there are too many pop up ads when you are just trying to play. Even when you are watching ads for boost half of the ads black screen and you can\'t exit then at all making you force close. Also when you try to double your idle income it takes 1-2 min for an ad to be available and if the ad fails and black screens making you force close you lose all your income, not just the chance to double, all of it is gone.
Mastar Animations 2019-09-26

Honestly, I don\'t understand all ratings. It\'s definitely a game worth downloading, and it\'s great. I love seeing the car grow as you click the buttons. Fantastic game, something to do when I\'m bored. Also please do add the helicopter and yacht and other vehicles, it would be so cool!